Take Me Back

Take Me Back DESIRE THAT CAN T BE DENIEDRachael DeSalvo is haunted by the past She s come home to her beloved Turtle Tear Island where she looks forward to happy days and bliss filled nights in the arms of Merric

  • Title: Take Me Back
  • Author: Kelli Maine
  • ISBN: 9781455599011
  • Page: 443
  • Format: ebook
  • DESIRE THAT CAN T BE DENIEDRachael DeSalvo is haunted by the past She s come home to her beloved Turtle Tear Island, where she looks forward to happy days and bliss filled nights in the arms of Merrick Rocha But when she finds a trunk full of old photo albums and handwritten notes, Rachael soon realizes that the island has not given up all its secrets For long befoDESIRE THAT CAN T BE DENIEDRachael DeSalvo is haunted by the past She s come home to her beloved Turtle Tear Island, where she looks forward to happy days and bliss filled nights in the arms of Merrick Rocha But when she finds a trunk full of old photo albums and handwritten notes, Rachael soon realizes that the island has not given up all its secrets For long before Rachael and Merrick made Turtle Tear Resort their home, this historic island was a haven for sensual, forbidden affairs As Rachael and Merrick work to restore the grand hotel to its former glory, they will be caught in the perfect maelstrom of conflict and desire.

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    • **ARC by Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion**I appreciate the free copy, but I just couldn't finish. DNF at 70%. The people who love these series might love this one too, in which case, don't mind my review :).The two main characters were okay, but the narrative in which the story was written, confused the hell out of me. Especially when there is supernatural things going on.Sentences like:Do I need to stand here and be reminded that she's been with you?Whil [...]

    • This was an okay read for me. Maybe if I’d have read more of the series I’d have enjoyed it more. Some parts just isn’t click for me. Having said that I liked the storyline and may go back and read the series at a later date.

    • A few things to begin this brief review of "Take Me Back" by Kelli Maine: First, this is the first work I've ever read by Maine and its in the middle of an ongoing series. That may skew my perspective slightly more compared to someone who is already familiar with the "Give and Take" series. Second, this is a novella and a very brief read which I took my time reading over, and actually didn't mind the writing style. I've written in this style of prose several times before (and it reminds me that [...]

    • This book reminded me once again why I love this series. Kelli's writing is so unique and wonderful and, even thought it took me a while to get used to the style and POV, I was completely sucked in to Rachael and Merrick's world once again.Going in, I really didn't have a clue what this next installment was about. I'd read the blurb, got a little idea but I wasn't prepared for just how interested I would be. I was dreading that it would turn in to some sort of historical/paranormal read but I wa [...]

    • I want more. Merrick, Rachel, Maddie and MJ have grown on me and when the books end I miss them. I swear Maine makes the books short just to leave us hanging.The book had a touch of paranormal in it and I am happy for the turn of the events on that matter. The strange narration continued. I want to know what the author is trying to achieve by making Rachel tell us the story that way. I don't know about you but that captivates me.It was short but it had a purpose. The mystery behind the ghost on [...]

    • Where do I even start with this one First off let me say that it wasn't what I was expecting at all. But what I got was EVEN BETTER then what I expected!!!!If you have read Taken, you know the story behind Rachael and Merrick and Turtle Tear Island If you haven't read it STOP HERE! Go buy it and get caught up. So moving on Rachael has always had a little bit of an obsession with the Island. When she puts her mind to something she doesn't quit till she has it all figured out. For this book we are [...]

    • ARC provided by Netgallery Take Me Back is a Novella that takes place after Taken, No Take Backs and Taken by Storm. Rachael and Merrick are getting ready to return to Turtle Tear Island. MJ has taken over the renovations at the plantation, but with the news of Ingrid's ghost haunting the plantation causes Rachael to try to sort out how to reunited her with her home. The Island.Consumed with a need to piece together the puzzle, an obsession is slowly wedging itself between Rachael and Merrick. H [...]

    • A mysterious island, steeped in mystery, a couple fighting to not let obsessions come between them, slightly erotic scenes, personality conflicts, whew! All of this in a novella length read! Take Me Back by Kelli Maine has intrigued me enough to want to read ALL of this series!Rachel discovers a trunk that leads to old secrets that are hidden on the island’s home they are restoring. Part of the past that calls out to her (in the form of a ghost) and she becomes obsessed with helping this troub [...]

