Concentr In a future London Concentr is a prescription drug intended to help kids with ADD Soon every troubled teen is on it It makes sense doesn t it Keep the undesirable elements in line Keep people like

  • Title: Concentr8
  • Author: William Sutcliffe
  • ISBN: 9781619639195
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a future London, Concentr8 is a prescription drug intended to help kids with ADD Soon every troubled teen is on it It makes sense, doesn t it Keep the undesirable elements in line Keep people like us safe from people like them What s good for society is good for everyone Troy, Femi, Lee, Karen and Blaze have been taking Concentr8 as long as they can remember TheyIn a future London, Concentr8 is a prescription drug intended to help kids with ADD Soon every troubled teen is on it It makes sense, doesn t it Keep the undesirable elements in line Keep people like us safe from people like them What s good for society is good for everyone Troy, Femi, Lee, Karen and Blaze have been taking Concentr8 as long as they can remember They re not exactly a gang, but Blaze is their leader, and Troy has always been his quiet, watchful sidekick the only one Blaze really trusts They re not looking for trouble, but one hot summer day, when riots break out across the city, they find it What makes five kids pick a man seemingly at random a nobody, he works in the housing department, doesn t even have a good phone hold a knife to his side, take him to a warehouse and chain him to a radiator They ve got a hostage, but don t really know what they want, or why they ve done it And across the course of five tense days, with a journalist, a floppy haired mayor, a police negotiator, and the sinister face of the pharmaceutical industry, they and we begin to understand why This is a book about what how we label children It s about how kids get lost and failed by the system It s about how politicians manipulate them Gripping and controversial reading for fans of Malorie Blackman and Patrick Ness.

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      William Sutcliffe was born in 1971 in London He is the author of eight novels, New Boy, Are You Experienced , The Love Hexagon, Bad Influence, Whatever Makes You Happy, The Wall, Concentr8 and We See Everything, which have been translated into twenty six languages The Wall was shortlisted for the 2014 CILIP Carnegie Medal Are You Experienced has been reissued on the prestigious Penguin Essentials list.He has also written a series of books for children Circus of Thieves and the Raffle of Doom, Circus of Thieves on the Rampage and Circus of Thieves and the Comeback Caper He lives in Edinburgh with his wife, three children, two cats and a tortoise.

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    • * I received an arc in exchange for an honest review. This book was really boring. I didn't enjoy it at all. It sounded promising and exciting but unfortunately this book did not deliver. I think I know where William Sutcliffe was trying to go with this book but unfortunately he crash-landed before it had the chance to really take off. The characters were poorly-written. The members of the 'gang' were basically all the same except for Karen who finished every sentence like this? All the time? It [...]

    • I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley. This in no way impacted on my view.This is a Did Not Finish (DNF) review, and about 20% into the book. Unfortunately this just didn't work for me, for a few reasons. Firstly, it was a bit of an impulse request, via NetGalley, and I hadn't really looked at the synopsis much. I have absolutely no experience with ADHD, and honesty don't really understand what it is. I know it means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and mean [...]

    • I warn you now, my review, it’s probably going to be a little different to the norm.This book brought about such a storm of conflict within myself that I’ve has to sit re-read the book twice over and wait 4 days before attempting to review.I absolutely loved the book, I was drawn in from the first page. I loved the unique yet real use of thick London accents, the switch between the youths and the posher officials, the action and the cinematic quality of the whole thing. The quotes from scien [...]

    • Here's the link to my video review: youtube/watch?v=CnNO4Concentr8 is a book about how the easiness of prescribed drugs, for suffers of ADHD and behavioural problem, can impact the youth and general society of London, at least this is what I grasped. In this novel, we follow Blaze, Troy, Femi, Karen and Lee: a gang of sorts, who, upon seeing the riots of London, knows they want in but they almost feel the need, the insane drive, to do something bigger Something serious Something LUDICROUS, in or [...]

    • Interesting read, also informative (although not, strangely necessarily within the story) It's also a fast read, one of those books with short snappy chapters that can either work really well, or not so much. We'll come to that.Anyway, Concentr8 is the drug choice in this novel, kids are on it through an official policy and then the programme is stopped. Riots ensue. We join the story when said riots are in full swing and we follow a group of kids who have kidnapped some guy off the street, plus [...]

    • It could be our society. A scary proposition that it's so familiar. The opening scenes I thought were taking place in a London torn apart by the riots a few summers ago.The fact that young people are rioting after having their ADHD medication taken away was a shock. It's a topic I've pondered - the necessity of over-medicating young people that may not need chemicals to alter their behaviour.A group of teenagers, on the fringes of these riots, get caught up in the moment and end up kidnapping a [...]

