Nuts to You

Nuts to You Jed TsTs and Chai are the very best of friends So when Jed is snatched up by a hawk and carried away to another realm TsTs and Chai resolve to go after him Mysteriously the hawk has dropped him Th

  • Title: Nuts to You
  • Author: Lynne Rae Perkins
  • ISBN: 9780062262202
  • Page: 448
  • Format: ebook
  • Jed, TsTs, and Chai are the very best of friends So when Jed is snatched up by a hawk and carried away to another realm, TsTs and Chai resolve to go after him Mysteriously, the hawk has dropped him They saw it Jed could be alive New communities are discovered, new friends made, huge danger is encountered both man made and of the fox and bobcat variety and the mysterJed, TsTs, and Chai are the very best of friends So when Jed is snatched up by a hawk and carried away to another realm, TsTs and Chai resolve to go after him Mysteriously, the hawk has dropped him They saw it Jed could be alive New communities are discovered, new friends made, huge danger is encountered both man made and of the fox and bobcat variety and the mysteries of squirrel culture are revealed It turns out that squirrels are steadfast and fun loving It turns out they adore peanut butter It turns out they love games and really good stories And nuts.Newbery Medalist Lynne Rae Perkins loves peanut butter, too And one day, while she was sitting on a bench enjoying the sunshine and a peanut butter sandwich, a squirrel asked for a smidgen of peanut butter in exchange for a story Was it Jed Well, readers will have to figure that out Nuts to You is wholly original, funny, lively, and thought provoking It is a deeply satisfying piece of storytelling about the power of stories to save the world about the power of friendship and the importance of community Illustrated in black and white on every page by the author Includes an introduction, epilogue, and footnotes throughout.

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    • Lynne Rae Perkins

      Lynne Rae Perkins is the author of several novels, including her most recent Newbery Award winning book, Criss Cross She enjoys working in her studio, being with friends, watching her kids grow, and watching her husband, Bill, chase their dog around town.

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    • A fun squirrel story with themes of friendship, adventure, acceptance, and protecting trees. I really enjoyed the relationships between the 4 squirrel friends, and the way they joked with one another was great fun. There were some great observations about life as a squirrel. I also enjoyed the straight-forward, tell-it-like-it-is authorial voice (up until the weird, lengthy sequence of author's notes and epilogues).Unfortunately, a few bizarre choices made Nuts to You really difficult. It looks [...]

    • this was really cute actually. totally wasn't in the mood for a middle grade book, but cute nonetheless.

    • THIS BOOK! I gobbled it right up. Exactly like this squirrel--- I love a good anthropomorphized book, and Lynne Rae Perkins doesn’t disappoint! When I was describing this book to a friend, he hearkened back to Watership Down and it does have appeal in having a glossary of terms---but far more exciting (at least to me). I ALSO LOVE the 4th wall narration----(I know that may annoy some readers) but I definitely love it. I love when there is this omniscient narrator, reminds me a little of the na [...]

    • Loved, loved, loved this story about squirrels confronted with human civilization and all that that entails. The characters are memorable, the writing exquisite. I just reveled in the squirrels' way of describing human things, such as frozen spider webs for power line towers.There are all kinds of wonderful lessons for middle grade kids in here - acceptance of differences for one, and the importance of taking risks to help each other out. Red squirrels and gray squirrels start to co-mingle as th [...]

    • I can't believe I held out so long to read this book. I loved the humor, the footnotes, the voice. The story was creative and the point of view from the author's note to the squirrels (loved the Irish accent for the other grove of squirrels) was such fun. This would be a great read aloud.

    • A cute story using squirrels to tell about the encroachment of humans on the trees and forest homes of woodland animals.

    • I read this book out loud to my 7 year old daughter and we loved it!!! the names and dialect might have been hard for her to figure out on her own but as a read-aloud book it was really fun. I would start reading and she would be muttering the squirrel names over and over enjoying how they sounded on her own tongue. I think even if she read it herself she would figure out how to say the names in her own way and enjoy the creativity of that as well. Maybe it would be harder with the dialect in so [...]

    • Nuts to You tells the story of three squirrel friends on an adventure. Jed the squirrel is snatched up by a hawk, but luckily is able to escape it's clutches. However, he finds that he has landed in an unfamiliar land. In fact, there is something strange going on in the new land that he would like to try to stop. Meanwhile, his two best friends TsTs and Chai, saw Jed get snatched and want to rescue him. They follow the "buzzpaths", or power lines, to get to Jed. But is it too late? What is this [...]

    • The gray squirrel Jed tells of a harrowing time in his youth when he was captured by a hawk, escaped, and discovered that humans were clearing the area around "buzzpaths" (utility wires) and would soon destroy his neighborhood. Jeb and the friends who followed him have to find their way back home and then convince the other squirrels (realistically distractible and parochial) to move in time. This humorous adventure is framed by the much-older Jed's encounter with a human who offers a bit of a p [...]

    • I loved this story of friendship and acceptance that also includes a message about how animal habitats and communities are changed and destroyed as we encroach farther into their world in order to sustain and expand ours. I enjoyed the jokes and the humor and especially loved how all the red squirrels spoke with an Irish brogue. Took me a bit to figure out what they were saying at first, but once I caught on it was great fun.The story is made even more special by the inclusion of the author's be [...]

