The Evening Spider

The Evening Spider A gripping blend of psychological suspense and historical true crime this riveting novel inspired by a sensational real life murder from the s by critically acclaimed author Emily Arsenault deliv

  • Title: The Evening Spider
  • Author: Emily Arsenault
  • ISBN: 9780062379313
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • A gripping blend of psychological suspense and historical true crime, this riveting novel inspired by a sensational real life murder from the 1800s by critically acclaimed author Emily Arsenault delivers a heart stopping mystery linking two young mothers from different centuries.Frances Barnett and Abby Bernacki are two haunted young mothers living in the same house in twoA gripping blend of psychological suspense and historical true crime, this riveting novel inspired by a sensational real life murder from the 1800s by critically acclaimed author Emily Arsenault delivers a heart stopping mystery linking two young mothers from different centuries.Frances Barnett and Abby Bernacki are two haunted young mothers living in the same house in two different centuries.1885 Frances Barnett is in the Northampton Lunatic Hospital, telling her story to a visitor She has come to distrust her own memories, and believes that her pregnancy, birth, and early days of motherhood may have impaired her sanity.During the earliest months of her baby s life, Frances eagerly followed the famous murder trial of Mary Stannard that captivated New Englanders with its salacious details and expert forensic testimony Following and even attending this trial, Frances found an escape from the monotony of new motherhood But as her story unfolds, Frances must admit that her obsession with the details of the murder were not entirely innocent.Present day Abby has been adjusting to motherhood smoothly until recently, when odd sensations and dreams have begun to unsettle her while home alone with her baby When she starts to question the house s history, she is given the diary of Frances Barnett, who lived in the house 125 years earlier Abby finds the diary disturbing, and researches the Barnett family s history The Abby learns, the she wonders about a negative possibly supernatural influence in her house She becomes convinced that when she sleeps, she leaves her daughter vulnerable and then vows not to sleep until she can determine the cause of her eerie experiences.Frances Barnett might not be the only new mother to lose her mind in this house And like Frances, Abby discovers that by trying to uncover another s secrets, she risks awakening some of her own.

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    • Emily Arsenault

      I haven t had a terribly interesting life, so I won t share too many details But the highlights include When I was a preschooler and a kindergartner, I had a lazy eye and I was Connecticut s Miss Prevent Blindness, appearing on pamphlets and television urging parents to get their kids eyes checked I wore an eye patch and clutched a blonde doll wearing a similar patch I imagine it was all rather maudlin, but at the time I wouldn t have known that word I wrote my first novel when I was in fifth grade It was over a hundred pages and took me the whole school year to write It was about five girls at a summer camp I d never been to a summer camp, but had always wanted to attend one When I was all finished, I turned back to the first page, eager to read it all from the beginning I was horrified at how bad it was At age thirteen, I got to go to a real sleepaway camp It was nothing like the book I had written I studied philosophy in college So did my husband We met in a Hegel class, which is awfully romantic I worked as an editorial assistant at Merriam Webster from 1998 2002, and got to help write definitions for their dictionaries My husband and I served in the Peace Corps together, working in rural South Africa I miss Losasaneng, miss many of the people we met there, and dream about it often I am now working on my third novel It is tentatively titled Just Someone I Used to Know, named after and old song Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton used to sing together.

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    • Fascinating (true!) historical mystery told in diary/epistolary format, interspersed with contemporary 1st person narration, both about newly married women with infants living in the same house. Sounds complicated, but it wasn’t once I got into it - then it ended up keeping me turning pages late into the night! Loved, loved, loved how it all turned out.

    • 1885, Northampton Lunatic Hospital. Frances Bernett is retelling her story to a visitor. Frances is a young wife and a mother who started to question her memories and her sanity after her child was born. Could her pregnancy have hurt her sanity? And, her obsession with the (true) murder trial of Mary Stannard seems a bit odd.Present day. Abby is a new mother and she has adjusted to motherhood just fine, but then she starts to have odd experiences in her house. It feels like there is something, s [...]

    • I won't add a book to my to-read list unless it has an average rating of 3.9 stars or higher. The exceptions are a)if it's the start of a series and the ratings get better for consecutive books or b) the book just sounds so interesting I just HAVE TO add it (this is rare). Obviously, this book fell under B. It just sounded so good, I just had to give it a chance. And it had a great cover! Great cover, great premise, it has to be good, right?Sadly, no. This book was NOT a thriller, it was not sus [...]

    • Three stars: An interesting read that falters with an abrupt ending and unconnected story lines. Abby is a new mother, living in an old house. She fell in love with the quaint old home that had been in the same family for 125 years, but now, she isn't so sure about her house. Abby has been hearing strange sounds on her daughter's baby monitor, and she has the unsettling feeling that she isn't alone in her home. When she starts digging, Abby comes into possession of a journal, written by Frances [...]

