Tucker's way

Tucker s way A heroine like you ve never met Tucker is crude backward and illiterate Yet she is passionate about her grandchildren whom she is raising She overcomes her abusive upbringing by facing life head o

  • Title: Tucker's way
  • Author: DavidJohnson
  • ISBN: 9781452496955
  • Page: 257
  • Format: ebook
  • A heroine like you ve never met, Tucker is crude, backward, and illiterate Yet she is passionate about her grandchildren, whom she is raising She overcomes her abusive upbringing by facing life head on, making no excuses Always full of surprises, Tucker will inspire you.

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      David Johnson has developed a reputation as a writer of books with heart His books feature strong, unforgettable characters from humble backgrounds who have to grapple with the unexpected turns of everyday life.He is the author of the riveting Tucker series, one of the best selling series on The series has collected over 5,000 reviews, averaging 4.7 stars, and sales of the books will soon approach 500,000 copies.Toby, his next book, following the Tucker series, is a story about a dog, a woman who has gotten lost in addiction, and a hermit who has hidden from his past for decades.The Woodcutter s Wife, a Civil War era, historical romance, is being released now It is a story of love lost and love found.David maintains a very busy life outside of writing He s a full time Marriage and Family Therapist, is Director of a community chorus that performs all across the Southeast, performing 15 shows a year He maintains a blog thefrontwindow.wordpress He s been married for 44 years, has two daughters and six grandchildren.He would love to hear from you Send him a note to davidjohnsonbooks gmail and join him on Facebook David Johnson, author

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    • Tucker is an uneducated woman who lives off of her own land and is doing her best to raise her, floozy of a daughters, three young children. They don't have much but they eat every day, the children attend school and know what a hard days work is. One day she finds herself in an extremely rare and awkward situation. She must ask her very new, recently divorced neighbor for help. Tucker is a no noncence, tough old bird and cantankerous to beat the band, so to ask for help is almost an impossible [...]

    • I purchased "Tucker's Way" after 's recommendation engine linked it to my novel ("Customers Who Bought Your Book Also Bought"). I wanted to see what other works my readers were purchasing.This book surprised me greatly. I've seen and admired outsider art for years - but this is the first book I've encountered that I would consider successful "outsider" literature. It reminded me of a Grandma Moses painting - simple, unadorned, spartan, and full of sentimental images - but charming nonetheless. I [...]

    • I am so glad to find this author. I am an avid reader and enjoy so many different types of books, but his book has everything. I love the character, Tucker. She had me crying and then laughing. The author has done an excellent job with all the characters and especially with Tucker. The language is so southern and country. The author doesn't just drop the g off ing words to try and create a southern accent. The plot moved along at a good clip. There is so much depth in the book that it's obvious [...]

    • I saw from someone that this book is a good example of "outsider literature" which I googled as I was unsure what that term meant. I found it was literature that "represented the melting pot that is American culture and this book certainly fits that category. Tucker is a crude, illiterate, gruff, yet unfailingly honest grandmother raising her three grandchildren in rural Tennessee. Some in the community have labeled her as "the welfare queen". Ella, recently divorced and recovering from cancer, [...]

    • This story was painfully wonderful. The authors version of Tucker's dialect brought her character to life. She had no choice but to survive because she had a greater calling later in life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Looking forward to the next one.

    • BeautifulAs a foster mom in past years this book was inspiring. The content had many truths in it for me. Our judgments are often too quick for the good of the people we serve.

    • These comments address the The Tucker Series, as of this writing four novels written by David Johnson. All of the unabridged audiobooks are narrated by Laural Merlington. Lengths vary from just under six hours to just over ten. I was introduced to the first book via an Audible Daily Deal and enjoyed the story enough to finish the entire series.The stories center around the lead character, Tucker. Tucker is an elderly woman, a victim of child abuse, who has been saddled with the raising of her th [...]

    • Not sure what to make of this book, at times I would get swept away in the story and then a "Really?" moment wold crop up to ruin it. Someone would use a phrase totally out of context with the character or to the time of the story. Tucker (presented as an unschooled, back woods granny) appears to understand conversations with higher educated terms but then stops a conversation to ask what noble means. And although she is a loner with no newspaper or tv, she seems to understand what the terms phy [...]

    • While the book isn't particularly well written, it was a story that drew me in and made me keep reading to find out what happened to the characters. There were many times I rolled my eyes at how it was a bit like an after-school special- though seriously- some of the scenes were NOT appropriate at all for that age group! It deals with child molestation and murder- in uncomfortable detail. That said, in spite of the predictability of it, it had an all too human aspect of there being characters th [...]

    • The time is the 1970s. The place, rural Tennessee. Tucker, a proud, poor woman who talks and dresses tough, and known as the Welfare Queen, is raising her three grandchildren, August, March, and April, because their mother, her daughter, Maisy, is not capable of raising them. Tucker is ostracized by the townspeople, partly because of her own attitudes and actions. She is always on the defensive: “Trust means somethin’ bad’s gonna happen.” One day Ella moves into the house across the str [...]

