Untouchable Note Undeniable The Prologue replaced Untouchable as Book When Siri Wright Seary leaves Vegas and returns home to Alabama for a family emergency she meets Army Officer Moore Maximus Aurelius Moore

  • Title: Untouchable
  • Author: Jessika Klide
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Note Undeniable The Prologue replaced Untouchable as Book 1 When Siri Wright Seary leaves Vegas and returns home to Alabama for a family emergency, she meets Army Officer Moore Maximus Aurelius Moore and is surprised by the wildness his very presence stirs within her Although it appears he feels their chemistry too, the enigmatic man is reserved, forcing Siri to w Note Undeniable The Prologue replaced Untouchable as Book 1 When Siri Wright Seary leaves Vegas and returns home to Alabama for a family emergency, she meets Army Officer Moore Maximus Aurelius Moore and is surprised by the wildness his very presence stirs within her Although it appears he feels their chemistry too, the enigmatic man is reserved, forcing Siri to work her assets, flirting and teasing the handsome hunk On Friday night, wearing her Vegas Diva dress, Siri is on her way to attend a cocktail party with a colleague from work, when she runs into Moore He steps over the cooler and invades my space I am powerless to resist him.His body heat floods the air I am on fire His breath caresses my face.I nearly swoon.He smells my hair A low throat moan escapes him.I tingle.He looks back into my eyes His thunder is there, raw, unguarded I turn my face away He puts his arms against the wall, encompassing me within his essence Hi The fireworks are lit, but first, the party When Siri arrives, she discovers she has been tricked It is a cock and tail sex party of swingers What happens next is explosive Everyone has secrets Some are better at hiding them.

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    • Jessika Klide

      Everyone has secrets Oh yes, they do Jessika Klide is my pen name I m from LA Lower Alabama The Deep South My mind is extremely sensuous, some call that slutty, so it s just better to use a pen name Trust me on this I married my high school sweetheart and have been married to him longer than I have lived without him He is not only my soulmate but my best friend Not all love stories are rough Some are fun Siri s Saga is about giving up on love, finding love, falling in love, learning to love, being in love, and living in love Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy their thunderous journey When ultimate seduction clashes with ultimate discipline, it s explosive I believe lust and love form perfect unions and the stars do align for true love My website is JessikaKlideNewsletter JessikaKlide newsLike my Facebook page facebook JessikaKlideRomance Follow the Serial Romance Series facebook SirisSagaSer My Twitter and Instagram accounts are JessikaKlide

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    • I was given a free copy for an honest review. i have to give this book 5 Wild Thang stars. This was an awesome book that will melt your panties straight off. Siri is a Vegas Erotic dancer and she has to move back to her hometown in Alabama to be near her family. While she is there a few weeks before it is time for her leave she meets the man of her dreams. Aurelius Moore He is her "golden God". He will make you swoon. They both have secrets can they survive them all? This is a must read and I ca [...]

    • Experience a world where love and lust become a perfect union!Siri's Saga: An epic, contemporary, sexy, sizzlin' fairy tale romance between Maximus Aurelius Moore, who has secrets he shares with no one, and Siri Wright, who has secrets she hides from the rest of the world. When his thunder meets her lightening, their happily-ever-after makes Heaven explode!Fucking fabulous! Truly, JK

    • Who knew cookies could be such a powerful aphrodisiac? Siri Wright, the young protagonist in Siri’s Heart, goes to buy some cookies and wine to offer to her hot new neighbor as a “welcome to the building” gift. While the store-bought cookies are warming in the oven, Siri steps into something less inhibiting that coincidentally manages to showcase her considerable assets, before heading over to her unsuspecting neighbor’s door bearing her gifts of wine, cookies and perky nipples with abou [...]

    • **ARC provided by the author for an honest review!**Hm. I don't know. This book seemed to be all over the place. Maybe it's Siri's POV.I need some time to digest everything I readNo rating for now.

    • I honestly wasn't sure how this book and I were going to get along. I had liked the first one, but didn't love it BUT it had intrigued me enough I wanted to read this book.I was happily surprised! I liked both Siri AND Aurei in this one. Aurei won me over with his " woo" and Siri is such a strong woman. It did take me a couple of chapters to get into the story. I felt there was too much needless details UNTIL it came to the "cocktail" party. Holy shitzballs that was hot. By this time I was hooke [...]

    • Untouchable: Sexy Sizzlin Romance (Siri's Saga Book 2) by Jessika Klide is the second book in the Siri's Saga series. This story is a continuation of Siri's story, reading book 1 first will give you the background information about the characters in this story. This story is full of hot, sexy situations, it will have you sitting on the edge of your seat one minute and the next needing some ice to cool down. You will enjoy how the author has created characters that really do just connect and real [...]

