Summer of Night

Summer of Night It s the summer of in Elm Haven Illinois and five year old boys are forming the bonds that a lifetime of changes will never erase But then a dark cloud threatens the bright promise of summer

  • Title: Summer of Night
  • Author: Dan Simmons
  • ISBN: 9780446362665
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • It s the summer of 1960 in Elm Haven, Illinois, and five 12 year old boys are forming the bonds that a lifetime of changes will never erase But then a dark cloud threatens the bright promise of summer vacation on the last day of school, their classmate Tubby Cooke vanishes Soon, the group discovers stories of other children who once disappeared from Elm Haven And thereIt s the summer of 1960 in Elm Haven, Illinois, and five 12 year old boys are forming the bonds that a lifetime of changes will never erase But then a dark cloud threatens the bright promise of summer vacation on the last day of school, their classmate Tubby Cooke vanishes Soon, the group discovers stories of other children who once disappeared from Elm Haven And there are other strange things happening in town unexplained holes in the ground, a stranger dressed as a World War I soldier, and a rendering plant truck that seems to be following the five boys The friends realize that there is a terrible evil lurking in Elm Havend they must be the ones to stop it.

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    • Dan Simmons

      Dan Simmons grew up in various cities and small towns in the Midwest, including Brimfield, Illinois, which was the source of his fictional Elm Haven in 1991 s SUMMER OF NIGHT and 2002 s A WINTER HAUNTING Dan received a B.A in English from Wabash College in 1970, winning a national Phi Beta Kappa Award during his senior year for excellence in fiction, journalism and art Dan received his Masters in Education from Washington University in St Louis in 1971 He then worked in elementary education for 18 years 2 years in Missouri, 2 years in Buffalo, New York one year as a specially trained BOCES resource teacher and another as a sixth grade teacher and 14 years in Colorado ABOUT DAN Biographic Sketch His last four years in teaching were spent creating, coordinating, and teaching in APEX, an extensive gifted talented program serving 19 elementary schools and some 15,000 potential students During his years of teaching, he won awards from the Colorado Education Association and was a finalist for the Colorado Teacher of the Year He also worked as a national language arts consultant, sharing his own Writing Well curriculum which he had created for his own classroom Eleven and twelve year old students in Simmons regular 6th grade class averaged junior year in high school writing ability according to annual standardized and holistic writing assessments Whenever someone says writing can t be taught, Dan begs to differ and has the track record to prove it Since becoming a full time writer, Dan likes to visit college writing classes, has taught in New Hampshire s Odyssey writing program for adults, and is considering hosting his own Windwalker Writers Workshop.Dan s first published story appeared on Feb 15, 1982, the day his daughter, Jane Kathryn, was born He s always attributed that coincidence to helping in keeping things in perspective when it comes to the relative importance of writing and life Dan has been a full time writer since 1987 and lives along the Front Range of Colorado in the same town where he taught for 14 years with his wife, Karen, his daughter, Jane, when she s home from Hamilton College and their Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Fergie He does much of his writing at Windwalker their mountain property and cabin at 8,400 feet of altitude at the base of the Continental Divide, just south of Rocky Mountain National Park An 8 ft tall sculpture of the Shrike a thorned and frightening character from the four Hyperion Endymion novels was sculpted by an ex student and friend, Clee Richeson, and the sculpture now stands guard near the isolated cabin.

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    • Honestly most horror or suspense books feel lacking because it's hard to build a plot that keeps someone interested without giving everything away while balancing that with interesting characters and a unique plot line but some how this manages to do that. I honestly haven't read anything else like this but I don't really read that extensive an amount of horror so take that with a grain of salt. I really appreciate how well the ending was written too because honestly the only other writer I've r [...]

    • What all happens during the summer of night? . . . . . . it's not prettyOld Central School still stood upright, holding its secrets and silences firmly within. Eighty-four years of chalkdust floated in the rare shafts of sunlight inside while the memories of more than eight decades of varnishings rose from the dark stairs and floors to tinge the trapped air with the mahogany scent of coffins. the walls of Old Central were so thick that they seemed to absorb sounds while the tall windows, their g [...]

    • The thing that impressed me about this book was not so much Simmons' ability to scare, but to build characters and the world they live in. Simmons draws a map of this small town in your head so well that the reader can see everything that happens vividly. I read other reviews criticizing the time the story takes to develop, but I feel that this is one of the strengths. It is a couple hundred pages in before something scary actually happens. By this time, the reader is anticipating these events, [...]

    • I know many will call it blasphemy, but this book put Simmons ahead of King in my mental list of great horror authors. "Summer of Night" is closest in story to "It" only without the haphazard ending (and 400 pages shorter). When you pick this book up at the store, you will notice that it is a thin book, and make the same assumption that I did, which was that I was about to read a 200-300 page story. About 100 pages in, it dawned on me that there was still a long way to go, flipping to the back I [...]