    • Tucker is a phenomenally interesting and complex character. She is incredibly human: illiterate, a victim of childhood sexual abuse, and lacking social graces, we meet Tucker and, though she is a million miles away from anyone I could possibly relate to, I fell quickly under her spell. And Ella, Tucker’s new neighbour, contrasts and compliments her perfectly.Unfortunately, despite the great that Johnson has written into Tucker the plot itself leaves much to be desired. Even with characters tha [...]

    • Tucker’s Way is an old story that has been told many times about abused women and an unusual friendship. It is the first in a five book series. Tucker lives out in the boonies and tries to raise her three young grandchildren on her own. She works hard to support her family with what she can raise alone on her farm. Life is tough and there is little money. When Ella moves into the house on the next property, Ella is dismayed by the poverty and forthrightness of Tucker who never bothers with man [...]

    • Tucker is a odd woman that is thought to be crazy. She lives on her own with her three grandchildren. Tucker is about to get a new neighbor and little does she know what affect Ella moving in down the road will have on her life.I loved the characters and the development of the relationship between Tucker and Ella. Two more different people normally wouldn't have given each other the time of day normally. You can't judge a book by the cover, and it sure would be a shame if you would miss out on a [...]

    • Tucker's WayThis was a warm heartfelt story of a grandmothers love of her grandchildren and her past abuse by her own father. Tucker had never been shown love and was at a loss of how t give it to the three grandchildren she's been raising. Alone comes Ella the ex-wife of her enemy. Ella turns out to be the friend that Tucker needs as well as a blessing. A wonderful story.

    • What a haunting read! The story of a desperately poor woman who is raising three of her grandchildren. Desperate to help the youngest one learn to talk, she befriends a lady who moves close to her and is a college graduate. The two become very good friends and it turns out they help each other in ways neither saw coming. A very emotional book! I highly recommend it.

    • Do yourself a favor and read this book!A very touching book. I fell in love with the characters. Tucker's heartbreaking childhood touched my heart. I will be looking for the sequel.

    • Loved this book! It was easy to get caught up in the storyline, fall in love with the characters, and become moved by the unlikely acts of kindness and friendship. I will definitely read the follow up books!

    • I wish this story gave me more. It was a quick and easy read. I was disappointed that characters and plot lines were introduced but never developed. Ending came with a "just get it over with" scenario. Really wish I liked it better

    • Technically, this book was not 5 stars. A little too radical of a transformation unless you read closely. Maisy's especially. But it was amazing how it drew me along, wishing and hoping, even praying for these people. A good, short read.

    • Disgusting got this by mistake could not finish reading it was so disgusting do not waist your time on this one

    • Thanks to my friend Elaine, I enjoyed this book very much. This book took turns I didn't see coming at all!! I am ready for the next one.

    • A great readWhat an uplifting read. I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters in this book came to life with the author's words

    • InspirationalThe characters come to life. You actually feel like you are in the moment with the characters. Third time I've read it.

    • Really enjoyed the irony in this story that brings the small world together in a great tale. Tucker is a woman who can take care of herself. As a matter of fact she now faces taking care of her grandchildren too. It's not until a women recovering from cancer moves into her neighborhood that an unlikely friendship begins. As the back story behind Tucker's life comes to light along with the murder of her daughter Amazing. All of the characters are full of detail, the story is well written and very [...]

    • An interesting story about two women from completely opposite backgrounds in life who forge an unusual friendship. Strong characters and a pretty believable story - it takes place in the 70's. Was a little surprised there wasn't some sort of epilogue but then I realized this is the first in a series so the book definitely begs you to read the second one to find out what happens after the last scene. A little disappointing, but I may pick up the next one - who knows.

    • Straight-shooting Tucker lives her own way, raising her grandchildren and navigating life on her family farm. This book tells a story about her childhood and ties in themes of forgiveness, healing and family dynamics. While I found it engaging and laughed out loud a couple times, I also cried. But overall, I did enjoy it and plan to read more books in this series. Trigger warning: sexual assault and animal violence.

    • This is first of a series of 3 books (which I didn't know). A grandma raising her daughters 3 children who all have different fathers. They have a rough life but know they are loved. When a new neighbor moves in things get interesting for everyone. The ending revels all of the fathers and many other surprises. I want to finish the series.

    • This book was not for me. I never felt the dialogue was authentic and the writing occasionally downright annoyed me. The characters seemed one dimensional even as their circumstances were meant to make them multifaceted. If a sentence like “there was a pause as pregnant as a woman in her ninth month” annoys you, then you this book is not for you.

    • A heroine like you've never met, Tucker is crude, backward, and illiterate. Yet she is passionate about her grandchildren, whom she is raising. She overcomes her abusive upbringing by facing life head on, making no excuses. Always full of surprises, Tucker will inspire you.

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