Tropic of Night

Tropic of Night Jane Doe lives in the shadows under an assumed name A once promising anthropologist and an expert on shamanism everyone thinks she s dead Or so she hopes Jimmy Paz is a Cuban American police detectiv

  • Title: Tropic of Night
  • Author: Michael Gruber
  • ISBN: 9780330426848
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jane Doe lives in the shadows under an assumed name A once promising anthropologist and an expert on shamanism, everyone thinks she s dead Or so she hopes.Jimmy Paz is a Cuban American police detective Straddling two cultures, he understands things others cannot.When the killings start a series of ritualistic murders all of Miami is terrified Especially Jane SheJane Doe lives in the shadows under an assumed name A once promising anthropologist and an expert on shamanism, everyone thinks she s dead Or so she hopes.Jimmy Paz is a Cuban American police detective Straddling two cultures, he understands things others cannot.When the killings start a series of ritualistic murders all of Miami is terrified Especially Jane She knows the dark truth that Jimmy must desperately search to uncover As their lives slowly interconnect, Jane and Paz are soon caught in a cataclysmic battle between good and an evil as unimaginable as it is terrifying .

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      148 Michael Gruber
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    • Michael Gruber

      Michael Gruber is an author living in Seattle, Washington He attended Columbia University and received his Ph.D in biology from the University of Miami He worked as a cook, a marine biologist, a speech writer, a policy advisor for the Jimmy Carter White House, and a bureaucrat for the EPA before becoming a novelist.He is generally acknowledged to be the ghostwriter of the popular Robert K Tanenbaum series of Butch Karp novels starting with No Lesser Plea and ending with Resolved After the partnership with Tanenbaum ended, Gruber began publishing his own novels under William Morrow and HarperCollins.Gruber s Jimmy Paz trilogy, while critically acclaimed, did not sell at the same levels as the Butch Karp series in the United States The Book of Air and Shadows became a national bestseller shortly after its release in March of 2007, however.Series Jimmy Paz

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    • This is first-rate, a gripping detective read from start to finish, replete with tons of payload about the world of “magic.” There is particular emphasis on cultic practices in Africa and the Caribbean with notice of remote Siberian beliefs as well.

    • Το πρώτο βιβλίο της χρονιάς αποτέλεσε μια αρκετά αμφιλεγόμενη αναγνωστική εμπειρία. Ο Γκρούμπερ πιάστηκε από τις κεραίες μου από ιαχές και ενθουσιώδεις συχνότητες: ένας συγγραφέας αστυνομικού δίχως προηγούμενο, με μια μυστήρια υπόθεση που μπλέξει δοξασίες, τελετές και μ [...]

    • If you're reading this review of the Jimmy Paz series than you've read them all. In my opinion this series is remarkable for its intelligence, its strong plot and, it's philosphical world view and psychological depth of characters. Mixing murder with ethnography and sorcery, Gruber brings us a fascinating tale of Jimmy Paz, a cuban-american detective who is about to have his world and beliefs shaken to the core.We all have brains, we all possess varying degrees of intelligence, and we all are ph [...]

    • This is a new addition to my shelf. I've read it once before, and on this second read I realized it was one I would want to read again and that I would want to read it again whenever I wanted (meaning I don't want to wait till its available at the library) so I bought it. On one level it is a supernatural type thriller. The story is good, and I enjoy his characters. On another level, it is an exploration of ideas outside the realm of Western thought and belief, a look at race and privilege, pare [...]

    • I think I was misled by the blurbs on Tropic of Night and I was expecting a mystery to be solved by the Cuban-American detective Jimmy Paz, who features heavily on the back cover, and not nearly as much in the book! Instead, I got a heavily supernatural horror story that presupposes that magic and things like zombies are real and features a mad sorcerer trying to gain absolute power by murdering pregnant women.The story was interesting in parts (though far too drawn-out and filled with anthropol [...]

    • Murder, love, family dynamics, shamanism, anthropology, and mystery are all in this great book. Gruber has become one of my favorite authors and I plan on reading all of his books, and waiting for his next. His story has depth in many different areas. He makes one think about how we perceive reality and the Western bias to dismiss things we cannot explain from a scientific standpoint. You will think you know who is responsible for the killings as you read, but you just can't be sure. His setting [...]

