Your Favorite Girl

Your Favorite Girl When Melissa Reed a twenty two year old housewife discovers her millionaire husband Ted has been cheating on her with a recent high school graduate from down the street she begins to investigate hi

  • Title: Your Favorite Girl
  • Author: Steph Sweeney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Melissa Reed, a twenty two year old housewife, discovers her millionaire husband Ted has been cheating on her with a recent high school graduate from down the street, she begins to investigate his private life In his little black book, she finds a single address and phone number that of Your Favorite Girl, Inc.Assuming it s an escort service, Melissa dials the numbeWhen Melissa Reed, a twenty two year old housewife, discovers her millionaire husband Ted has been cheating on her with a recent high school graduate from down the street, she begins to investigate his private life In his little black book, she finds a single address and phone number that of Your Favorite Girl, Inc.Assuming it s an escort service, Melissa dials the number, only to find she s stumbled upon a secret corporation dedicated to engineering the most erotic sexual creatures in the history of man.And Melissa can t resist making a purchase.Your Favorite Girl is best described as an erotic romance thriller, the first in a three part series.

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      Hi I m Steph, a new erotica author My debut novel, Your Favorite Girl, an erotic romance thriller, hit the Erotica Bestseller list in its first week, and now I m at work on the next installment in the three book series, His Favorite Girl.I write with an emphasis on realism and aesthetics I want it to feel real Sometimes this calls for explicit descriptions and language I urge you to pass my work by if you are offended by open sexuality.If you re up for anything, take a peek at Your Favorite Girl Steph 3

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    • I’ve been in a weird mood lately. I’ve been avoiding reading altogether because I’m tired of reading that same story over and over. I’m talking about those lovey dovey romance novels that make me want to slit my wrists with a dull razor blade. The author of this book messaged me that she had a free promo going on for this book and I thought “Hey, that would be perfect to read!” I decide to peek at the 1 star reviews…yes, I said 1 star…because they are always entertaining. When on [...]

    • Holy orgasm! This book is amazing!!! I mean, seriously wow I don't have enough words. You'd love it, trust me. Steph, congrats, babe. You made it! And the ending was mind blowing I really want the second book. Like right fucking now.

    • ***RRC received by author in exchange for an honest review***Umm.well I don't even know where to start!That was justweird???My assumption was that I would be reading what the book description had said:" Your Favorite Girl is best described as an erotic romance thriller, the first in a three-part series."What book I got was a somewhat erotic, thriller, Sci-fi, BDSM, murder, drugs, sex slaves, sadist, violence, kidnapping, and rape. I don't read any Sci-fi. Ever. It's just not my thing, so when in [...]

    • I really had a hard time deciding what I wanted to say in my review about Your favorite girl. The book is a very intense erotic thriller. For months all we had to go on was the teaser the author had put up on amazon. That teaser was just enough to make me keep checking back for the full book, and I can't lie I really wanted to know what happened after that short teaser. I checked amazon and Steph Sweeney's blog endlessly for a word on when it would be published.And so without further adoMelissa [...]

    • I wanted to like this book and, judging by the reviews, a lot of people did like it. I didn’t. It was OK, but not special, only odd, or quirky. I have four principle issues with it:Issue one: It’s a never-ending tease. You are told about all the awful things that go on in this unbelievable place, but nothing ever actually happens to anyone you might care about. A lot of talk and no action. A lot of threats, but no delivery. I got the feeling that the author was afraid to commit, for fear of [...]

    • Your Favorite Girl ended up being a very refreshing novel to read. It’s very different from other books I’ve seen recently, and I’m very glad I read this one.What I really liked about this book is that I didn’t know where it was going to go next. The story just keeps unfolding and unfolding with more and more plot points that kept me flipping the pages needing more. Just when you start getting a handle on the situation, there’s another slight twist. This book is part mystery in the sen [...]

    • This book is not for me I didn't like that she is the second wife, caught him cheating and goined in the fun (I don't mind this bit as much the joining in.)then she gone and bought/hired a submissive and the bodyguard killed her husband I could go on forever what I din't like about this book. But I wont, just going to say this storyline din't do it for me.

    • If the teaser is anything to go by then this is going to be one hot intriguing read. This is a new author to me and very well written. I can't wait for the full book to be released.

    • I did not know what I was getting myself into this kind of book… I was thinking this was going to be a brothel or escort type of novelwhat I discovered was quite well written, different and out of the box. This book had so many different levels of intrigue that I wont ruin them for you. This is a trilogy but this novel alone can be a standalone there is no large cliffhanger but of course you know the story isn’t finished at all. Melissa Reed intends to buy a “sex doll” from Your Favorite [...]

    • i have to first say i got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review all my friends, there is no cliff hanger ending to please feel free to read this book. i still think you will be wanting to read the 2nd one right away, but it wont leave you frustratedis book was like nothing i ever read before. this was such an interesting read, that i spent my whole Saturday having to finish this book before i did anything! there most likely be spoilers in the book because i might not be able [...]

    • Oh now that was just wrong!! What a mean evil Author! The build up to Patton and Melissa! To finally getting that close and then she gives us a lil peek and then I get a "To Be Continued". GRRRThis book is unlike any I have read before. I don't know what I was expecting when I started this book, but what I did get wasunexpected. This has a strong story line. It is different to say the least. Their is just so much about this book that is wrong on so many levels. I meandamn, I can't say it with ou [...]

    • When young Melissa finds out that her rich older husband has been cheating on her with the newly graduated high school girl from down the street, she tries to make things better. A threesome would fix things, right? *Insert sarcasm* Melissa goes snooping and finds a mysterious business card for Your Favorite Girl Inc thinking it’s just an escort service she makes an appointment that will change her life forever.Melissa shows up at the address, a jewelry store that seems harmless enough. What M [...]