    • Loved this book! It goes right to the top with Boy's Life, Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Body as one of my favorite small town, coming of age books. If you like any of those books you should enjoy this story. A group of friends band together to battle a supernatural menace and in the process take me back to my days of adolescence. I have struggled with some of Simmons's work in the past and even though this was just over 600 pages I never felt like it bogged down. There were a couple o [...]

    • Summer Of Night is a bloated book (I have a 500 page hardcover) that could really, really use some good editing. Dan Simmons clearly has good intentions, but most of them are lost in complete staleness and cliches of the plot.So far, one of my favorite books I've re-read this year has been King's IT, which I consider one of his true masterpieces. After finishing Summer of Night, I can't help but think that Dan Simmons also shared my enthusiasm and sat down to write his own IT. Ultimately, though [...]

    • Preface: Some of you will read this review and wonder why I gave it such a high score when I had such a big problem with a certain aspect of the storyline. Those of you who feel confused by my rating should know that, yes, this book is terrific. It transported me to another time and place. For me, it effortlessly captured a sense of nostalgia for something I never experienced. I wasn't alive in the 60s. I didn't grow up in a small town, though I did live in one for my final years as a teenager. [...]

    • Summer of Night was one of the most incredible books I have ever read and mind you it's not because I'd rather read a book on a Friday night than party, much to my boyfriends dismay as I so often do.Dan Simmons wove a masterful tale of 1960's Illinois with its cozy little town and streets, Saturday outdoor movies and the kids who were the true heroes of the story. It reminded me of Goonies in places as we quickly grow to like Dale and his younger brother Lawrance, Mike, Duane and Kevin and Jim H [...]

    • I read "A Winter Haunting" it is the sequel to this book. The characters in this book are a group of friends when they are tweens. In a Winter Haunting, (Dale), one of the boys, returns to this area as an adult. It is not as YA as this one. Anyway, this was a good horror that starts in a soon to be condemned school the day before summer break is to start. After a blood curdling scream the disappearance of a young student, strange sightings and odd deaths, a group of young buddies feel obligated [...]

    • This was a great story! Schools out and four friends have a wonderful summer to look forward to until something evil appears and turns their summer into something else. I loved the detailed information of the story and how the author weaves the story around you till it feels like you are experiencing what the boys and the town were going through. This is definitely a masterpiece and it has become a favorite for me. Will be putting this on my favorites shelf and will re-read it in the future. Fiv [...]

    • 4.5 starsSummer of Night is one of those books where the story is a delight to read but the review is kind of hard to do. It's also my first novel from Dan Simmons. After finishing this book, I definitely want to read more of his work soon.The story is a sort of coming-of-age tale centered around a group of children growing up together in a small town in the 60's. School is out, summer is here, how exciting. The author brings alive the excitement of that first summer day when school is out and o [...]

    • Obozavam knjige koje me ucine nostalgicnom za vremenima s kojima stvarno nemam nikakvih dodirnih tocaka Prica se dogada sezdesetih u malom farmerskom mjestascu za vrijeme vruceg i mracnog ljeta. Podsjeca na It u smislu da drustvo klinaca vodi bitku sa drevnim, iskonskim zlom i putem prozivljava teror koji ih sve jace povezuje. Naravno i da mislim da je nezahvalno usporedivati ovaj hororac s nekim drugim jer je on toliko vise od toga. Onako ugrubo, prica je to o nestanku jednog klinca na zadnji d [...]

    • Considering how long ago I read this the first time around, I had forgotten most of the "little details" concerning this book. Still one of my favorites. :)

    • All Dan Simmons fans know that he can write successfully in any genre he chooses and that he likes to mix horror into various other genres. Here is his YA/horror novel. It's a bit too horrific, profane, violent, sexy and grim to actually appear in the YA section of any bookstore, though, what with all the guns, swearing, incipient sexuality amongst eleven year-olds, kiddie-crime and gruesome, well, horror. Which is, of course, why it's great and worth any eleven-year-old's time (or that of any o [...]

    • "Old Central School still stood upright, holding its secrets and silences firmly within. Eighty-four years of chalkdust floated in the rare shafts of sunlight inside while the memories of more than eight decades of varnishings rose from the dark stairs and floors to tinge the trapped air with the mahogany scent of coffins."This book is a story about five 12-year old boys who live in Elm Haven in 1960. It follows them through their summer holidays as they encounter a number of strange happenings [...]

    • I'm not sure I would go as far as to say that Dan Simmons' Summer Of Night is a "must read" for all horror fiction fans. I made it forty years before ever hearing about it.What I will say is that I find it almost criminal that this coming of age horror tale is so obscure. I am thankful for the freinds I have on for cluing me in on Simmons.The first one of his books I read was the astonishingly complex and brilliant Carrion Comfort, which is a "must read." This one should be read by anyone who e [...]

    • Stephen King book blurb says: "If Summer of the Night isn't the best horror novel of the last five years, it is surely one of the best three - a gorgeous and terrifying story of five boys who come face to face with a monstrous entity during an enchanted Illinois summer thirty years ago. Simmons writes like a hot-rodding angel, loading his American nightmare with scares, suspense, and a sweet, surprising nostalgia. This is one of those rare must-read books, easily surpassing Clive Barker's Books [...]

