South From the Limpopo

South From the Limpopo Dervla Murphy has been recording her travel experiences treks through among other places India Transylvania and several countries in Africa for well over thirty years In South from the Limpopo she

  • Title: South From the Limpopo
  • Author: Dervla Murphy
  • ISBN: 9781585671274
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dervla Murphy has been recording her travel experiences treks through among other places India, Transylvania, and several countries in Africa for well over thirty years In South from the Limpopo, she continues her writings on the African continent, bringing her unique insights to the still troubled country of South Africa.

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    About “Dervla Murphy

    • Dervla Murphy

      Dervla Murphy is an Irish touring cyclist and author of adventure travel books for over 40 years She is best known for her 1965 book Full Tilt Ireland to India With a Bicycle, about an overland cycling trip through Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India Murphy is a famous speaker and writer on Palestinian issues She seeks the dissolution of Israel in its entirety.Murphy normally travels alone and unaided, without luxuries and depending on the hospitality of local people When not travelling, Murphy lives in Lis, as she has for most of her life.

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    • I really enjoy Delva Murphy’s approach to travel writing – she rides a bicycle, drinks beer with the locals, talks with all sorts of people, and is very tolerant of different opinions and approaches to life. This book is about her travels around South Africa at the very end of apartheid in 1993. She returns for the elections and returns again to see what has happened a few months after the election of Mandela in 1994. I nearly stopped reading after 72 pages – so many acronyms and an entire [...]

    • Always liked this writer, untill she travelled the area that I personally know. Her style, her range and details were still impressive, but some of her quick judgements based on truly wrong facts, started me doubting, whether I could trust her as a travel writer. Her division of good and bad runs very close to the line Black and White. A rather cliched approach and politics based (I suspect) on politically correct opinion books and popular articles. I can cope with that, I suspect that a lot of [...]

    • unbelievably bad ass old granny who rides her bike from limpopo river up in the northeast corner of SA and down and around all over to capetown in the southwest. the audacity of that alone is pretty cool, but then of course in south africa you don't only have to deal with weird ass bugs, awe inspiring landscapes, and electric fences, but also the people, which will pretty much blow anybody's mind. 14 official languages, huge, tragic geography of race, huge tragic poverty, huge tragic wealth. and [...]

    • This one took me forever to read. I was about to give up at the 100 page mark, but it engaged me in a few tidbits that kept me going. I picked it up at the library when looking for travel guides to South Africa for our impending (at the time) trip. It is a memoir of an Irish 'Granny' who bicycles through South Africa in three separate trips. First pre-election March - August 1993. Second, during election April 1994. Third, post election September - December 1994. Needless to say, each time was d [...]

    • "Often my experiences here have been emotionally grueling - some verging on the traumatic", Dervla Murphy states as she closes out her novel. I think most reader's will feel close to the same after experiencing her 400-page journey through South Africa before, during, and after Apartheid has been struck down during the early 1990's.I went into this book expecting a travel book, but in reality it's a story about a country divided, coming together amidst massive political changes. By the end, I wa [...]

    • I absolutely loved Murphy's "Full Tilt" about her ride to India on a bicycle, so I really looked forward to reading "South from the Limpopo" about her bicycle trips in South Africa. However, I found this book really paled in comparison to "Full Tilt." She visits South Africa several times as Apartheid ends and Mandela is elected president. The focus on politics made the book extremely repetitive as she talks politics with most everyone she meets and generally encounters the same opinions amongst [...]

    • A large portion of all of Murphy's travel books deal with the physical nitty-gritty details of travel itself, parts of her books show an insight into people's struggles that is not always seen in travel books.

    • Dervla Murphy cycles several thousand miles around South Africa on the cusp of the vote that made Mandela president. She's an engaging character, writes well, and has an interestingly balanced take on the end of the apartheid era.

    • I liked the book but it wasn't as evocative as her book on Ethiopia. I found the diary entries a bit ho-hum occasionally. Still I learned a lot. I wish she'd cut it by ten percent and it would have been brilliant.

    • Very long read but I stuck with it and I feel it did offer some good insights I later recommended it to my sister before she traveled to South Africa.

    • Informative but dated it is another attempt by Murphy to capture a segment of time. It was too long for me but I did finish it.

    • A little slower to readme continentyou have to keep remembering that this is a 50-something year old woman riding her bike through these countries

    • An extraordinary story of Dervla's ride through South Africa. Insightful and descriptive of the land and it's people.

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