Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School

Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School Marshall Armstrong is new to school and definitely stands out from the crowd with his pale skin perpetual hats and special space food lunches that come in silver wrappers He doesn t play sports an

  • Title: Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School
  • Author: David Mackintosh
  • ISBN: 9781419700361
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Marshall Armstrong is new to school and definitely stands out from the crowd, with his pale skin, perpetual hats, and special space food lunches that come in silver wrappers He doesn t play sports, and he doesn t watch television So when he invites everyone in class over for his birthday party, it s sure to be a disaster Or is it Marshall Armstrong might have a trickMarshall Armstrong is new to school and definitely stands out from the crowd, with his pale skin, perpetual hats, and special space food lunches that come in silver wrappers He doesn t play sports, and he doesn t watch television So when he invites everyone in class over for his birthday party, it s sure to be a disaster Or is it Marshall Armstrong might have a trick or two up his long, sun protective sleeve David Mackintosh s story, with its bold design and sharply humorous observations, is a highly original take on the popular theme of the difficulties of being the new kid and making friends.Praise for Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School Mackintosh s beautifully underplayed text and genial drawings manage to be empathic to both the leery narrator and the serenely outr object of his misapprehension Without a whiff of pedantry, Mackintosh Rex skillfully dismantles the narrator s defenses and bonds him to Marshall Armstrong, all the while proving that fun doesn t always fit within the confines of one s comfort zone Publishers Weekly, starred review

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      David Mackintosh Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School book, this is one of the most wanted David Mackintosh author readers around the world.

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    • This is a book with a message about tolerance and diversity and unusual in that rather than being about gender, race or sexuality, is in relation to being 'cool' or a 'nerd'.Marshall Armstrong is an eccentric character who stands out for the 'wrong' reasons at school: he wears peculiar clothes, he rides a penny farthing, he is pale and stays out of the sun, he can't do PE, he doesn't have a TV and he eats strange food. The narrator of the book is tasked with looking after him at school and hates [...]

    • Marshall Armstrong is the new kid at school and his desk mate, the boy narrator of this book, thinks he’s different. Marshall Armstrong eats “space food” at lunch. He reads during recess because his doctor says he can’t play. Marshall Armstrong doesn’t even have a TV at home, instead he prefers to read the newspaper. But everything changes when the class is invited to Marshall Armstrong’s birthday party. Marshall Armstrong turns out to be a great new kid, even if he’s different fro [...]

    • Text-to-World Connection:"Marshall Armstrong doesn't look anything like us!" Sounds a bit familiar? This prejudgement gesture is commonly thought about quietly and even said sometimes aloud. People tend to treat others bad or keep a stand-off approach around things that seem unfamiliar or strange to them. This is a great book to show grasp the concept that, "books shouldn't be judge by it's cover." It was certain that Marshall didn't look like the average kid but his "weirdness" actually turned [...]

    • We know from page one that this kid is the one who will be the subject of everyone's disdain. The quirky artwork and simple text builds the case very gradually with narration from Marshall's disgruntled seat mate. The big surprise comes when they are all invited to Marshall's birthday party where they expect to be bored out of their gourds! Great for K - 4th read-aloud on the first few days of school!--Review by Carol

    • The new kid at school uses a nib with ink instead of a pencil and has liquified poached eggs for lunch. That alone is grounds for being put in a cage and stared at from a safe distance all day. But Marshall Armstrong's classmates learn a thing or two about how to treat newcomers after getting invited over for a birthday party, where they discover that his house is made entirely of awesome.

    • A book about being the new kid, but not from the perspective of the new kid. Fun illustrations and a good message about accepting others differences and connecting to those unlike ourselves.Recommended as a classroom read-aloud.

    • If you have a child just about to start school, or moving schools early in their life then this book could be helpful. It covers, quite cleverly, the fact that children are quick to spot and be distrustful of differences between themselves and other children. Of course, by the end of this relatively short story the message is firmly stated - we are different and that's good. The illustrations are off kilter, their simplicity somehow offering children plenty to look at. This is a book you would l [...]

    • I really liked this book and overall thought it had a good message to young readers. The illustrations were good; very detailed to match the style of writing. I liked how the illustrations were simple, and looked as though they were done with colored pencils. To a young reader this seems as if someone their age could have done the drawing, which I think makes a younger student connect with the story more. The book was written in the point of view of a young student, and the illustrations truly m [...]

    • I have seen a few of David Mackintosh’s books but have not read one, but the title and illustrations on the front cover caught my attention. The title, ‘Marshall Armstrong is new to our school’ suggested that this may be a story about a boy and his struggles to fit into school, an issue many children can relate too. As I began to read, I enjoyed the light humor of a very peculiar boy, who was the complete opposite to any other child. I enjoyed that Mackintosh created comparisons between th [...]

    • Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School by David Mackintosh is a perfect book for the beginning of the school year for older elementary students (grade 2 and up), particularly if your class has new students. The narrator explains that the main character, Marshall, is quirky and very different than the other students in the class. In fact, Marshall is very strange. It seems that Marshall is at peace with his differences and not bothered by the fact that he does not “fit in.” The narrator is i [...]

