Precise Katie is a wife a caring best friend and the one person her mother Rochelle hates than anyone No one sees the darkness lurking just under the surface of their mother daughter relationship instead

  • Title: Precise
  • Author: Rebecca Berto
  • ISBN: 9780987456601
  • Page: 194
  • Format: ebook
  • Katie is a wife, a caring best friend, and the one person her mother, Rochelle, hates than anyone No one sees the darkness lurking just under the surface of their mother daughter relationship, instead viewing Rochelle as misunderstood That she has so much love for her daughter that she may seem harsh Wrong So wrong.Katie grew up taught that she was the cause of RoKatie is a wife, a caring best friend, and the one person her mother, Rochelle, hates than anyone No one sees the darkness lurking just under the surface of their mother daughter relationship, instead viewing Rochelle as misunderstood That she has so much love for her daughter that she may seem harsh Wrong So wrong.Katie grew up taught that she was the cause of Rochelle s miscarriages She grew up with the belief she shouldn t be happy knowing she d caused her mom so much pain and suffering Now Katie is pregnant and Rochelle is out to stop Katie from ruining her baby s life just like Katie ruined her own.Still, Katie can t imagine killing the life growing inside her Hell hath no fury like Rochelle with a vengeance to make Katie pay for ruining her life.In Rochelle s quest for power, Katie s baby is the pawn.

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    • SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.3 STARS out of 5Genre: New Adult FictionWhoa This was a head trip. Three wordsMOTHER FROM HELLOne WordEVILSERIOUSLY she was a real BITCH. And she kinda reminded me of HERWell, I have two words for her. Oh and I wrapped them in PINK!!This may be a quick read but DAMN it packed a punch“You are still that worthless little girl.”“Please, Mom,” I begin, but stop. I’m speaking out of turn again. Mom’s done when she tells you [...]

    • 3.5 stars, but rounding up.This isn't normally the type of book I'd pick up and read. It's what I'd call "chick-lit", for lack of a better term (but not what I'd classify as "romance"). That is, it's fiction that women read. No bullets. No zombies. No swords spilling entrails. No, definitely not a "guy book".That said, I was drawn to try it out.1. It was a free d/l on B&N.2. I have the author as a GR friend.3. She's never spammed me.4. She promotes her work in a way that makes it seem intere [...]

    • Katie Anselin is affectionately known by those who love her as Kates. Ironically, Kates rhymes with hates, and that's just what she is, hated. by her own MOTHER!!Being brought up an only child of the insanely unstable Rochelle, Kates is blamed for everything wrong in her mother's life, namely ravaging her mother's womb and ultimately for the death of her unborn and stillborn siblings.Paul, her husband and saviour, knows her family history well and is her only saving grace from the life of misery [...]

    • When I began reading Precise, the first thing I wanted to do was find a way to protect this young woman known to her friends as Kates. I wanted to hug her and tell her it wasn’t her fault. The further I read, the more I had to know what happened, and I couldn’t wait to get to the end. I needed to see Kates happy. I did on occasion.This is a wonderfully written book, and a touching story about a young lady living with psychological abuse from a mother who dislikes and blames herr anything. Th [...]

    • Wow. Talk about a strong debut. I was pulled in from the first page and found myself deeply engrossed in the story. Kates is a fascinating character. She lets the reader know in such a matter-of-fact way about her mother despising her, and yet she doesn't come off as a victim - simply a realist. This is the only reality she's ever known. The tension in the scenes where Kates and her mother interact was off the charts, and her mother's cold cruelty was almost palpable. The cover is PERFECT, by th [...]

    • Rating 3.5First, I want to state if abuse is a trigger for you or bothers you on any level than this is not the book for you. Emotional and mental abuse is very prevalent in this story. "Someone as defiant as you are would surely raise a bratty child; I'd have to step in to prevent you ruining your poor child's life."When we become parents, we must base our decisions and our actions on the best interest of our child. Those decisions and actions are made even harder when you have been mentally an [...]

    • My first reaction: Intervention! I want to take Kate away from her mother and help her recreate herself and understand that she is a person, not an object of hate.My second reaction: Medication or no, that woman is the spawn of satan. No really, she is. No child should ever be treated the way Kate’s mother treats her. No twenty-two year old should have to put up with such degradation. I wanted to be mad at Kate, tell her she’s an adult and that her mother should no longer have any control ov [...]

