A Tangle of Gold

A Tangle of Gold His visit turned out to be ridiculously brief Madeleine and Elliot barely talked before word came that he and his father would be bundled back to Cello On the train platform Elliot didn t snap out of

  • Title: A Tangle of Gold
  • Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
  • ISBN: 9780545397407
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • His visit turned out to be ridiculously brief Madeleine and Elliot barely talked before word came that he and his father would be bundled back to Cello On the train platform, Elliot didn t snap out of the distant fog he seemed to be in And Madeleine s nose bled again just as she tried to say good bye Now she s mortified, heartbroken, lost and completely cut off from CHis visit turned out to be ridiculously brief Madeleine and Elliot barely talked before word came that he and his father would be bundled back to Cello On the train platform, Elliot didn t snap out of the distant fog he seemed to be in And Madeleine s nose bled again just as she tried to say good bye Now she s mortified, heartbroken, lost and completely cut off from Cello.Cello, meanwhile, is in crisis Princess Ko s deception of her people has emerged and the Kingdom is outraged Authorities have placed the Princess under arrest and ordered her execution Color storms are rampant, violent than ever And nobody has heard the Cello Wind blowing in months.But Madeleine can t let go of Cello It gave her a tantalizing glimpse of the magic she s always wanted and maybe it s the key to the person she is meant to become She also can t let go of Elliot, who, unbeknownst to her, is being held captive by a dangerous branch of Hostiles.What will it take to put these two on a collision course to save the Kingdom of Cello, and maybe to save each other For fans of Lev Grossman and Deborah Harkness, this funny, suspenseful, and totally original fantasy comes to its brilliantly colorful conclusion.

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      Jaclyn Moriarty is an Australian writer of young adult literature.She studied English at the University of Sydney, and law at Yale University and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, where she was awarded a PhD.She is the younger sister of Liane Moriarty She was previously married to Canadian writer Colin McAdam, and has a son, Charlie She currently lives in Sydney.

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    • Stunning cover for my most anticipated book of my entire reading future. A Tangle of Gold found it's way into my greedy hands and, as to a hot buttered bun in a spinning tea-cup, it was beyond amazing. Look, this series is stunning and creative and wild and heart-felt and deliciously winsome. This who have read A Corner of White and The Cracks in the Kingdom and have fallen in love with Madeleine and Elliot and Cello know just how brilliant this series is. What you may not know is that the final [...]

    • What a delightful end to a totally delightful series. I have enjoyed every quirky, charming word of it! Jaclyn Moriarty writes well and she has an excellent imagination. In this, the final book, she draws all the loose ends together, introduces some huge surprises and generally wraps the whole thing up in a very satisfactory manner.Over the course of the three books I have grown to love Cello with its magic and its colours. I am also very attached to Madeleine and Elliot and although the ending [...]

    • Well, if this isn't a pretty deus ex machina. The complicated problems established in this series are solved by a teenager wielding symbolic power - just before that power is undercut, naturally - through advance knowledge of two other teenagers (view spoiler)[solving the crisis of colors by weaving together nothingness with the power of True Love, in order to create gold, because gold has, of course, magical healing properties. (hide spoiler)] This is just after someone conveniently explains wh [...]

    • EXCELLENT conclusion to the series. This monstrous series is like 1500 pages for all three books and of course I've now decided that the next series I'm reading is Eragon. a billion pages. Anyway, I'm on the blog tour for this one so you'll hear all my thoughts about the magic and the Colours and the plot twists (!!!) on the 20th of March :)

    • This series has been so imaginative, whimsical and intelligent, it shouldn't surprise me that its twists and turns were so deftly delivered in this final instalment.There's much to love about A Tangle of Gold: beautiful writing, clever plotting (with plenty of action in this book), well-drawn characters and a truly original exploration of concepts of magic and dual realities.There's a long-awaited moment between Madeleine and Elliot, and I'll confess I was also drawn in by the delightfully chalk [...]

    • A Tangle of Gold is the final book in The Colours of Madeline trilogy by Aussie author Jaclyn Moriarty. You can find my first two reviews here and here. I commented in my review of the second book that the series title didn't quite work for me, because Madeline's parts of the story in the first two books were the less engaging parts.It's fair to say that, in the third book, Madeline finally comes into her own. I can't say much more than that, because it'd be spoiler-tastic, but at last she b [...]

    • I'm extremely sad and happy to be writing about the third and final book in The Colours of Madeline series by Australian author, Jaclyn Moriarty. I have loved this series from the beginning and was sure that would also be the case with this book.It's so easy to slip back into the world of Cello, to catch up with Elliot and Madeleine and to find out what they're up to now. I was tempted to re-read books one and two to refresh my memory but didn't need to because everything came back so easily, th [...]

    • Well.let me start this review by saying I have loved Jaclyn Moriarty books with a passion, and have championed them to all my students. I especially adored A corner of white, but was a bit ambivalent about The cracks in the kingdom, however it did redeem itself in the end, but this book.What a hodge podge this book is! There are so many plot contrivances, coincidences pile up until the whole thing falls over, new plots and characters are introduced without adding anything to the story and I foun [...]

    • I have been needing this for what feels like decades! Just give me more of Elliot and Madeleine and a few more bouts of Jagged Edge turquoise rain and I will be happy! (Who am I kidding, I expect so much after how good The Cracks in the Kingdom was!)