    • When Marshall Armstrong joins the narrator's class, he is certain that the new kid will never fit in. After all, he's simply too weird in so many ways--weird in a bad way, that is. For instance, he doesn't play sports and prefers reading the newspaper to watching television as well as eating food that looks as though it belongs on a space craft instead of in the cafeteria. While the narrator lists all of Marshall's inadequacies, he seems blithely unconcerned about following the norm. When Marsha [...]

    • Marshall Armstrong is the new kid at school and he is very different from everyone else. His things are different. He looks different with his birdseed freckles and ears like shells. His arms are white with red bumps that he says are mosquito bites. He even eats “space food” for lunch! He can’t play during recess. He stays out of the sun. He doesn’t watch any TV. So when Marshall Armstrong has a birthday party, everyone is sure that it is going to be awful. But guess what, Marshall Armst [...]

    • The title and cover illustration let you know what’s going on. Marshall Armstrong doesn’t seem to fit in with his new classmates. He plays differently, eats differently, and doesn’t look the same at all. Although the plot is predictable – Marshall’s classmates learn to appreciate his different interests when they all come to his house for his birthday – the story is still sweet. Usually, books about tolerance focus on children of a different race, nationality, or ability level. In th [...]

    • When I first starting reading this book, I didn't really like it. They picked out all the "weird" stuff about Marshall Armstrong. But in the end (very predictably, but I obviously didn't predict it), the other kids end up loving all the "weird" stuff Marshall has and does. The illustrations are great, and the message is very "Don't judge a book by its cover". The overall story and illustrations reminded me of Jonah Hill's cartoon "Allen Gregory". I really liked the book, as it had a lot for adul [...]

    • Marshall Armstrong is the new kid in school and he's a bit of an odd duck. He invites everyone to his birthday party but the young narrator is reluctant to go. After sitting next to Marshall Armstrong at school, he's convinced that the party will be dull and boring. It turns out that Marshall Armstrong's house is full of fun, interesting, and unique ways to occupy yourself. A good lesson for kids who are starting to become aware that not everything is as it presents itself. This book is perfect [...]

    • Marshall is the new kid in school. He's different. different looking, has different stuff, eats different food and can't do P.E. Marshall invites the whole class to his b-day party, and our nameless narrator, a boy in the class, just KNOWS it's going to be not fun at all and his mother is making him go AND give a present. When I read this to the kids, they could totally relate. They loved seeing and hearing what the party was actually like. Super engaging read aloud and great for all kinds of di [...]

    • A good book for students new to schools. Marshall is quite different from others in his classroom. The main character is not too sure about him that is, until the birthday party. Good illustrations and enough text features to keep readers interested. A bit choppy, but all in all, a good book for a purpose.

    • Marshall Armstrong was decidedly odd and the narrator is not sure he likes him. But, he is invited to his birthday party and he is compelled by his mother to go. There he discovers that while Marshall Armstrong is definitely different, that doesn't mean he isn't fun or a good friend.Great illustrations.

    • This was a really charming book about a boy who is new to school and doesn't fit in. The narrator is a little boy who doesn't like him at first, but decides at the end that new kids are even more fun because they are different. The illustrations are bright, cartoonish and have lots of white space. Great for story time about new kids, school, or friends.

    • Marshall Armstrong is new to school. And he is different. He looks different. His stuff is different. He eats different. He plays different. How can he fit in at school when he is so different? Soon other kids start to learn that sometimes different=cool. And this is a fun book all about celebrating different. Good times.

    • Marshall Armstrong is new and a little different and, well, maybe a lot different. He eats astronaut food in space food packaging, for crying out loud. And then Marshall Armstrong has a birthday party and the by (narrator) has to go even though he doesn't want tod well, maybe there's something to be liked after all about a boy who eats space food.

    • unusual artistic style(a few illustrations a bit Gorey-ish)eccentric/quirky style appropriate for a slightly quirky story (well, Marshall seems that way, but then he is presented through the eyes of the narrator)Like how expectations are confounded at the end, and acceptance/friendship begins . . . school can be tough to "fit in" or find your place, especially for new kids.

    • I would definitely use this book in a middle school (or primary) classroom. It's a great picture book about being "different" and learning to accept others. The illustrations were creative and made me wish I was inside the book!

    • Love Marshall Armstrong! What a guy and what a house. Think I will move right in! This is the perfect book for back to school when new students arrive. Everyone is different in truly delightful ways. Illustrations quirky and wonderful!

    • Marshall Armstrong is new. He looks different, eats strange things, has fancy equipment, reads the newspaper instead of watching television, and generally doesn't fit in (although it doesn't seem to bother him). Until his birthday party - which everyone expects to be deadly dull.For K and up.

    • I really enjoyed the unexpected humor in this story. It would be great to read aloud during the first few weeks of school. Great twist at the end as the kids discover that Marshall Armstrong is not as dull as they all thought he was.

    • A great book about first impressions and assumptions that could spark thoughtful conversations among students in all grades. Definitely one to read aloud at the start of school.

    • I want a friend like Marshall Armstrong - he seems to be a kid out of a Wes Anderson movie and his birthday party looked amazing. It's a "message" book without being too didactic.

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