    • I recall being in absolute awe when I read this incredible thriller from Michael Gruber. I'm not sure this novel has an equal in the genre. TROPIC OF NIGHT is one of my top all time reads.

    • First, you need to know there is a glossary in the back. Wish I had known that when I started. Alujonnu is an evil spirit; ama is head; dulfna is aura of witchcraft, ilegbo is to enter trance and a zandoul is a container for magical objectsyou get the idea. There are few dozen terms. Doesn't hurt to bone up.Once you're into this thick, rich storyyou will be moving. There's energy on every page. Put a toe in the water of this book and suddenly you are water-skiing (barefoot, of course) at 100 m.p [...]

    • This is one of the most interesting books that I have read in the past five years. Blending elements of voodoo and hard boiled crime fiction, this book has an incredible ending that will stay with you. Highly recommended.

    • Πρόκειται για ένα αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα που το διαβάζει κανείς για να περάσει ευχάριστα η ώρα του. Αυτό που προσφέρει περισσότερο από το συνηθισμένο αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα είναι μια λεπτομερής περιγραφή της Σαντερία, της «μαύρης μαγείας» όπως την αποκαλούμε, ώστε κανεί [...]

    • This surprising and compelling novel is written for the intellect, though it is dominated by sorcery and magic so arcane that a lexicon is provided -- but having the words does not mean that the reader can possess or describe these events with rationality or continuity. Something happens, something else happens, then magic happens and the flow of the story slides into another dimension. There are three equally engaging narrative streams here: the story of Jane Doe, an anthropologist living under [...]

    • Gruber is amazing at being able to set a scene and draw the reader into it. As with his later book, The Book of Air and Shadows, he has several pots boiling on the stove at once, yet one does not get the feeling that he is writing formulaic "pot-boilers." What is real and what is illusion? These are questions Gruber visits over and over, and just when one thinks one has a handle on things, he can pull the rug from beneath one's feet. Stephen King may be the Maestro of "Creep Fiction," but I thin [...]

    • So, this book makes me wonder why some books are the ones everyone is talking about and on the bestseller list, and why some aren't. How did this fall through the cracks? Maybe because it's a mystery? I don't know, but this book was interesting on a whole lot of levels. You've got your weird anthropology, santeria and sorcery, things going on with race and gender, and it's a mystery. The core idea is that sorcery and magic among hunter/gatherer societies is just a different kind of technology wh [...]

    • This is a very slick, very smart, and very scary book that defies genre. It's blend of traditional elements of mystery and thriller with a very believable and scientific explanation for what appears to be real supernatural African witchcraft is nothing short of astonishing. The main characters, Jane Doe and detective Jimmy Paz are credible and engaging on multiple levels. The underlying premise is frightening in and of itself, but as layers of historicity, science, and psychology are peeled back [...]

    • Another terrific thriller from Michael Gruber. This was a little spooky, since I had just finished the nonfiction The Spell of the Sensuous by a scientist (psychology, philosophy, anthropology) and slight-of-hand magician who studied and compared notes with shamans and gives them considerable respect and credibility. Tropic of Night is about an anthropologist who studied with shamans and - let's just say it was very easy to suspend my disbelief. I don't often read fantasy or supernatural stuff, [...]

    • I read this book both because it was represented by an agent I was interested in and because it loosely fit the ill-defined cross-genre of my own novel: Supernatural thriller with realistic style and magic. In fact, in this book it's not even 100% clear that the magic is intended to have actually happened -- but I like to think it did. There's a lot of interesting stuff going on here, particularly to my taste. There are three points of view, and not all are as good. One is the female protagoni [...]

    • This was an astonishing read. Slow start, but to me it felt consistent with the simmering, humid heat in Florida. The narrator's voice captured me, and I had no doubt that she was going to take me somewhere interesting. And it certainly was interesting, including a real-world, anthropologically based theory of sorcery. As in, how, if it existed, it might actually work, without any hocus-pocus. I was disappointed that Jimmy Paz turned out to be the focus of the three-book series. He was okay as a [...]

    • I read so many really wonderful reviews of this book, I finally found a copy. And the first couple chapters made it clear that this guy can write. On every level. Strong, very visible characters, disturbing, unusual conflicts, and a story that goes zero to sixty like a really, really expensive car.And it’s interesting. The story is about a woman hiding out in southern Florida. She was once a cultural anthropologist, working with a tribe in Africa for a long period of time on matters of belief [...]