    • **Spoilers**I like the very beginning of the book, the author gives the reader a brief glimpse into of Aurelius's thoughts.The beginning was rather slow, long-winded, and full of eye rolling Innuendos.It takes way too long for the main male and female lead to get together.I had reached chapter eleven and the main leads had barely spent any time together.I got a little tired of Siri stating how good she was at doing just about everything.I guess it wouldn't be too bad if Siri wasn't always talkin [...]

    • **ARC provided by the author for an honest review!**Ok. I'll try to be objective although some subjectiveness will be involved in the review process.I gave this book 4 of 5 stars. In my rating process that means I liked it a lot but didn't get to the I-loooooove-it level.Siri is an erotic dancer working in Vegas but has to go back to her hometown when her mother has a little accident. Moore is a golden god, the bastard son of Thord also a flyboy who happens to be in Siri's hometown too.So basica [...]

    • Sweet and Sour!This is a my first reading of an erotic novel as Jessica Klide spins out the first week of togetherness between two very different but fast paced individuals meeting for the first time. The author has so very well presented the strikingly different personalities of Siri in her extroverted superficiality versus Moore being introvert and deep.Siri Wright, an erotic dancer in Las Vegas from Alabama, goes back to her hometown to take care of her ailing mother. Just a few minutes drive [...]

    • Well may I say a huge thanks to Jessika for this book to read and review for her it was an absolute pleasure! This book was so "Wright" I wanted "Moore!" Aurei Moore had seen Siri Wright before but she disappeared, now he has found her he wants her. simple! Siri has returned to Alabama after her mum has a serious accident so she has picked up a part time job and returned to her apartment while her mum recovers. Siri notices the blond haired god the moment she walks into her apartment building an [...]

    • This has to be the sweetest love story I have read in quite some time with so little drama and such lust and surprises that you literally will heat your kindle from gripping it and turning the pages so fast. Only wanting more and more and then realize all too soon it’s over and your left smiling and happy and ‪#‎gobabygo‬! Siri and Aurie are just the most luscious and lustful couple as they come together in the most intense and yet powerful moments. Nothing is as it seems and everything [...]

    • Siri’s Super Sexy Journey of Self-DiscoverySiri’s Heart is the first published book by Jessika Klide. I was very impressed with the connection that Moore and Siri had throughout the book and the instant attraction bit was actually believable (in my opinion it doesn’t work over half the time). I don’t blame Siri in the least bit though. Her description of Moore couldn’t be hotter! But what is hotter is the connection that the two had. The crazy teasing (even with eating some cookies!) a [...]

    • I need a glass of cold water !!! Very hotThis is my first book I've read by Jessika Klide and I am very impressed. Siri is a Vegas dancer who moved back home for a bit to help her mom after the accident. Aurei is a Army pilot heading back to his hometown. What he wasn't expecting was to see the woman who stole his heart back in Vegas. When their eyes meet, neither will stop until they have each other. Let me tell you, this story is HOT!!! When they finally hook up, OMG does it get even hotter. T [...]

    • Go Baby Go! The game Siri created was incredible. She got the couples so wound up and ready to explode - and NO ONE could touch her! She could figure out their secrets and make the night amazing for each and every one.Holy Hannah - Hot Hot Hot. To find a man like Moore who can steam up Siri like no one has before and to leave her at her door like a gentleman! Luckily, no one was able to sleep that night and texts were exchanged. Just reading about their foreplay was freaking hot. This is a great [...]

    • Siri Wright is a Vegas exotic dancer and famous adult entertainer. Aurei Moore is a recently retired helicopter pilot.They meet when Siri comes home to help take care of her mother after she has been injured. The cat and mouse came they play before they actually get together is great.Their story draws you in and it is so well written that you feel like you are there with them watching from the sidelines.The sex scenes are beyond HOT!I can't wait for Book 2 to see where their story takes us.Huge [...]

    • I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.Untouchable is one of the best books I've read so far. Jessika Klide has captured me from the very first page and I barely couldn't put the book out of my hand until I read the last page. The story made me smile, smirk, giggle, laugh out loud as rarely one before. The story is about deep feelings and you feel the butterflies flying in your stomach yourself, as well as the slowly developing tension and love between Aurei and Siri. I' [...]

    • Siri's Heart was different. Normally I love erotica books but this one just wasn't for me. I don't know what it was exactly but I do know that in the beginning she talked to herself a lot about the Golden God and for some reason I just wasn't getting into the book. Dont get me wrong it's a great book and I would recommened it to people. Not all books are for everyone. It was written very well and I give it 4 stars. -Reviewed by BeckyLLEP Review Team Member

    • Very HOT read!! Super sexy Siri is not your average exotic dancer. She definitely knows how to spice up a party while staying true to her rules. When she meets Mr Moore she knows she wants more from him and he's right there with her. They are a perfect match. .Can't wait to see where this story leads. Definitely a must read!!

