Un ragazzo

Un ragazzo Will trentasei anni londinese doc vive di rendita e misura la propria realizzazione personale in base al punteggio ottenuto nei test delle riviste Donne Quella ideale separata con figli e in rotta

  • Title: Un ragazzo
  • Author: Nick Hornby Federica Pedrotti
  • ISBN: 9788860884244
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Will, trentasei anni, londinese doc, vive di rendita e misura la propria realizzazione personale in base al punteggio ottenuto nei test delle riviste Donne Quella ideale separata, con figli e in rotta con gli uomini, cio ognuno a casa sua e nessun problema Come Fiona, che Will ha conosciuto infiltrandosi in un gruppo di sostegno per genitori single peccato che siaWill, trentasei anni, londinese doc, vive di rendita e misura la propria realizzazione personale in base al punteggio ottenuto nei test delle riviste Donne Quella ideale separata, con figli e in rotta con gli uomini, cio ognuno a casa sua e nessun problema Come Fiona, che Will ha conosciuto infiltrandosi in un gruppo di sostegno per genitori single peccato che sia troppo hippy, troppo vegetariana, troppo fissata con Bob Marley e soprattutto madre di Marcus, dodicenne cos fuori dal mondo da scambiare Kurt Cobain per un calciatore del Manchester United L eterno adolescente in crisi di identit e il ragazzino quattrocchi bersagliato dagli scherzi dei coetanei sono i protagonisti di un percorso di formazione speculare, raccontato con un taglio teatrale e con il tipico umorismo dolceamaro che contraddistingue la scrittura di Nick Hornby.

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    • Nick Hornby Federica Pedrotti

      Nick Hornby is the author of the novels A Long Way Down, Slam, How to Be Good, High Fidelity, and About a Boy, and the memoir Fever Pitch He is also the author of Songbook, a finalist for a National Book Critics Circle Award, Shakespeare Wrote for Money, and The Polysyllabic Spree, as well as the editor of the short story collection Speaking with the Angel He is a recipient of the American Academy of Arts and Letters E M Forster Award and the winner of the 2003 Orange Word International Writers London Award Among his many other honors and awards, four of his titles have been named New York Times Notable Books A film written by Hornby, An Education shown at the Sundance Film Festival to great acclaim was the lead movie at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival and distributed by Sony that fall That same September, the author published his latest novel, Juliet, Naked to wide acclaim Hornby lives in North London.

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    • 3.5 starsNot sure who I'd recommend this to, but I enjoyed it well enough.It's basically a story about a fucked up guy with zero substance, a fucked up 12 year old dork, and his fucked up crazy hippie mother.To me, none of these three were very sympathetic characters. I mean, Marcus was the only one who even slightly deserved any pity.But even for a kid he was gratingly dense. I just wanted to shake the shit out of him for being such a pussy! And, YES! I know how horrible that sentence sounds. U [...]

    • I have weird habit of reading books that were made into movies AFTER I've seen the movies. Dopey, right? I don't know why I love to do this. I guess just to see how it all turns out on the other end.Anyway, this review is pretty straight forward: "About a Boy" is awesome. Like the rest of Hornby's work that I've read, it's hilarious in such a BRITISH way (so dry, the laughs usually coming from some poor uptight Brit's bumbling embarrassment). I also admire Hornby for writing consistently about m [...]

    • About a Boy is a book that I've dreamed about - a meaningful book about human relationships ( as opposed to adventures) that is to the point and not chock full of rambling and embellishing imagery. Sadly, I'm very honest, and I can't rate this 5/5. The reasons why I like this book and why I can't give it a bogus score are the same. I'm very like Marcus. The old me is like the old Marcus from before he changed at the end. The newer me is still like him. But enough of us. The titular reference to [...]

    • Like most, I have read this book after seeing the movie adaptation with Hugh Grant years and years ago. The movie turned out to be a rather faithful adaptation of the novel, but featured a completely different ending.The general plot of About a Boy is well known. Will is a 36 year old single man, who lives off royalties from a famous Christmas song that his father wrote. Will doesn't have to worry about money and work, and spends his life largely without responsibilities and commitments. Looking [...]

    • Originally, I picked up a friend's copy of this while watching babysitting, simply as a means of amusing myself while the kid was happily playing with some toys. I'd already seen the movie, and figured the book would probably be something that I could pick up and put down fairly easily.I was wrong.See, I went into this thinking I obviously knew the story and the characters - but what happened was I quickly forgot about the movie version, and became fascinated with the story of Will, the selfish [...]