    • I just don't get this book. According to the blurbs on the back cover this is the best thing since sliced bread. Second coming of Hemingway or Melville. I don't know. It's his first book, I believe, so I'll cut him some slack and not give it one star. Husband and wife go to Africa and study socery, witchcraft, black magic, whatever. Then he practices his stuff on pregnant women, murdering them, in Florida. Story goes back and forth in time, to and from Africa, with a ton of mumbo-jumbo terms thr [...]

    • I don't read too much fiction, but a friend whose taste I trust passed this one on to me and it was excellent.It's a moving story about a woman who has had her reality shifted. She started out as a child of privilege in a wealthy east coast family, and became an anthropologist in college. After marriage, she continued her studies with her husband, but their trip to Africa changed both of them - in some frightening ways.The book shifts between her journals from the African trip and her current si [...]

    • This is one of the most unusal and brilliant thrillers I've encountered. And no, don't read it if you only like a simple straight forward narrative. The plot is quite decipherable, but the book weaves together the present stories of the two main protagonists Paz and Jane Doe, with the "past" via Jane's journal. I think the construction is almost flawless. The prose is gorgeous, but without sacrificing the suspense. The book lagged only the tiniest bit toward the end, then picked up again for a m [...]

    • Two extremely sharp protagonists approach a series of ritual murders from opposite ends. One is an anthropologist, the other a detective, so both perspectives are spellbindingly detail-oriented. Whereas some writers would exploit Santeria for racist shock value, Gruber writes of a precursor to Santeria with immense respect. Along with the anthropologist, readers become so immersed in Olo culture that Gruber sidesteps skepticism--and casts a side character's Christian fervor in an interesting new [...]

    • Kakva je knjiga? Rekla bih to ovako, mahajući rukom u zglobu lijevo-desno, "eeeh", znaci jedva prolaz. Trojka je jer se zbilja svojski potrudio oko price znaci pozadina je vrhunski odradjena, svi ti detalji oko obicaja nepoznatih nam kultura, religija i crne magije. Inace obican krimic s degutantim nacinom ubijanja. Tu nemam vise sto dodati. Ne bih ju preporucila nikome tko samo zeli procitati dobar krimic, ova knjiga je vise od toga ali meni to "vise" je bilo previse :D if you know what I mean [...]

    • Ultimately an unplanned but entirely fitting Halloween read. Had no idea the Detective Jimmy Paz series was such a "magical realism" type crime affair, something I instinctively shy away from BUT, like Colin Cotterill's Dr. Siri Paiboun books, I liked this one in very large chunks. Excitedly. Totally down for the next installment.

    • Can't say enough good things about this book, this whole series for that matter. I love the characters, Paz, his family, everyone. Gripping read, fantastic plot. Won't say anymore, just read it.

    • Poznate to: citate horor alebo nejaky krvak, je to fakt strasidelne, ale vy sa nebojite, lebo viete, ze to nikdy nemoze byt realne. Lebo zombie, mimozemstania ani vampiri neexistuju, lebo je nerealne, aby sa napr v PO objavil masovy vrah /klop klop/.Ked som vsak citala #obratnik_noci, ktoru napisal #michael_gruber, poviem pravdu, az mi po tele chodili zimomriavky.Kniha je pisana z troch roznych pohladov. Vysetrovatel Paz hlada vraha brutalnej vrazdy /zaujimave, ze vrazda nebola vobec opisana, no [...]

    • 3.5 Stars. A multi-layered, multi-textured, well-crafted novel. There are parts of this story that I loved, and parts I didn't like so much (but those parts were more about my personal tastes in fiction and not about the author's storytelling and craft). In fact, about 2/3 the way through I was dead set on 3 stars, debating with myself if I wanted to read the next book in the series, but about that point in the book it became a page turner that kept me glued in until the end. It was as if differ [...]

    • Michael Gruber is my favorite type of author. His style is tight and detailed. I have also read "The Forgery of Venus". Both books excel in delving into the mind and its psychology exposing psychosis. What is reality when it's always interpreted through our own minds ? I will read Gruber again, but am reluctant to launch into another title right away, because the offerings are so few pearls to be savored.

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