    • (ARC received in exchange for honest review.)This was the first the book in this series that I have read. My review may have been different had I read the first two books in this series. But, I didn't and it really wasn't fulfilling as a stand-alone novella. It is part romance and party mystery or at least I think that was the intent of the author. So, this is the story of Rachel and Merrick. Rachel works for Merrick as a project manager/party planner/I'm not too sure entirely what her purpose i [...]

    • 3.5This was a good little novella! Although I am usually not a fan of novellas because I always feel like they are too short and I am left feeling as if what I read was not finished. I COMPLETELY understand the reason for them. Some are to supply the readers with some closure to other books, some are to keep your interest in a series. I have to say when they are released in-between books it is a VERY smart thing to do. It reminds the reader how much they enjoy a series, to give them a little tas [...]

    • I absolutely loved this novella, "Take me Back!!!" I love that Kelli gives us Novellas between her fabulous books. This series is so addictive!!! The love story between Merrick and Rachael is just unbelievable. They go through so many different stages in their relationship, that the reader's emotions are all over the place. I have been dying for their story to continue. This wonderful Novella will hold me over until Kelli's next book is published. Kelli really knows how to create a storyline tha [...]

    • This book it just brilliant just like the rest again startin off where we left the last one but with the beautiful an so sexy Merrick an Rachel luv the pair of them I just luv the way its wrote an the story just gets better cant wait 4 the next one hope its not the last cause there is so much more I need 2 know about that family an we still got a bit of mj an maddie which is great

    • Every book introduces new characters with new stories. And each finished page makes me want to read more. Cant get enough

    • Title: Take Me BackAuthor: Kelli MainePublisher/Year: Grand Central Publishing 6/4/13Length: 112 PagesSeries: Give & Take #2.5OverviewDESIRE THAT CAN'T BE DENIEDRachael DeSalvo is haunted by the past. She's come home to her beloved Turtle Tear Island, where she looks forward to happy days and bliss-filled nights in the arms of Merrick Rocha. But when she finds a trunk full of old photo albums and handwritten notes, Rachael soon realizes that the island has not given up all its secrets . . . [...]

    • Take Me Back by Kelli Maine is a short novella in Ms. Maine's Give & Take series. Presumably, as I've not read the earlier book in the series, this takes place after the events in the first few books. Unfortunately, it was fairly unreadable.The author has opted to write in the first person and in present tense, which can make it difficult to understand who anyone is. I did not know the name of the hero and heroine in this book until a couple of chapters in and forget about a description of t [...]

    • 3.5 stars"I have more than I've ever dreamed ofIt used to be just me and a hotel in ruins on an abandoned island. I can't stop thinking I'm going to wake up and find all of you gone.""It's real, Merrick. Believe in us."Take Me Back is a novella continuing the relationship of Merrick and Rachael following Taken, No Take Backs: A Taken Novella, and Taken By Storm. They are settled at Turtle Tear Resort, but Rachael is still fascinated with the love story and history of Ingrid and Archibald. Their [...]

    • “I collapse on top of your rising and falling chest and close my eyes. Nothing matters but the feel of your warm skin under my cheek and the sound of you heart pounding in my ear.”Rachel & Merrick are happy. No matter how they began, they are happy now; except there is someone who needs their help, someone who has passed a long time ago but has yet to move on…Ingrid is trapped at West Plantation and wants nothing more than to return to her home, Turtle Tear Island. Rachel and Merrick h [...]

    • Find this review and more at Lusty Penguin Reviews!Take Me Back is an enthralling and captivating novella in the Give & Take series by Kelli Maine. The author tells this story through Rachel DeSalvo’s point of view using first person present tense. At first I found it a bit confusing, but after a few pages, I discovered that I really enjoyed the story being told in this point of view; somehow it just seemed to work.Rachael and Merrick Rocha are in a serious relationship that is still at th [...]

    • This is a bit of a ghost story with steamy romance. My rating 3.75.I decided to try this novella to see if I might like the series. This story, taking place in the development time of a new relationship between Rachael and Merrick, has an almost gothic setting and feel – probably because of the ghost.Merrick is apparently a bit older and a suave, experienced business man. He had interviewed Rachael to be project manager for the resort that he is renewing at Turtle Tear Island and the Weston Pl [...]

