Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

Loki Agent of Asgard Kid Loki s all grown up and the God of Mischief is stronger smarter sexier and just plain sneakier than ever before As Asgardia s one man secret service he s ready to lie cheat steal bluff and s

  • Title: Loki: Agent of Asgard #1
  • Author: Al Ewing Lee Garbett Nolan Woodard Jenny Frison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kid Loki s all grown up and the God of Mischief is stronger, smarter, sexier and just plain sneakier than ever before As Asgardia s one man secret service, he s ready to lie, cheat, steal, bluff and snog his way through the twistiest, turniest and most treacherous missions the All Mother can throw at him

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      339 Al Ewing Lee Garbett Nolan Woodard Jenny Frison
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    • Al Ewing Lee Garbett Nolan Woodard Jenny Frison

      Al Ewing Lee Garbett Nolan Woodard Jenny Frison Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 book, this is one of the most wanted Al Ewing Lee Garbett Nolan Woodard Jenny Frison author readers around the world.

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    • This new series is two things. First, it is unabashedly a cash grab. Second, in my opinion, it is the anti-Sandman. Loki is one of two true breakout characters out of the Marvel Studio films. The first would be Robery Downey, Jr. as Iron Man and the second is Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Hiddleston has effectively stole the Thor's own two movies and he was an excellent villain in The Avengers. It is about time Marvel pander to the Tom Hiddleston fandom by giving them a Loki comic book influeced by ho [...]

    • Loki's solo series gets off to a cracking start as our anti-hero must infiltrate Avengers Tower and kill his brother Thor! But things are never quite as they seem and Loki's strange story promises to have many more twists and turns - Trust Me. Read the full review here!

    • Hoo boy. I did not want to be this person. I did not want to fall for this comic, and, by extension, Loki. I desperately did not want to be That Girl. But you cannot start an issue with Loki singing a personalized version of "The Wizard and I" from Wicked in the shower without immediately winning my heart.The book is riotous. I was laughing to the point of tears throughout the entire blasted thing, which is a real feat when you're reading a short comic. Not only does Loki sing in the shower, but [...]

    • Surprisingly excellent! Smart, funny, well-written, complex without being confusing. Even the puns were good, believe it or not. (Verity: "Why the getup? Is there a con going on somewhere?" Loki: "There's always a con going on somewhere.")"It's databases all the way down."Unexpectedly poignant ending.

    • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I cannot handle how awesome this comic was. I almost tore the comic having a geek fit when in the opening panels there was a naked Loki in the shower singing a parody of "The Wizard and I" from Wicked: The Musical. Like I still can't handle it. That image is going to stay with me forever, and if I ever catch the Hiddles singing this song I might die.This Loki definitely seems based on Hiddleston or at least what the fandom makes his Loki out to be. I h [...]

    • I did enjoy Loki: Agent of Asgard #1. I thought it was great, funny, wonderfully awesome, and above all things very Loki-esque. I could deal with the fangirl moments that were intentionally placed into the comic because most of them were hysterical! Throughout the comic I kept thinking this is wonderful, it can't get any better than this. Then I got to the ending and everything that was wonderful and fantastic about this comic came crumbling down into awfulness. I've always enjoyed Loki because [...]

    • I'm swooning right now *WHEW!* is it just me or is it hot in here? Oh I guess it's just me:)I can never get enough of Loki and when I saw that someone had written comic books about him and that they where at my library I about had a heart attack trying to put them on hold as fast as humanly possible. So in case you didn't know, Loki's my man. Well he's like every woman that watches the Marvel movies man but anywayI LOVED the drawings in this book! They where so colorful and detailed that I got l [...]

    • I loved this. Seeing Loki as someone who isn't entirely evil was nice. It was awesome to see avengers characters as well. I want the next issue now!

    • Wow! That was an awesome origin story!We go back to when Odin was a child and how an older version of Loki saves his lifeter putting him in danger. We see how the Sword of Sigurd is formed. Then we go back to the future and younger Loki is working for the All-Mother and he has formed a group of agents to go to Asgardia with the Sword of Sigurd. There we find Old Loki locked away in a Dungeon and he is stabbed by young Loki, so he will reveal the truth. It is revealed that the Old Loki is actuall [...]

    • I was hoping this would be a better book to give to patrons coming to comics via the movies; it's a bit bumpy for that because it does refer back to a lot of past continuity. Still doable for someone who really likes the character though.

    • Al Ewing has very quickly become one of my all-time favorite comics writers. His Loki, Agent of Asgard is witty, epic, mythic, poetic, and mindtwisty in all the best ways.

    • Loki v mnoha verzích. Všech 17. dílů. Nádherná práce. Pár hluchých míst se ztrácí v celém příběhu.