    • When I was a kid I loved John Bellairs. His books were horror for the pre-teen set. All of them were steeped in Catholicism and involved small town kids from bygone eras who had to fight some sort of ancient evil. Usually there was an adult there to lend a hand, but for the most part the kids were on their own when it came to saving the world. Summer of Night is like John Bellairs for adults in the best way.The kids in this novel! I loved every one of them. My copy had an introduction by Simmons [...]

    • First of 2016 - Buddy read with Edward Lorn - first one to enter my favorite shelf in quite some time!In what should be a perfectly normal summer of 1960 in Elm Haven, a group of kids gets aware that a great evil is waking up. On the last day of school, one boy vanishes and other strange things starts happening. All seems to be connected to their school itself, the Old Central. As the kids starts to tentatively investigate some of the odd happenings, sightings and strange behaving townspeople th [...]

    • To me, SUMMER OF NIGHT is not only a modern horror classic, but it's also a brilliant coming-of-age story set in the 1960's. This offering from Simmons is simply one of the best books that I have ever read (3 times to date).

    • 4.5 stars .This is my second Dan Simmons novel and I was just as impressed as with Carrion Comfort by the sheer scope and detail of his writing! I love horror, but I often find myself disappointed when authors sacrifice good writing for shock tactics and plot twists; there is NONE of that with Simmons! He is almost at King level with his build-ups, child characters, and descriptions of small-town life, and the writing is impeccable. I definitely got IT vibes from our young group of heroes!.And t [...]

    • I loved this! I listened to it on audiobook, and found myself making excuses to run errands so I could listen in the car. It's the tale of a group of young kids and the hellish summer they spend battling the forces of evil in the shape of horrendous monsters. It reminded me a lot of It, but at the same time, it is a completely different story.The mayhem starts quickly as the story opens on the last day of school. As the last bell sounds and the student body rushes out to begin summer, there is o [...]

    • Ever wanted to read a Stephen King novel that DOESN'T have a shitty ending? Here ye go. Simmons manages to cram together everything cool about Stand By Me and It with none of the bloat, while throwing in a little bit of The Sandlot and a whole lot of balls. Main characters die suddenly and savagely. Sixth-graders murder people. Hundreds of shots are fired. And everything makes sense in the end. But not, y'know, TOO much sense. It's a damn good, creepy time.If I HAD a gripe, it would be that the [...]

    • "Simmons writes like a hot-rodding angel, loading his American nightmare with scares, suspense, and a sweet, surprising nostalgia. One of those rare must-read booksI am in awe of Dan Simmons." - Stephen KingMr. King's words of high praise are what drew me to read this story. I agree, after just finishing it, that Dan Simmons' talent is outstandingSummer of Night is one helluva ride!

    • Stephen King blurbs on the cover that he is in awe of Dan Simmons. I concur. Simmons resurrects all your childhood fears and confirms their validity. Their IS something under the bed, its pissed, and you have every reason to be very afraid.

    • 'There was a great tearing at his legs, an irresistible force lifted him and turned him, pulled him towards the vortex he could feel through every fiber of his body, but for that split second, that briefest of instants, he was free-he could see the stars-and he lifted his face towards them even as he was spun away into the darkness roaring below and around him.' Summer of Night by Dan Simmons was a thoroughly brilliant read. I wouldn't want to tell you too much about the plot as I wouldn't want [...]

    • The author has a masterful control of language. The story brings to life a childhood summer and the sense of nostalgia most of us feel when looking back on childhood events that bear significance on our lives. Tapping this archetypal current of experience, Simmons develops the setting and characters thoroughly before delving into the plot and the action.The early chapters (perhaps through chapter 19) establish the setting, atmosphere and characters with hints of horror subtly interspersed at ver [...]

    • I've read this book twice. There's something about young kids battling great, dark, unknown forces that always gets my blood pumping. the secret world of youth/innocence in the context of supernatural, otherwise invisible dimensions. how adults lose their seeing eyes perhaps because they're afraid of that which they can't comprehend, or that which they deny. there are a few chilling scenes in this book that still return to me every now and then. i probably love this book in the same way i love t [...]

    • This review refers to the audiobook. I only heard of Dan Simmons recently when one of my groups hadSummer of Nightas an option for a group read. Truly, I was only mildly interested. Between the sort of cheesy cover and the description -- kids confront ancient evil in their own backyard and fight to save humanity, or something like that -- it's only saving grace seemed that it was the best of a bad lot. Then I saw some reviews proclaiming Dan Simmons a horror genius and saying thatSummer of Nigh [...]

    • Once in a while there comes a book that completely lives up to all its hype and great reviews, a book that transcends genres by not just being a great horror story, but a great novel, a great work of fiction. Summer of Night is one of those books. Epic in scope, massive and thoroughly awesome in every way. The author perfectly captures the freedom and excitement of being a kid during the summer. It's well written and genuinely scary in parts. The pages and characters come to life with cinematic [...]

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