    • posted on shhmomsreadingTake Me Back starts off where Taken by Storm left off. It’s been some time since we have been in Merrick and Rachael’s head so I am happy for this novella to see them again.In restoring the old plantation house, Rachael encounters a trunk filled with many secrets and mysteries of the islands past inhabitants, Archibald and Ingrid Weston. Their love was a love like no other and Rachael is both fascinated and obsessed to learn more about them.Ingrid’s soul wants to re [...]

    • Take Me Back (Give & Take Novella)What has gotten into Rachael? This obsession she has with the former inhabitant of Turtle Tear, Ingrid Weston is causing not only stress on her but also Merrick.“You’re right, I do get carried away sometimes when I immerse myself in aproject I love.”With the grand opening party scheduled, her first concerns should be focusedon the preparations but no, it seems that the ghost of Ingrid is first and foremoston Rachael’s mind.“You have to drop this ir [...]

    • TAKE ME BACK is the second novella in the Give & Take series, the fourth book overall. It begins where TAKEN BY STORM ends, but with Rachael as the main character. It follows the obsession that Rachael has with Ingrid, a deceased woman who once lived on Turtle Tear Island. She becomes bound and determined to discover what Ingrid is trying to "tell" her from the grave and it ends up affecting Rachael's work and personal life in many ways.TAKE ME BACK was a quick read that fell a bit flat for [...]

    • “ I can’t stop thinking I’m going to wake up and find all of you gone.”“It’s real, Merrick. Believe in us.”While going through the rooms at the old plantation house, Rachael finds a trunk filled with antiques, notes and old photo albums. On a mission to find out the secrets of the island she becomes a bit obsessed with the story of Ingrid and Archibald. She has always felt a special connection with their story.The history of the island used to be a haven for forbidden affairs. Whil [...]

    • Just Something MissingOkay, what's missing is my fault. This is a novella between two full length books in the Give & Take series by Kelli Maine. I entered the Giveaway for Taken by Storm by Kelli Maine, but was not lucky enough to win an ARC of that book (big bummer!) Also a member of NetGalley, I found this novella relating to the same series as Taken by Storm and instantly requested an opportunity to read it (in exchange for an honest review). Yay! My request was accepted!So, what was mi [...]

    • If you haven't read Taken, No Take Backs and Taken by Storm then this short novella may not make sense to you I guess you might be able to read it as a stand alone but it is a continuation of this series. And, if you're following this series you kind of need to read the novellas or you will be a bit behind on the plot. I realized I had missed the novella that came out after Taken so I was left filling in some blanks when I was reading Taken by Storm. I really think that the novellas should be ta [...]

    • A Georgia plantation house which contains a ghost? Rachael isn't sure what to believe, but the current owners of Weston Plantation encounter trouble as they try to build a hotel. Apparently Ingrid, wife of a former owner, scrawls unhappy messages in the dust. She died at Weston but was buried at the family's second home at Turtle Tear in Florida, and her spirit remained at Weston. Rachael and her partner Merrick are renovating at Turtle Tear and about to host a wedding party. Rachel uncovers a t [...]

    • I received this ARC from NetGalley.Not having read any of the previous books in the series, it's a little hard to pass judgement on this novella. It actually doesn't do too badly as a standalone story--I could tell there was a lot more background that I didn't have, but I was given enough information to get the main gist of it all. I certainly didn't feel like I was floundering. However, I also didn't feel any particularly strong emotional connection to the characters, and with no background to [...]

    • When I got the book I was unaware it was a companion short story to Maine's series. I went ahead and read it anyways, so I can get a feel for the author and what her work was like. From what I read, I found that I like her work very much. If her series is anything like her novella, then this short story has done its job and turned me into her works.If you haven't read the Give and Take series, you may be a bit loss. However, within this book there is a mini plot that is all its own. The only thi [...]

    • Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Expected publication date: June 4, 2013.Kelli Maine’s Take Me Back (Given & Take #2.5) is a must read for fans of the Taken series. I needed a Merrick fix and this novella spotB picks up right where Take Me Back left off…with the focus back on Merrick and Rachael (Yes!!!) Life on Turtle Tear Island is still steamy…and turning into a paranormal hot bed. While continuing to [...]

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