    • Your scheme is mad, culturally ignorant and quite possibly sacrilegious. Naturally, I'll help.See my review in English on my blog: xellinablog.wordpress/2015/12/06/loki-agent-of-asgard-volume-1/"Локи всякие нужны, Локи всякие важны!" подумали в Марвел и развели как минимум четыре разных вида Локи: обычный взрослый (злобный), мелкий (кавайный), средний (положител [...]

    • MARVEL has taken the world by storm both in the cinema as well as on print. Although Loki has had his spotlight moments in the comics before, there has been a dramatic rise in interest in his character, which may have something to do with Tom Hiddlestons’ invigorating portrayal of Cinematic Marvel Universe Loki in the Thor and Avengers movies. Either way there is now Loki: Agent of Asgard and Journey into Mystery to satisfy the Trickster need. Ragnarok - the Norse apocalypse of a sort – has [...]

    • Loki's latest solo title gets off to a fine start. It's very funny, with a nice variety of humour. There's all sorts of twists, as befits a Loki story. He's a hero - sort of, maybe. But he's still Loki, so he's still a trickster. He's still deceptive, and he still does things that will advance his own interests. In addition to the great writing, there's also great art, which is an interesting blend of fantasy and contemporary. It fits the story perfectly.There's a lot of comparison's to Tom Hidd [...]

    • Alright, I'm giving this one a so-so review. It wasn't bad, but I feel this comic series is being made to placate all the new Loki fangirls out there. Sure, I love me some Loki, but do you really need to make a whole new plot point where he has died and been reborn to do good and cancel out all the bad his old self has done? All the while, there is definite fanservice for those gushing girls, but I just didn't get the good Loki the Trickster feel from him. In fact, you know what originally made [...]

    • Apparently people loved this, but I was not one of them. I just didn't get it. I don't understand why Loki is represented as a faux teenage punk rocker, wow black nails make you so edgy. I don't want Loki to be righting wrongs, I want him to be mischievous and up to no good. The characterization of the avengers seemed too inspired by the films. Overall, I was not impressed and only slightly entertained. The humor felt forced and the references seemed to be pandering to fan girls. I'm not a fan o [...]

    • No all-father’s not proud of you… No brother acts a-shamed… and all of asgard will love you, when as a wiz-ard you’re ac-claimed… Held in such high es-teem! when people see me they will scream! for half of asgard’s favorite te-e-eam… the wizard… And… I loved this one. I think this is the continuation of loki-life after young avengers. So I was totally curious about it. So I start reading this because the cbr was on the folder a long time ago You're sure this is Loki? He looks k [...]

    • I am extremely happy that this series has finally made it's way into my hands after months of teasers and promises from Marvel. I can certainly say that they did not disappoint. Loki: Agent of Asgard is a comic series staring Loki as the main protagonist, and in this issue, featuring The Avengers. A mix of humor, magic, drama, and past references fill this issue in a well written and fun to read way. If you are a fan of the God of Lies, this series should be kept on your radar. I am super excite [...]

    • I am totally new to the world of comics, but I was extremely impressed with this book. I admit it: I am a total Loki fangirl, so this seemed like a natural starting point. Let me make this review brief and straight to the point: this comic made me laugh for hours, it was just so good. All the pop culture references were spot-on and the plot was easier to follow than some comics Iʻve read since then. I recommend this book for comic book fans and fans of the Marvel movieverse alike!

    • With the popularity of the Marvel movies, the comics they're based off of are seeing more light than ever before. But where does a newbie start? Why not with Loki, Agent of Asgard: Trust Me. Not quite a reboot, Trust Me is a beginner's course in Marvel comics lore and the intricately woven epic that is Norse mythology. Tom Hiddleston made Loki attractive and intriguing; Loki, Agent of Asgard gives the character further depth and appeal. Trust me.

    • Although I felt a little confused about some of the references in this book (because I have not read any of the past Thor/Loki comic books) I still enjoyed reading about the "new" Loki's adventures as an Agent of Asgard. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series as well as "Journey Into Mystery" which I think might explain some of the elements in this book. (Side Note: The "slash" fan fic joke absolutely killed me!)

    • New Loki (explanation a bit stranger than even normal strange for Marvel) tries to make up for deeds of the past. Wasn't a huge fan of the art, but Loki is of my favs so I am a little bias in my review. I mean, even trickster gods still want to just hang out and date human women just like their big brother!

    • I'm not even finished with this book and I just have to say that opening with Loki singing the Wizard and I from Wicked in the shower was the best move ever made by any other writer ever and will surpass the genius of all tehg reats and when archealogists look back at the early 2000s, the defining moment will be this moment. SLAAAAAAAAAAY LOKI SLAAAAAAAAAAAAY

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