    • This is a 3.5/4 stars read for me. Is an angsty, psychological almost literay read. writing the review tomorrow Update - originally posted on my blog:me-my-books-and-i/“I am kind and beautiful. I have a soul. It’s better to be known for what I am not. Isn’t that how the saying goes?”I present you a heavy subject - mental illness - and an angsty, psychological drama - PRECISE, written by a young and talented writter. Rebecca Berto is a new voice in contemporary drama. Her story feels real [...]

    • Mental illness is never pretty, and Precise does not gloss over it. The story moves along slowly as it draws out scenes that depict the toxic attitude that a mother has on her only child.The author skillfully makes the reader feel disjointed by the stream of consciousness style and the episodic nature of the chapters. She takes common scenarios, a Scrabble game, a trip to the park, and imbues horror elements into it with the stalking mother.Kate tries to resolve her issues, but as in parental ab [...]

    • Precise is a psychological portrait of a vulnerable girl, deeply scarred by her mother’s hatred of her since birth. Mom Rochelle blames our MC “Kates” for her subsequent miscarriages and has pretty much made her life a living hell since then, with all the self-doubt, insecurity and anxiety you’d expect that would engender. Now that Kates finds herself pregnant, the impetus to escape the dark gravitational pull of her mother’s crazy is even stronger. Can she find the strength to do it? [...]

    • From the first page of this novelette, I was hooked. Rebecca Berto is a master storyteller that is able to weave her plot and characters into your mind in such a way that they leave a lasting impression. We are introduced to Katie Anselin in this novelette (affectionately called Kates by her nearest and dearest) and immediately the reader wants to follow her journey with her husband Paul, their daughter Ella and her mother who suffers badly from mental health problems. The reader finds themselve [...]

    • There are books you read for escapism. There are books you read for entertainment. Then there are the rare books that make you cringe with their raw power and their unflinching truth. Precise is the last type of book. Rebecca Berto strips your emotions down to the bare soul. She does not promise "pretty" with this story. Rebecca Berto will grip you with this story. Her characters are not cut from cookie-cutter fiction. Her characters are carved out of the raw truth of survival. The story deals w [...]

    • I should preface this review by saying one thing: I am not a fan of a poorly done prequel. I absolutely hate it when a book feels unresolved, when you're all 'Okay, now I need the next one as I have no sense of completeness.' (Fifty Shades, anyone?)PRECISE does not do this. It is very much a complete story in it's own right, delving into the world of mental illness. This novelette gives a no holds barred look at three people suffering from mental and emotional disturbance as Kates, her mother an [...]

    • Precise is definitely one of a kind and beautifully written. It touches upon subjects that aren't as common in stories, especially mental illness. It was a bit difficult to read at times because of the hardships that this character experiences, but I feel it was very realistic. Berto has a very poetic and literary way of writing, and I enjoyed it. I also liked how this was a quick read (although that bites you in the rear end later because you don't want it to end!)The story is also captivating, [...]

    • After mulling it over for a while, I have to give the book a 4 out of 5 stars. This book `goes there' and discusses a topic that I haven't seen approached in a rather long time. Yes, we have a young love story, a young pregnancy story, but we don't have that ideal relationship between mother and daughter. Yes, I'm sure many people will disagree with me on this, but I see this as a topic that is considered unapproachable. What I mean is that this topic is almost considered taboo. Rebecca, I give [...]

    • I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this novelette. It’s not the type of story I’m immediately drawn to and I wouldn’t label this book as "romance" but it certainly holds your attention as cringe-worthy as it may be. This is the story of a gal who is scarred in every sense of the word by her mother and I just wanted to scream the famous line, “NO WIRE HANGERS” from the movie Mommy Dearest. This is that book. It’s so intense that it makes you absolutely uncomfortable [...]

    • PRECISE by Rebecca Berto is not an easy or comfortable read, but it is a worthwhile one. At the beginning of the novella, our protagonist Katie still lives with her mentally ill, emotionally abusive mother, even though Katie is in her twenties and married. The reader soon learns that Katie's mother controls nearly every aspect of her daughter's life, and when Katie discovers she's pregnant, her mother tries to control that as well. However, having a child may provide the impetus Katie needs to f [...]