    • This review is for the audiobook.This is a crazy fun story about the adventures of Jed, a squirrel who is caught by a hawk, but manages to escape from its talons mid-flight, and his friends, TsTs and Chai, who risk everything to go find him and bring him home.The story is delightful, but the little asides and throwaway jokes are what make it outstanding. Jessica Almasy is a perfect narrator, creating squirrel voices that are quite squirrelly, but not annoying. Her accents for the "foreign" squir [...]

    • I went back and forth3 or 4 stars I love squirrels and the illustrations and personalities she gives them are awesome but some of the difficult "language" and tricky names might make it tough for the target readers (though I enjoyed them). The epilogue seemed odd. I would recommend it for 4th-6th graders who enjoy animal and friendship stories. You finish the book feeling like the author may very well have conversed with a squirrel while sitting on a bench eating a peanut butter sandwich!

    • Great, idiosyncratic story, with some great lessons. Very funny, and the occasional use of squirrel language was engaging. Told with great subtle touches and convincing fantasy. (My seven-year-old asked if this was a true story after seeing the picture of the author and a squirrel on the back coverleaf!)

    • This book is really good and it's fantasy!!!! It's around a R. I would reccomend it to people who like animals and fantasy!! It's about a squirrel who gets captured by a hawk and carried away, the hawk drops him and he lands and has a grand adventure while his friends try to find him, they discover a terrible thing and have to save their friends and family!!!!!!!

    • The story of a squirrel who escapes danger and the friends who help him save his community from destruction, Nuts to You is a charmer, with clever asides and humorous references to squirrel nature. Occasional dialect might be challenging for its intended young audience (but could be really fun if the story is read aloud by an enthusiastic adult).

    • I am a huge fan of Lynne Rae Perkins' books and this one did not disappoint in the least. I loved all of the characters and learned a lot about squirrels-- in fact, I feel a warmth of friendship toward them, whereas before, their burrowing ways into my roof annoyed me.

    • One school, one book assignment. I'll give it 3 stars because my seven year old liked it well enough. Always nice to read together, but not overwhelmed.

    • I like the humour and the footnotes and I love hearing about life from a squirrel's perspective. They are very insightful. Imagine that!

    • How beautiful can a book about nothing be? Quite beautiful, as fans of Kevin Henkes, Ezra Jack Keats, or Margaret Wise Brown could tell you. Examining the stealthy dramas of a nothing day, noticing the little nonevents that add up to more than the nothing perceived by the un-attentive eye, can make for a rewarding story that teaches readers to look for breathtaking moments even where it appears that dullness reigns uncontested, because those moments are there. In truth, 2006 Newbery Medalist (fo [...]

    • For a person who is not really fond of squirrels, this was a really cute book. When a squirrel named Jed is picked up in the talons of a hawk and carried through the air, he is very lucky to be dropped and land unharmed. The news of his capture spreads quickly through his squirrel neighborhood, and his friends, Chai and TsTs, are determined to find him and bring him home. The three squirrels are reunited in a grove some distance from their home, but they notice some humans cutting down trees in [...]

    • I thought the book was very interesting for me.I listened to this on audio book.The story is told by a squirrel named Jed to the author, Lynne Rae Perkins who is able to understand him.The main characters are: Jed, TsTs, and Chai who are best friends. They are squirrels!Jed is taken by a hawk to a place far away from his home. His friends want to rescue him.They meet Irish squirrels and become friends with an orphan squirrel, Chakkal. They rescue Jed and warn other animals about many dangers of [...]

    • Read this aloud to my six year old. I think I probably enjoyed it a bit more than her. Some of the words and vocabulary were definitely above her comprehension level. Still, we both looked forward to reading a couple of chapters each night.As the adult, I greatly enjoyed the book. Perkins wove in many tender, humorous and clever bits in a story which also seems very relevant to today in our culture of fear of the outsider. I loved the section at the end where the neighboring squirrel community w [...]

    • The kids at work are really into this book, so I was excited to read it. To be perfectly honest, I skipped a lot of the middle because I found it to be pretty dull and meandering, but I can see why kids find it imaginative and fun. It reminded me of all the animal books I liked growing up, but as an adult I found it way too slow. I really did like the writing style, particularly the narration and the asides/footnotes. I love a children's book that doesn't speak down to its audience. and this boo [...]

    • This story has the 3 things I love best in a book - wordsmithing (Ms. Perkins' voice is playful without playing down to the reader. She obviously loves words and language, and even invents a new one - "Squirrel" - very Tolkieny, in a backwoods sort of way. And she includes footnotes!), immersion in a setting (I love being immersed in the trees and woods with the squirrels), and great characters. Throw in a quest to save their home, and you have a great read.

    • What a pleasant surprise! I am not usually a fan of anthropomorphism but this book was charming and sweet. A fun example of looking at a situation from a different point of view. I loved the little squirrel dialect too, especially the red squirrels' accent. Lots of fun. "Live for the moment, but bury a lot of nuts." Jed

    • I loved this book- super entertaining, but still dealing with a delicate subject (deforestation) with skill and wit. The squirrel culture created by Perkins and the clever narrator asides really added depth and personality. Great read.

    • Super cute adventure story! Jed is attacked by a hawk and taken to a far-off realm. His friends Chai and TsTs embark on a journey to save him. Plenty of surprises and a thoughtful ending made this a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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