No Choice

No Choice Natalie Cromwell is an unassuming and intelligent beauty and soon to be college grad Cameron James is a hot hardworking and wealthy businessman Their lives crossed paths purely by chance Visiting h

  • Title: No Choice
  • Author: C.M. Steele
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Natalie Cromwell is an unassuming, and intelligent beauty and soon to be college grad Cameron James is a hot, hardworking, and wealthy businessman Their lives crossed paths purely by chance Visiting his sister in school, Cam sees Nat and instantly realizes that she s the one Natalie on the other hand is very interested, but skeptical Time and distance tear apart the Natalie Cromwell is an unassuming, and intelligent beauty and soon to be college grad Cameron James is a hot, hardworking, and wealthy businessman Their lives crossed paths purely by chance Visiting his sister in school, Cam sees Nat and instantly realizes that she s the one Natalie on the other hand is very interested, but skeptical Time and distance tear apart their relationship, just as she believed it would, but she didn t realize that Cam wouldn t give up Excerpt It still galled me that she was with someone else I wondered if they d been together before the party and were just coming out again as a couple Either way, it really didn t matter she was mine Nobody was going to take her from me Tonight, she d have the ring to prove it I d just picked it up that afternoon of the accident It was a four carat solitaire diamond with a platinum band When you looked at the ring, it looked like a normal huge rock, but it was the inscription that mattered No choice, you re stuck with me.

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    • C.M. Steele

      C.M. Steele Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the No Choice book, this is one of the most wanted C.M. Steele author readers around the world.

    744 thoughts on “No Choice

    • 4.25 NO CHOICE STARS This is my first review of this book but it's a reread. I read this book before I started reviewing and I had given it 5 stars. I honestly can't do this after my reread. I had too many small issues with the book to do this. Now the story it's about an experienced businessman named Cameron and a young university graduate named Nathalie. Cam sees Nat from across the student union and falls hard for her. Obsessed is more the word here he tells her as soon as they meet:"I’m le [...]

    • Let me preface my review by saying that if you really enjoy OTT alpha males who see a woman & immediately classify her asthe oneto bed, wed, and breed for life based on nothing more thanone look -and- then proceeds to just walk up to her and inform her of her new role and place in life as his,then you will fing love this book. Their Insta Love & Flat Soap Opera Isn't My Cup'aFor me, I don't particularly mind Insta-love like the aboveIFit's also either surrounded by grounding normalcy sce [...]

    • I usually really like books by this author, but this one was pretty much a hot mess from start to finish! Nat was whiny and juvenile. Cam was competing with Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) as the King of all psychopaths (minus the murder). Everything was so OTT with drama, and ridiculousness. He bought a twelve bedroom mansion, for realz! Seven hundred people were trying to kill both of them, cause, why not?? It seemed to drag on and on, and really could have been fifty pages shorter.That bein [...]

    • This was ok. I enjoyed most of it. love how OTT hero was. At times it was a little too crazy but haha I loved it. safe with exception I guessme ow and om drama.I believe the heroine might of kissed or made out with her ex. Not sure if it happened or was about to happened again.

    • Sexy ott alpha and lots of drama and suspenseful moments. I'll be reading more This author just pushes my alpha caveman buttons.

    • Heroine is a cheater(she kisses another guy and even agrees to sleep with him) so not safe for me! if the hero had done this he would be crucified but its the heroine who is the cheater here so ppl are ok with it. Double standards!

    • C.M. Steele to s one of my favorite authors. She writes OTT alpha males. Heroes who are so possessive and protective. Heroes who aren't shy or afraid to show their care love for the heroines. It was a good read for me and safe in a way. Well, it depends to a reader. The book has OW scene but it was a very short one and nothing happened. There's also a scene of OM, ex-boyfriend of Nat. She went to a part because she thought Cameron was cheating on her but the OW just made up stories. And there wa [...]

    • I see the potential in this author and it is the type of story I love. Hot alpha who finds the woman he wants to be with and is overly protective of her. The way they meet and the way he is with her in the beginning is over the top, but I was willing to accept it because I love those type of heroes and I wanted to read this book for a mindless read. The story was there, but it lacked execution or became ridiculous.

    • Bored and do not care about these characters at all. The book does not flow. The hero is supposed to be crazy, OTT alpha. I found him a bore. Just did not work for me. Certainly a safe read.

    • 3.5Cameron James doesn't really have the time with his busy schedule but he wants to check on his sister who is in her Freshman year in college. He had not expected to meet his one though, Natalie Cromwell. How to tell a girl he has never met that she is meant to be his, he has no clue. He can't stay and court her properly, he has two days. Fortunately Natalie is interested but leery about a long distance relationship with a man she doesn't know. This was good but had a couple of moments where I [...]

