The Bell House

The Bell House After a family tragedy Jenna Bell McBride returns to her Father s ancestral home a bitter half sister and painful memories that have remained secret What force remains tied to their family land wa

  • Title: The Bell House
  • Author: Lori Titus
  • ISBN: 9781500791988
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a family tragedy, Jenna Bell McBride returns to her Father s ancestral home, a bitter half sister, and painful memories that have remained secret What force remains tied to their family land, waiting to draw in victims

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    • Does your family’s past hold dark secrets? If so, have you ever wondered if they’d come back to haunt you?After Jenna’s husband dies in a horrible fire, she moves back to her family’s property. Her half-sister, Diana, owns the larger family home, and their father has willed Jenna the smaller house of the two. Tension arises between the two sisters, and mysterious things begin to happen around them.Diana starts talking to herself, claiming to see the dead. Schizophrenia took her mother ye [...]

    • So, this book was outside my usual reading comfort zone. And by outside my comfort zone, I mean if my comfort zone was New York, this book is California. With that being said, once I started reading it, I found it hard to put down. This was a superbly written, atmospheric tale of long-held family secrets and generational curses. It was visual and haunting (no pun intended), and I would highly recommend to fans of horror tales or ghost stories. You might have to sleep with the lights on for a cou [...]

    • Talk about family secrets and dysfunction! Dang. The story pulled me in starting with the flashback to the 60s and on. A wonderful example of southern gothic fiction. More please and thank you!

    • The Bell House, by Lori Titus, was quite wonderful. Jenna Bell’s husband dies in a fire that destroys their house, and suddenly her half-sister Diana shows up and tells her that their father left a house on the Bell property to her and suggests that she moves in. But unbeknownst to the reader, Diana has ulterior motives. Jenna takes her up on the offer, and the fun starts. It’s a book with roots back to slavery, but based on modern times. Bell House has a lot of history, and much of it is ba [...]

    • Can't wait to read more by this authorThis was my first read by Lori Titus, but definitely won't be the last. Loved her strong characters and vivid storytelling style.

    • Very good!!!!!!!!This book was good from beginning to the end This is my first read from this author but it won’t be my last

    • There was plenty of juicy mystery to go around, but there's also a touch of horror and the paranormal. I kept wondering about the root to the Bell family problems. I had to know, and the author strung me along like a fish on a hook. I sometimes wish there was a bit more when it came to the conclusion, but overall, it's a great tale!This book had me hooked from Chapter One. The cruelty in average people and how it shapes them was fleshed out and I felt I understood them, even when they were havin [...]

    • I would like to first start off by saying. This is an awesome read. It’s more than a story about ghosts from the past haunting people in the present, more than a story about a man who was married who cheated on his wife and the “love child” feeling some type of way. This is a story about generational curses, deep-rooted family secrets, jealousy, death and the dead wanting vengeance by taking it out on the living. This story is about the sins of lineage passing itself down until it is destr [...]

    • The Bell House tells the story of two half-sisters, Jenna and Diana. Jenna recently lost her husband to a fire and is trying to work through her grief by writing a book about her family's tragic past. Diana, a control freak, convinces her sister to move back to the family property and stay in one of the two houses there. Though the sisters relationship has always been strained, Jenna never thought bad of her sibling. The same cannot be said of Diana who despises everything about her sister.What [...]

    • Lori Titus writes creepy, scary, ghost stories. She challenged me to read this book, hoping I would like it. It's been a few years since I read the last of Tananarive Due's African Immortal series, so I wasn't entirely hiding under the bed.This story tells of the ancestral lineage of the Bell family, and the ghosts that haunt the lives of some of the younger members of the line. Jenna and Diana are half-sisters of their late father Travis Bell, who visits Diana (the bat-shiznit crazy one) in the [...]

    • This book had lots of moving parts. Just so many. Thankfully even with all the balls in the air almost everything was tied together and ended without too many questions. My only real issue with this book was Patricia Bell. What was so special about her? Why wasn’t there more of Jenna’s book all about Patricia? I wanted more, but had to settle for teasers instead. On a whole though, this was an excellent book to read just before Halloween. It was full of gothic horror, bad blood, and just gen [...]

    • I won this Free book through first-reads. The Bell plantation was destroyed during the Civil War. Other homes were built on the same spot. They were burned and their occupants met untimely deaths. Relatives of the slaves from Bell Plantation also had sorrow in their lives. The father would make his appearance to some family members; especially Jenna. The ghost wanted something the living had. The living fought back.

    • This is a story about a dysfunctional family and ancient curses, death and life. Henna goes back to her intertied home her father gave her. She just lost her husband and her house in a fire. Her half sister invited Jenna to move there next to her. Once Jenna moves to the home her sister seems to not want her around. This was a fun quick book.I won this on .

    • A Cursed Generation Every family has its dysfunctions but with the Bell family comes being cursed as well. I love how the author shows the true evil in the family isn't the people but the spirits that follow them.

    • Interesting, mysterious and dark. Lori Titus is a wonderful storyteller. It's an easy and fun read. Thanks to I won this book.

    • This was my first read by this author and even though I enjoyed the story, I felt as if I have read it before

    • Every family has its dysfunctions but with the Bell family comes being cursed as well. I love how the author shows the true evil in the family isn't the people but the spirits that follow them.

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