    • Concentr8 is a very thought provoking story about ADHD and the use of drugs, such as Ritalin to control it.This novel tells the story of a society where the behaviour of children is controlled through the use of a drug similar to Ritalin, called Concentr8, and what happens when there isn’t enough of the drug to go around anymore.It has a very gritty and often dark feel to it, and although I did feel it was slow to start, due to the frequent change in points of view, and the language used by th [...]

    • The premise of this book was incredibly appealing to me. Anyone that knows me knows I love a good dystopian. This, unfortunately, was not a good dystopian. This story is set in futuristic London where a drug known as Concentr8 has been banned by the government and the population starts to riot. That is where the story should stop. It just gets worse the more you read.I did not care about any of the characters and felt they were very poorly written. The teenagers are portrayed as stupid and mindl [...]

    • What the heck did I just read? Let's be honestI read about 1/2 then skimmed the rest because I hate not to finish a book. SPOILER ALERT: (but I hope you won't read this book anyway)I suppose one could argue that the street kids that randomly kidnapped a guy and held him hostage were acting out of hopelessness. The whole premise of the book was the govt purposely targeting "troublemakers," paying parents to medicate their children to keep them in control & quiet. Wouldn't you think the author [...]

    • 3.5 starsSo I know a lot of people weren’t so keen on this but I liked it. It was no earth-shattering masterpiece but it was enjoyable and fast-paced, despite being set over a period of just 6 days.Concentr8 is set during an outbreak of rioting, much like the London riots of 2011, but these riots were triggered by the withdrawal of a drug called Concentr8, used to treat schoolchildren with ADHD. The book follows 5 teenagers, as well as a few other characters, who all take turns narrating. Thro [...]

    • I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This novel is set in London in a society where Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is on the rise. Ritalin is a drug that is used to calm children/teens with ADHD, however there is a new wonder drug Concentr8 which has the same desired effects but better and cheaperThe concentr8 program has been abandoned! as a result London is in chaos with riots, looting, and fires.The novel starts off with 5 teenagers B [...]

    • "If you opened all the doors on all the cages at London Zoo you’d get the exact something – playtime for the animals and everyone else shitting bricks. It’d be the zookeepers that’d get eaten first- ain’t that the truth."I found the read slightly emotional- the thoughts of each child of why they do what they do, how much they really do or don't understand and at times how much, leaving aside the main event of the book, is not actually their fault. How they have been let down by the sys [...]

    • I don't usually like not finishing books, especially ones that are sent to me as an ARC, but I do have to be honest. I did try to give Concentr8 a fair chance, but you know when you have a strong feeling that you're going to dislike something? Yeah? That's exactly how I felt about this book. From the get-go, I wasn't really sold on the characters and their voices. Not to cause offense, but I'm not a fan of chavvy narrators or characters in general. Seeing the word "blud" in print actually makes [...]

    • This novel was honestly terrible! I DNF at 50%, and it was like torture. All the characters needed a punch in the face, or kick in the stomach. You can decide. I do not recommend this to anyone, you will probably be bored to death. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNEDCheck out my full review at: rachwithbooks.wordpress/2

    • ” Although some biological psychiatrists were puzzle by the fact that stimulants seemed paradoxically to calm hyperactive children, the belief in their effectiveness was such that, in some cases, stimulants were used as a diagnostic tool: if they calmed down an overactive, impulsive child, then the child likely had hyperactivity. More important for parents, however, was that stimulants were quicker, easier and less expensive treatment modality than arranging for psychotherapy or analyzing and [...]

    • Have you ever put off a review because you don't want to write it? That is how it has been with me and my review for Concentr8. I have been trying to get myself to write it for weeks. Actually, to be totally honest, this is not the only review I have been putting off. Well, I decided that I am going to open up where I write my reviews and just write it. I need to get it done.Concentr8 takes place in London England in the not so distant future. Or maybe it is distant. It is kind of hard to tell. [...]

    • Concentr8 welcomes its readers to a world set in distant future where most kids are on medication for ADD. The medication was welcomed willingly as it seemed to offer some relief to not only those who suffered from ADD but also to those around them. But then chaos breaks loose bringing riots to the city. And amongst all the chaos are five kids who have held a seemingly random man hostage. Troy, Femi, Lee, Karen and Blaze are five kids who have been on Concentr8 from the time they could remember. [...]

    • “Everybody wins, yeah? Schools, teachers, feds, parents? Everyone. Except the kids that are taking the pills.” Concentr8 is story of a kidnapping that occurs at the time of riots. After Concentr8 a drug which is given to people who have ADHD or have signs of it, is taken away people take to streets in protest and in the chaos a group of teenagers kidnap and take a council worker hostageHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderThe story is taken from many perspectives; Troy, Femi, Karen, T [...]