    • Brilliant - ok, that's just a bad homage to the Brits but really, this was a funny, sweet book. I'd have given it a 3.5 but with no half-stars at my disposal, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Anyway - bought it b/c I was looking for High Fidelity at our local used shop but this was the only Hornby on hand. I'm glad since I saw the movie version of H.F. but not this so it was a good surprise. It's a love story of sorts - but not between lovers. Rather, between a mid-thirties man-child (Will [...]

    • What a surprising read! I found this book in the Fujisawa library in Japan. My other choices were D.H. Lawrence and other books that boasted intimidating thickness. I suppose I chose this book because I thought it would be a breezy read. It was a breezy read! A breezy, enjoyable read with a surprising amount of depth and charm. I had previously read one other Nick Hornby book: A Long Way Down, which was a morbid look at the lives of several people who try to commit suicide. About a Boy shares so [...]

    • A very easy, breezy book that doesn't have the (to me anyway) expected ending. I know, I'm late to the party on this one (and it explains finding it at a book sale) but I'm guessing the book was better than the movie. This would be a nice summer read that's a little more serious than the usual beach/chic read. Very odd cover though.

    • This was a terrific book from beginning to end. Equally funny and sad but never dreary despite the very serious overtones of the book. Marcus was a peculiar, wonderful boy with a huge burden on his shoulders and I really enjoyed watching him become a stronger, confident person. Will was also great. I loved the fact that he was a such a self-centered jerk and completely content to remain that way. No guilt, no remorse, no commitments. Until he meets Marcus, that is. Their relationship was laugh o [...]

    • 3.5 Stars. I enjoyed this book a lot more than the first book I read by Nick Hornby, How To Be Good. One similarity between the books though is that all of Hornby's characters seem to be really annoying. But unlike How To Be Good, I actually liked reading this. I wanted to see what would happen with Will & Marcus and I thought their relationship was interesting for lack of a better word. I thought Will & Marcus had two different voices that were easy to distinguish. Will cared about nobo [...]

    • Anni e anni (e anni) fa, ho visto il film About a boy apprezzandolo tantissimo e mi ci sono volute molte peregrinazioni in libreria per associarlo al libro di Nick Hornby: ero nella fase "Il mio tessssoro" per l'autore ("Non buttiamoci giù ha sancito la nascita del nostro amore :D), eppure non sono mai riuscita a superare la ritrosia nel leggere un libro tratto da un film che avevo già visto mille volte.Certo poi il prezzo del libro (e la Guanda che fino a poco fa non faceva le campagne di sco [...]

    • I hadn’t watched the About the Boy movie before reading the book and so I knew nothing about the plot nor the characters. I was therefore very surprised to find that it’s narrated by Marcus as well as Will. I thought this worked perfectly they are both stand-out, likeable characters. I loved Marco’s naivety and his ability to see things in a straightforward, literal way, and I loved Will’s hilarious cynicism. If you’re familiar with Danny Wallace, that’s who he reminded me of.I was r [...]

    • What an absolutely delightful book. I watched the movie many years ago and I have to say that Hugh Grant is the perfect Will.Hornby does magnificent character writing, but with quite a lot of humour - there were so many laugh out loud moments!Fabulous audio narration too - highly recommended

    • This is an interesting book with a lot of different characters and character development. It was my first book by Nick Hornby but it's definitely not going to be my last :)

    • Non sono abituata a leggere un romanzo dopo aver visto il film tratto dal suddetto, ma posso dire di aver trovato le differenze tra le due versioni di "un ragazzo" gradevoli e giustificate dai diversi media.AggiungoQUI il commento "scritto meglio" .

    • Attaboy! This is the story of the most immature adult meeting the most mature child. Who's right? Who's wrong? You decide!First of all Nick Hornby, I bow to thee for your awesomeness! You write like you are actually telling me the story sitting in front of me. As if you have known me for a long time and everything just rolls right out of your tongue! Will is the cool dude, the funky awesome one who doesn't even have to work; money just falls right into his laps. And that leave him with endless a [...]

    • This is 3.5 stars for me, and it's all because of the ending. I really like this book. I like the alternating third-person perspectives; Hornby did a good job expressing a twelve-year-old boy's thoughts and feelings; I like the way Marcus and Will change over the course of the novel. The book is funny and well-written. Its content is strong and relatively realistic. But the ending. I understand that people have to either change to fit in or become stronger to stand out. I just don't get why Horn [...]