    • BASICSLove triangle? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? (view spoiler)[ No. (hide spoiler)]HEA? (view spoiler)[ YES. (hide spoiler)]Any Descriptive Sex w/OW/OM/Ex? (view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? YES.Rating: 4 starsReviewI really liked reading it, although I skipped some sex scenes. Secondary characters definitely deserve their own stories.All in all a great read.

    • Wow- The author attempted to write an alpha malee failede wrote a story about an abusive arsehole How can it be considered endearing that he screams in her face that he will kill her if she touches another man?? How can it be considered ok to write that the mc grabs her so tight while arguing, he hurts herd then shoves her!!???Because he's jealous and it's sweet?? NO, NO ,NO, NO NO!!!!!!! Never OK

    • I so enjoyed this book today. Such a wonderful romantic, exciting read. I'm just so glad I picked it. When Cameron canes to his younger sister's college with their parents to check it out he noticed and falls for another student there. He finally meets Natalie and that's when their adventure into their lives start together. Such an exciting and fun read. I so enjoyed it too!!

    • **** notation for safety friends(view spoiler)[ I thought this was safe however there is a part where there is a miscommunication (the h thinks the H is with someone else after a few months into the long distance relationship) so she cuts all ties and tries to move on. She ends up kissing someone else and the H walks in and see's it) I was ok with it because of how devastated she was with thinking he didn't want her. She thought they were over. (hide spoiler)]

    • WelpI made myself finish this one. I told myself it might surprise me and get better. It didn't. I didn't think it was the worst book ever, but the flow of the book was off and it felt a bit disjointed. It had everything I look for in a bookOTT hero, possessive, steamy scenesI just didn't feel it. Sigh. Maybe I wasn't in the right mood to read it. I did like the dual POV though.

    • bookslifewine/r-no-choice/Bored, bored, BORING! DNF @25%This one is written in classic Alexa Riley style: Rich alpha hero, virgin heroine, the insta-love, the instant chest beating and moaning of "mine!," etc. What made me DNF this one is that the writing felt flat. I can't bring myself to care about the characters since they read like cardboard. I also didn't care for the soap opera that I saw was about to start. By the time I DNF'd this book, the hero had mysteriously picked up "enemies" who t [...]

    • If you get hot and bothered by Alpha males and insta love then this book is for you! I'll confess the first 20% were a little hard to get into but once I got over the intro, its like I was reading another book. I loved all the crazy alpha behavior and mega insta love. The drama was a bit over the top but so was the whole story, which worked. There's nothing more exasperating than trying to read a story which tries so hard to be normal and realistic only to have that all ruined by crazy out of th [...]

    • Completely safe. But no depth to the story. It reminded me of an Alexa Riley book without the copious amount of sex. And as we all know, what's the point of an Alexa Riley book besides the scorching scenes???

    • Interesting This would be my second time reading this book. I like it very much but I just have a hard time not comparing it to the authors other books. Because I love this author so much and I’ve read many of her books, I know that this could have been so much better. The writing could have been better, the plot, and the drama. Gosh the drama!!!! It was a little over the top. I mean left and right unnecessarily things where going on. I feel like it just dragged the story along. I get it it wo [...]

    • Natalie is attending College with her best friend. Cameron's sister goes to the same college, and during a visit there he comes across Natalie and is instantly smitten with her. Natalie mistakes Cameron's sister for his girlfriend and steers clear from her until he makes his approach and outlines how life will now be- she's his. As it will be a long distance relationship, they play the getting to know you game until things happen, Natalie thinks he's a two timing asshat, he turns up and then it' [...]

    • I wasn't very far into this book before it had me hooked. Natalie and Cameron's romance is the epitome of a whirlwind with lots and lots of sex involved. The book was pretty fast paced, though it felt like it picked up in pace as the book progressed. The plus side of this is that the book never got the chance to become boring. That being said, there was a lot of sex, though no two sex sessions were the same, helping to keep it from becoming repetitive. Despite the large amounts of sex, however, [...]

    • Cameron James is a handsome, successful businessman who is completely dedicated to his company in Seattle. While visiting his sister, Vanessa at college in Illinois he sees a very beautiful student who he wants to get to know better. Natalie is a senior in college, a virgin & has horrible parents, it's a wonder she turned out to be so sweet. Cameron tells Natalie she is now his & that they are in a relationship. He goes back to Seattle & they continue to talk on the phone as much as [...]

    • 3 1/2 stars.So this is a guilty pleasure. But it's a guilty pleasure done right and what I was in the mood for.Cameron is visiting his sister at college when he sees Natalie across the room and pretty much stamps her as "his" on the spot. During their first conversation he tells her she's his and calls her his fiancé.You can pretty much guess how the story goes from there. 1 1/2 stars off for some obvious plot devices and 3 different "dangerous situations" that are resolved so quickly 2 of them [...]

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