    • I received this book from NetGalley, in return for an honest review.The premise is interesting - in a not-too-distant future, children are almost routinely dosed with a Ritalin-like drug called Concentr8. This is supposed to help them to pay attention at school, and generally to mitigate their bad behaviour. It has become an automatic response to any diagnosis of ADHD. But when it is withdrawn, there is rioting. The story focuses on four teenagers - they have all taken Concentr8 for most of thei [...]

    • *Book Received in Exchange for Honest Opinion/Review*This book, where do I even begin, I honestly have no idea how to put into words what I just read. The synopsis and cover art is stunning and intriguing, it was what pulled me in first. I guess the easiest way to begin this review is that this book is straight up controversy and a play on our modern day society as we know it. It is an interesting perspective to read a book on a miracle drug like Ritalin when you teach at a school where the majo [...]

    • ~ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review~Concentr8 takes us into London, where the increase of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents have reached epidemic levels. Concentr8 has been used by the government as a form of social control until the use for Concentr8 was abolished, wiping out the availability of its supply to the public. A group of teens kidnap a random worker from the Mayor's office for hostage although it is clear that they don [...]

    • DNF'ing 170 pages in, because I tried, okay? I spent ages getting through the first 100 pages, just hoping it would get better. It didn't. I'm bored out of my mind. Seriously bored. Watching paint dry would be more interesting, I know it sounds harsh, but honestly, I would rather watch paint dry.Nothing happens, we're basically reading the same shit over in a different perspective, same thoughts, same do nothing, rinse, repeat, read again. The only interesting parts about Concentr8 is the little [...]

    • Thought provoking.I thought this was an excellent Young Adult book, with just the right amount of suspense to keep the attention of youngsters, while sending out an interesting message about the power of drug companies and the ease with which drugs can be prescribed.In a future Britain, Concentr8 is the new Ritalin and it has been prescribed to all children who are in any way disruptive. Huge numbers of children are on this drug, manipulated by the drug companies, who have convinced the governme [...]

    • The synopsis of this book sounds very interesting, and I will admit I was going out of my normal bookish comfort zone for it, but I had to call it quits before 100 pages. I know there are a ton of people out there who will probably love this book, and that's awesome! Every book deserves some love. But this didn't do it for me. I couldn't understand why this group of kids where doing the things they did. It made me feel sad for them, and they weren't relatable to me at all. I first decided to DNF [...]

    • I absolutely love the concept behind this story. Obviously if you've paid attention at all over the past several years, you know that there are a lot of people on Ritalin or Adderall, and so many people with ADD or ADHD. The new drug Concentr8 is a similar drug and it seems like every teenager is on it. It works really well---until all of a sudden, it's taken away. And then the trouble starts. There are lootings and riots; a group of teens even kidnaps someone who works in the mayor's office.And [...]

    • I won this book in a giveaway so thank you to , and of course to Bloomsbury for sending me a copy (and the little note you sent with it!!).As someone who is passionate about young people this book struck a chord with me. Cleverly written and surprisingly real, it doesn't seem too irrational or too much of an extravagant idea that this could happen. Each character has its own voice and with that comes varying perspectives. A wonderful book and at times quite enlightening about ADHD and the (incr [...]

    • Imagine a world where the madness of Ritalin prescriptions (a big problem of over-medicating in many places) becomes the absolute norm, except the drug is called Concentr8 and parents are given subsidised housing if they put their 'troubled' child onto it. And then some bright spark politician learns the extent of it and cancels the supply.Riots in London, smart disaffected youths thinking for themselves . and we have this excellent teen-novel set in the not-so-distant and thoroughly believable [...]

    • Set in a future where any kid causing problems at school is prescribed an updated form of Ritalin, this book is scarily believable. Parents are tempted to agree to the medication of their children by extra benefits but no thought is given to what is likely to happen when supply dwindles and kids are thrown into 'cold turkey' after stopping taking this purportedly non addictive drug. The story revolves around the taking of a hostage and the multiple POV approach is very interesting and builds emp [...]

    • Concentr8 was not at all what I was expecting.I don't think I really read the blurb, so I went into this a bit blind.Essentially London's government gave out a cheaper version of Ritalin to the majority of its school kids, then took it away.Mass hysteria and the plot line of this book ensue.I found this book to be pretty boring, I mean yes there is a kidnapping, there riots, drugs, drinking, theft and yet its allring.None of the characters are likable not even in the " they are so bad I like the [...]

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