    • It's the story of a teenager boy who can't find peace neither at home nor school, then he meet a 36 years old guy and the lives of both change . It's sad how divorce or bad relationship between parents ruins the lives of children , and affect their future and personalities and it's awful how an adult men (or even wemen) those choose to live alone away from families and make a relationships just for a short time with no love , no sacrifice , end up with them feeling lonely and have no one to sha [...]

    • So I liked the movie better than this book. I think the characters in the movie were done better, and that's actually very rare. Though I do think Marcus is autistic as fuck. His character was sweeter in the movie. I liked how the theme wasn't conform and be a normal teenager but just be yourself. Marcus influenced Will because he was a cool, unusual kid. I identified more with movie Marcus than book Marcus.Still, there were some parts of the book that might have worked better in the movie.Also, [...]

    • Right in that area between 3 stars and 4 stars. I enjoyed the dialogue and most of the humor worked for me. On the other side, many of the scenes felt forced and the characters never felt completely real. I'm still interested in reading High Fidelity but it won't be one of the next books I read.

    • I can't help it, I just adore his STYLE. The way he writes. The way his characters develop. His humour. The ending is somewhat vague, but that is so not the point, the actual point is in the process itself, in Horny's style, his characters whom he has the power to describe so believably that I can see right through them, can understand everything they're feeling; in funny moments which the book is full of. I just laughed out loud several times during one chapter. I fell in love with the way Horn [...]

    • Questo libro l’ho letto nel 2001. Ciò che immediatamente colpisce, secondo me, è il tipo di scrittura: semplice, immediata, colloquiale. Una riproduzione piuttosto fedele del “parlato” di tutti i giorni. Caratteristica che si accentuerà nei romanzi successivi. Hornby non ha risposte da darci, ma domande da farci molte. E lo fa presentandoci, in questo libro, due ragazzi. A dispetto del titolo, infatti, non è chiaro se il “ragazzo” sia effettivamente quello più giovane ed immaturo, [...]

    • Well, this was a slight disappointment after High Fidelity, which I loved. This had a similar style and humor which was so refreshing after a long week, but it fell short of High Fidelity's originality and wit - I guess each book needs to be judged on its merit, but even so this one was sometimes too silly or too cheesy, as if he just didn't have another 'slimy yet endearing' guy left in him.It was enjoyable enough, and Hornby's humor is so great in that sardonic British way that even a book tha [...]

    • About a Boy is simply a wonderful book. It's full of great humour, pretty effective drama and mostly believable characters. So very British, in a good way, particularly the way the humour ties into the more serious (I'm looking at you, baguette/duck scene). Sometimes Marcus is a bit too articulate and smart for a 12-year-old to be believable, but on the whole the characters are great. I sympathise with Will's indignation quite a bit, but also like his growth. Could've done with less Nirvana stuf [...]

    • Nick Hornby is a master of writing a heartwarming book that isn't heartwarming (I mean that as praise, in case that wasn't clear). His brilliant method is to make the main character as self-centered and unadmirable as possible, then make him do something incredibly good, but rationalize his or her actions to him or herself in self-interested reasons.In this book, an unemployed, consumerist slacker named Will (he doesn't need to work as his father wrote a pathetically embarassing Christmas song, [...]

    • I'm going to say something that I don't say very often: The film is better than the book (I think I can say that about a total of three books). But don't let that put you off from reading the book. Actually, the film is quite faithful to the book, almost word-for-word. It's just the musical tastes that change (the book is set in 1993, and part of the plot pivots around Kurt Cobain, and the film has less of a musical influence, but refers mainly to rap) and the ending, which, in the film, is a bi [...]

    • I give this book 3.5 stars. This book was kind of slow paced and monotonic until the very end. It was a realistic novel though and the characters in the book was relatable in the world we live in. However, About a Boy didn't seem to entertain me as much as other books would do. I wouldn't say this book is bad because it wasn't, it was just not as enjoyable as other books I've read. I might as well add that I read it for school, which might have effected my entertainment too.I also need to admit [...]

    • This is one of the rare times that I watched the movie and the show before reading the book. I knew going into the basic story but the characters had much more depth in the book. It was a much darker humor than it was portrayed on screen. About a Boy was a quick and easy read, great for a rainy day.

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