    • Wowa hot read that kept me reading and flipping the pages till I was done. I could not get enough of Moore. And can not wait till the next book comes out. Siri is an exotic dancer with a great heart. I was truly happy that she found love with moore. Man what I wouldn't give to have Moore for myself.

    • HOT!!I love this book and the author!!! I am so glad I won Siri's Heart. This book is extremely hot and sexy!! Cold shower worthy hotness! I will never look at milk and cookies the same way ever again!! Lol lol Jessika Klide, you rock girlfriend!! Looking forward to Siri's Hunk!!

    • Untouchable (Siri's Saga book 2) by Jessika Klide 4 Stars"May you dance through life with lots of love and more than a few happy endings!" -Jessika KlideJessica Klide's second book in Siri's Saga, Untouchable, is untouchable! She has a way with description that pulls the reader into her fantasy. The descriptive words are so thought out and well written, the reader can imagine the scenes in perfect detail. This sensual book is not only hot, but also has a substantial story about two lover's buddi [...]

    • OMG, this book was so hot and full of chemistry I thought my e-reader would overheat. The story follows on from undeniable and is told in Siri’s point of view.As the story starts you realise the reason she left Vegas so quickly was her mother had had an accident as she wanted to be there to help her recover. One day while she is returning back to her apartment block she spots the most gorgeous man she has ever seen, a god in his own right and she wants to get to know him better. She is then sh [...]

    • This is the second book to the Siri Saga series and it is just as hot as the first book. You will need to read the first book before your read this book. The story picks up only a few days after the first book ends. The first book is in Aurei’s point of view and this one is in Siri’s point of view. This book is a little longer than the first book because you get to know more about Siri and why she is the way she is now. This story was also addicting as well. It only took me a couple of days [...]

    • Untouchable by Jessika Klide is the second book in the Siri’s Saga series, it is written as a standalone but I recommend reading the prologue book, Undeniable first. Undeniable gives a quick look into Aurie Moore’s character prior to his meeting Siri in Untouchable.Have you ever judged someone by their profession? Looks? What they drive or how they dress? I think at one point in time everyone has. Siri Wright is an Erotic Entertainer in Las Vegas and she has this problem…everyone seems to [...]

    • Untouchable, Book 2 in Siri's Sagawritten by Jessika Klide5 starsThis book takes place over a short period of time. It is such a different style of writing. Siri Wright aka Seary aka Wild Thang is a dancer and that is how she expresses herself, through dance. Siri seems to have such confidence when the audience watches her dance. Yet, I believe she has a lot of secrets and insecurities we haven't begun to explore yet. Mr. Aurelius Moore aka Mr Untouchable is an Army brat and Army helicopter pilo [...]

    • Untouchable by Jessika Klide is is book two in Siri's Saga. This book shouldn't be read as a standalone. The first book gives you good background information and insight. Untouchable focuses more on Aurei and Siri and is told from Siri's point of view which was nice because you didn't get any of her thoughts for feelings from the first book. Siri is an erotic entertainer with secrets. Normally, Siri calls Las Vegas home however, due to a family emergency, she's had to return to Alabama for awhil [...]

    • 5 stars!Untouchable is the second book in the Siri’s Saga series by Jessika Klide. After reading the first book ‘Undeniable’ I predicted that we were in for a fantastic series and I haven’t been proved wrong so far! I absolutely loved this story, I honestly could not put this book down – it made for some hot and steamy reading! I enjoyed every second of this book! You could read this book without having ready book 1 first but I felt my experience of this book was better for having read [...]

    • Untouchable:Book 2 in Siri’s SagaBy Jessika Klide ⅘ Stars This is my first time reading a book by Jessika Klide. And let me tell ya, it will NOT be my last. This is fast paced story full of drama , desire and list! You will not be able to put it down, like myself. It was nice to forget about the world around me, for a while!Siri Wright leaves her Las Vegas life, to return home, to Alabama for a family emergency. She runs into Army Officer Maximus Moore. She is shocked by the instant connecti [...]

    • Untouchable by Jessika Klide is the 2nd book of a 5 book series called Siri’s Saga. It continues the story of Siri, the famous Las Vegas dancer and hot Army Officer, Maximus Aurelius Moore. Siri Wright (or Seary as she is known in Vegas) has secrets. While she tends to be herself for the most part, not every part of her is known by every person who crosses her path. She lives her life mostly with no apologies but she also lives it with very few entanglements. Until her eyes meet HIS.Hot, wild, [...]

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