    • A Tangle of Gold carried on the whimsical angle of this series and the wonderfully charming characters with their quirks. I loved the explanation of the colours and how everything came together when it came to the search for the royal family. The world of Cello and how it interacts with the real world where Madeleine is really opens up here as well. There were so many twists and reveals here which was incredibly satisfying, making the whole series a worthwhile read!

    • I was utterly absorbed by both the increasingly complex plot, and the diverse range of characters.Most satisfying resolution. Can't wait to read them all again, one after the other.Longer review now at Reading Time.

    • There's a saying that you are your own competition. That explains why Jaclyn Moriarty tops herself once again because she has the best competition. She is truly in a class of her own when it comes to originality and imagination. What a series this was.

    • Hello! The blog tour for A Tangle of Gold by Jaclyn Moriarty stops by today, and I'm sharing my review!Coming to the end of any series is a bittersweet experience, but reading A Tangle of Gold - the concluding volume in the spellbinding The Colours of Madeleine series - was especially emotional for me. It's hard to believe that my adventure with Madeleine and Elliot, and my time in Cello and Cambridge, is over.There's a lot going on this book. Secrets are revealed, mysteries are unravelled, and [...]

    • I have mixed feelings about the conclusion of this series. Overall it wasn't my favourite but I love Jaclyn Moriarty and I did want to see how it all played out. There is something she does with her characters that just makes you get so attached to them. And this book has a lot of resolutions!Well I guessed the twist (view spoiler)[ After Madeleine's nosebleed as soon as she talked about running away from her father I knew she was from Cello too(hide spoiler)].However, I wanted MORE Madeleine an [...]

    • What an amazing experience I can't quite describe how these books make me feel but kind of like I am reading a story and I don't know if the words I am reading are really the words I am reading but maybe I have slipped into another world and I am just feeling all of the colours and movements and people :-)The writing is beautiful and fun and lyrical and tastes like the sweet icing on top of a cup cake (see this is what reading these books do to me!).This story had so many twists and turns and tr [...]

    • This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews!Thank you to Pan Macmillan Australia for providing a review copy of the book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.A Tangle of Gold was, by far, my favourite book of the series. It had everything that you could possibly want from a series finale – action, suspense, comedy, etc. I finished the book feeling thoroughly satisfied and couldn’t have asked for anything more.This book follows Madeleine, Elliot and Keira as they t [...]

    • This, and it's almost impossible to describe how happy this series and this finale has made me. Call yourselves my contentment, because it's not everyday we have a series that so completely satisfy all it sets up in its course.I started A Corner of White thinking only of Madeleine and Elliot, and the people around them. The setting was not as important to me, it rarely is, in books. What I really love is dialogues and characters, no matter how absurd or ordinary the world they are in.But Moriart [...]

    • FIVE STARS!!!!!ahahahaaa i couldnt help myself and finished this book in two days, even though it's really the kind of book that deserves to be taken in small doses and enjoyed gratuitously over a long period of time. i love love love jaclyn moriarty's writing style, and it fits so well with this gorgeous world that she's created. ugh im so upset its overmember when i used to hate madeleine? well now i love her. she really grew up and fleshed out in this book, and i couldnt be more proud of her. [...]

    • *I'm going to keep my review short and sweet, not because I don't have plenty to say but because it will be hard to refrain from posting spoilers. This series needs to be experienced first hand. ^_^Such an amazing conclusion to a brilliant series. Right from the first page I was hooked, Jaclyn Moriarty sure knows how to throw in some unexpected twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Not only that, her writing style is simply flawless, you get so swept up in the story your reality becomes the [...]

    • UGH. Ok. I don't have words for this, but I have to say something because this book, this series, Elliot, Madeline, Keira, Belle, Jack, they all got under my skin and into my heart. Every character is fully drawn. The story is suspenseful and surprising, but it all makes sense. It's laugh-out-loud funny until it makes you cry. I'm kind of floored by how much I love this series. I really didn't expect it, but I should know that Moriarty never disappoints. And now all I want to do is read it from [...]

    • I love this series so much. Everything I wanted to happen happened. I was only disappointed that it ended so abruptly, without any time spent on denouement; however by the time the book was over I knew the characters well enough and everything was so well set up that I KNOW what happens next, without the author needing to tell me.

    • Twists and twists and turns this was such an amazing series and I'm so sad to reach the end of it. The ending was satisfying though. Full review coming as part of the blog tour later in March.

    • Originally posted on A Keyboard and an Open Mind 17 March 2017:Actual rating: 2.5 starsAgggh, writing this review is causing me a lot of angst. Over the few days between finishing the book and beginning this review, I have tried to work out what to rate it. When I first rated it on GoodReads, I gave it four stars, stating in the text of the review that it was 3.5 but I was going to round it up because I loved the first two books so much. But then I thought about it and decided it was really only [...]

    • I rate this series as 4.75. I absolutely loved almost everything about this series. Very smart, creative, original. The characters are endearing, the story is clever and captivating. It took me awhile to get into the 3rd book because a couple of the lead characters are relegated to the background, but in the last half of the book all the characters are present.The book is written for middle grades but I think older kids and adults will enjoy it more. I highly recommend this fantasy series.

    • I have really loved this entire series. All three books start out slow, but get more interesting and un-put-downable about halfway through. This third and final book answered all the questions I had and tied everything together with a colorful little bow. I could have used a few more happily ever after extra chapters at the end, but overall I loved it.

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