    • You know that awesome feeling you get when you read something and the author's talent shines through and you finally see it?That just happened to me with Precise, so please excuse me for a moment while I become a raging fangirl, an unexpected but very welcome place for me to be at this moment. Precise is a quick read, one that ensnared me and held me captive for about an hour and a half (I'm a fast reader). Right away I noticed the fresh structure and take for this work, which falls somewhere in [...]

    • Precise is one of those books that you can't stop yourself from finishing. You don't only read it, you devour it. It is a story that holds your attention from start to finish.The best way to describe Precise? It is the story of Katie Anselin, who has carried fear and grief inside her for her entire life. Why? Because her mentally ill mother, Rochelle, blames her for the death of her siblings. In a horrible way, Rochelle makes Katie the scapegoat and punching bag for all of the things she can't d [...]

    • I found this a remarkable powerful read. Everyone has the right of a mothers love. I felt sad for her, she spent so much time repeatedly being told the same things over and over from her mother.When she became a mom herself she was bound to have doubts but positive thinking that she never wanted t raise a child with the hang ups and lack of love she had experienced.The ending was quite surprising.I'm now looking forward to the next book in this series.

    • Katie's mother is psychotic. I kept turning the pages just to see how long it would take for Katie to tell her where to go. I did find it difficult to understand how Katie put up with her mom's abuse for so many years. That woman should have been barred from coming within a hundred yards of Katie and her family.Precise is a compelling read. Once you start, you won't be able to put it down.

    • I recently had the opportunity to read this book. If you are interested in reading my thoughts and a Q and A with the author check out my guest blog here: yummymummyclub/blogs/wa

    • Wow! What an incredible story! I adored the psychological undertones running though this book and I was gripped from the start to the end. 5 stars!

    • Couldn't get through the first 10 pages. Writing is erratic, maybe the author meant it to be that way. It made me feel crazy and illiterate at the same time. Can't finish it.

    • Recensione anche sul mio blog:pleaseanotherbook.tumblr/p“Precise” è una novella che anticipa “Pulling me under” di Rebecca Berto e che mi sono procurata, in occasione della sua uscita, gratuitamente, su Smashwords. Ho ricevuto un eARC del libro e per entrare nella storia ho subito iniziato a leggere la novella che fa da prequel e vi posso dire che è diverso da qualsiasi cosa abbia mai letto e ne sono rimasta affascinata e anche un po’ spaventata, sia per la bravura della scrittrice, [...]

    • Katie is a girl trying to come into her own even though she is already married with a daughter of her own. She finds out she's pregnant early in the story and the news changes everything for her. Her mother's cruelty is sprinkled like salt through this sometimes rough but beautifully written novella, and each time we see how far her mother Rochelle will go to tear Katie down and try to take over her grandchild's life, that salty flavor leaves a bitter taste in our mouths. This is very much a cha [...]

    • I would give PRECISE three stars.The story is about a young woman named Kates, who (at the beginning of the book) lives with her husband Paul and her abusive mother. The book confronts this abuse head on through the eyes of Kates, who struggles both with her own feelings of intense confusion and her desire to create a better life for her new daughter.Kates was a very strong character throughout the story. Her need to build a new existence with Paul and baby Ella pushes her outside of the realm o [...]

    • Full review @ aprillwood.wordpress/2015“The moment weighs down on me, threatening to unstitch my seams and expose me to the world.”Holy smokes… Precise is a novella that floored me. It is the prequel novel to Pulling Me Under, by Rebecca Berto.Warning, Contains Spoilers.Katie is having a baby with the love of her life, and she should be happy, except her family is anything but supportive. -Specifically her Mother, a woman who I’m guessing suffers from histrionic personality disorder, as [...]

    • How can you possibly rate something like Precise? It's a story of a young woman's life under the thumb of an abusive mother. Her reactions and feelings felt pretty accurate, but there's nothing to be enjoyed or liked about the story. If anything it will make you cringe over and over again. There are some fairly minor linguistic issues, much like in Masquerade. Noticeable, but not enough to be really off-putting, especially in a self-published novel(la). I was, however, impressed that Berto manag [...]

    • I struggled to get into this book, not because it was a bad read but i felt like screaming the whole way through it.The story go into detail about a women who could be perfectly happy if it wasn't for her mother blaming her daily for the miscarriages she has after her, as though it's one babies fault she couldn't go full term with others.I got really angry when i read the things this women was saying to her daughter, the abuse she'd put her through.The best friend doesn't realize how bad the mot [...]

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