    • 4-4.5 erotica stats !!!!Woooowww !!!! This was an unexpected bit of awesome !!!I picked this up as a FREEBIE yesterday . Just wanted a nice bit of erotica in-between beta reads :) HOLY CRAP !!!! I did NOT expect to be up reading till 2am bcoz I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN !!!! Ok so 1st warning !If u can't handle F/F sex scenes in a book then u will not get past the 1st chap 2nd warning :) there is some ummm Almost taboo subject matter ( I say ALMOST bcoz Well I can't think of a better word to exp [...]

    • This book was provided to me by Kitties Like Books too /user/show/19You can visit her awesome blog at kittykatreads/I must say, I am happily surprised! At first, I thought this book would be mainly centered on erotic scenes, with a weak story line. After reading the first 20%, I had difficulty keeping interest and I thought I had figured out where this story was going. But then, the plot started developing and the rest of the book kept me on the edge of my seat! I would describe this book, which [...]

    • Shiny! Get sucked in by a great read that has as many twists and turns as an action film and much sexier action at that. Melissa was a teenager happy to seduce a million and lure him from his wife, but she's got vengeance on her mind when it's obvious she's being supplemented by the 18 year old down the street. The setup is perfect, but when she checks out Your Favorite Girl Inc her unspoken need for revenge takes on new form. You'll love Kate, her sexy selection assistant. And the gruesome inte [...]

    • What a truly unique story, I have read over 200 erotic stories and NEVER read anything like this. I really don't know how to tag this book or what category to put it. There is a cheating scene of sorts, but it is short lived and sets the stage for what follows. There is a ménage scene but I wouldn't tag the story as one of ménage. There is a FF scene but the story is not lesbian erotica. It does have some questionable/dubious consent.So what would I call this story? An erotic thriller - full o [...]

    • iew is from: Your Favorite Girl (YFG Series) (Kindle Edition)I give this story 5 stars!!!!!!! I've never read anything like it!!!!! Steph Sweeney's writing is beyond exceptional!!!!!! Her words, vivid details, descriptions, and emotions that the characters go through leap right off the page! Everything written you can see in your mind! I was hooked from the very first turn of the page!!!!! This book is not your average run of the mill erotica book, it is an eye opener and makes you wonder, what [...]

    • I loved this book. It was very creative and exciting all the way to the end. It got me very hot in a great way. I am looking forward to next one but I will tell you that it's hard to put this one down. It's not all love and sweetness. It got a lot of exciting events going on. Good job to Steph and this very creative book.

    • I don't knowI meanWhat the fuck? I was a train wreck, best way I can describe it. And I finished it but I have zero idea how to rate it. I'm not sure at all what I think other than it was totally fucked up. I'll have to think on this.

    • WTH did I just read? Wow! This one took me by complete surprise Now I am dying for book number two. Great story line and very unique. Loved it!

    • This and more reviews at The Book BarRating: Well/House; I am going to burn in hell for this one!Only one chapter in, I thought to myself, "I can't! This is just blatant porn for the sake of selling a book." I told Jen that I couldn't go on. This is just not my genre. Your Favorite Girl's blurb doesn't address the craziness that grabs you by your guilty conscious and has it's way with you. BUT AND THIS IS MY BIG BUT the story is so crazy, it's captivating. The writing is so flipping detailed you [...]

    • Your Favorite Girl is book one in the Favorite Girl Series by Steph Sweeney. I’d classify this book as an Adult Mystery Thriller with dark erotic themes. It contains BDSM, torture, rape, murder, and slavery. This is not the happy ‘get off’ erotica book that most people were expecting it to be. This is a dark and erotic thriller, where sex is used to abuse, manipulate, and ruin lives. (view spoiler)[Your Favorite Girl Inc. is a high class sex slave business. Girls are born in a lab, and rai [...]

    • Okay I should have consulted you first instead of going off the reviews. Someone said it reminded them of the Dollhouse series and I had to find out more. I shouldn't have. This book is as well written as a porno with a plot that makes about as much sense. But not a sexy porno. More like one that focuses on almost under aged girls and sweaty ball sacks. There were so many things wrong with this book I don’t even know where to start. Your Favorite Girl is the story of Melissa, a 22 year old h [...]

    • This is one book that is hard to describe. It's a combination of different ideas thrown together to make story that is erotic, strange, and even a little creepy. However, they somehow work together to create an intriguing and entertaining story. Your Favorite Girl is part Stepford Wives, Gattica and conspiratorial with an erotic flavoring.Whenever I read, I always hold some suspension of belief with the degree based on the book I'm reading. Sometimes the book doesn't require me to suspend it whi [...]

    • I couldn't finish this book. Before I even got half way through I was skipping several pages at a time. Sex is a power, and in Your Favorite Girl, sex is the ultimate evil power. The book is an exaggeration of how sex without morals can ruin lives. There were a few scenes that were so graphic and repulsive that I'll never get the image out of my head, which is why I'm not going to finish the book (the frog woman incident and death over lust). I feel a sadness when I see how the lives of the char [...]

    • OUT's ReviewTwenty-two year old Melissa Reed catches her husband cheating on her with the hot high school neighbor. So, she goes digging into his private life and finds a simple business card with just an address and a phone number. It's for "Your Favorite Girl, INC." What she finds at this "company" is far beyond imagination. One word: weird. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I got this e-book. It has a lot of dark elements in it that, didn't necessarily offend me too much, but [...]

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