    • Do you like spooky houses and historical murders and mysteries? Then this is the book for you! Abby is a new mother in a big home, and she thinks things are going well, until she starts to develop strange sensations that seem to be tied the house. In investigating the house's history, she reads the diary of one of its former occupants, Frances Barnett, who was later an inmate at a mental institution. Is the ghost of Frances behind the strange happenings? Told from the perspective of both women, [...]

    • I had been researching my family history in 16th century connecticut and then picked up this galley that had been on my nightstand waiting for the perfect time to be read. It was the perfect time! Based on an actual murder trial this book consisted of many things I love. a haunted house, an unreliable narrator, diary entries, newspaper clippings, meetings at a library! A perfect package!

    • The Evening Spider is an engaging read. I loved a lot of its parts: the mystery pertaining to several old court cases; Frances' psychotic break; Abby's pending breakdown; a haunting; a dead woman's journal; actual court documents; the novel told from two different perspectives from two different lifetimes. This is fascinating read for sure.But the sum of all its parts left me frowning. Frances seems to be a huge catalyst to Abby's own issues. But that became more evident towards the end. So ther [...]

    • Find my full review at aliteraryvacation.When I read the synopsis for The Evening Spider I immediately reached out to the wonderful ladies at TLC Book Tours and asked to please be a part of this tour. It had so many elements I love in one package: historical setting and true crime; psychological suspense; possibly ghosts with nefarious plans creeping around a creaky old house, terrifying a new mom. Jackpot! Now having finished I'm a little torn about how I feel about the story overall. Did I enj [...]

    • מותחן פסיכולוגי מורט עצבים שהיה לי קשה להוריד מהיד. אבי ברנקי, מורה צעירה להיסטוריה בחופשת לידה, עוברת עם בעלה והתינוקת החדשה לבית ישן והיסטורי בקונטיקט. לילה אחד היא מתעוררת ושומעת לחישה מסתורית דרך המוניטור של התינוקת. בעלה לא שומע דבר ואיש לא נמצא בחדר התינוקת, אבל בבוקר ה [...]

    • 3.5 starsI love Emily Arsenault's books. They're incredibly creepy and also incredibly smart. This one is sort of a ghost story, and it's actually chilling.There's so much going on in The Evening Spider that it's actually hard to discuss in any detail without the risk of spoiling things. So here's what I can say: I very much like Abby and empathized with what was going on with her.Because of the way this is written, I had some very real questions about what was really happening and what was in A [...]

    • I will admit that when I began this novel, I had high hopes for it. The buildup was slow yet enticing and I was eager to see how the story would unfold. Unfortunately, this novel let me down big time. The more I read, the more I felt like Abby was simply delusional. Most of the time, nothing was even happening to her and she created the "eerie" situation through her own actions. Just as the novel begins to pick up the pace, it starts to go in a weird direction that just seems rushed and abruptly [...]

    • Emily Arsenault is a new to me author and the cover of this book caught my eye and when I read that it had an element of the paranormal, specifically ghosts, I wanted to read it. Despite all of the pretty negative reviews, I actually liked the book. I didn't have trouble following the two different narrators and time frames, Frances in the 1880's and Abby in the present BUT reading the journal written by Frances in the 1880's. Maybe that is where readers became confused? I admit that at first wh [...]

    • I enjoyed this book very much. I’ve read a couple of Emily Arsenault’s books, and her characters are always complex and relatable, especially the two women in THE EVENING SPIDER. It combines true crime from the 1800s with a modern day ghost story. There are two young mothers living in the same house more than a century apart, a secret diary, a grizzly murder, and troubled ghosts trying to make contact. I loved the spooky Gothic atmosphere, and trying to figure out who was doing the haunting, [...]

    • I’ve added this to my fav shelf. I know this is suppose to be a ghost story but I’m not sure if it’s a literal ghost story or a figurative one. I feel that Abby was dealing with grief over the loss of Wendy and her grief in a sense turned Into a “ghost”. The bruise on Lucy , the phrase she kept hearing all seem to be grief. Francis on the other hand was “haunted” by the secret she found on her husband which ultimately found her in the asylum. The fact the Abby and her family live i [...]

    • I'm a sucker for descriptions like the one for this book: "A gripping blend of psychological suspense and historical true crime". This book is not gripping. Nor is it suspenseful in any way. It's pretty much drivel. Abandoned about halfway through.

    • Review orginally posted on my blog: literaryfeline/2016/01The Evening Spider by Emily ArsenaultWilliam Morrow, 2016Fiction (Psychological Thriller; 400 pgsSource: NetGalley/EdelweissThe Evening Spider is set in both the present and the past, following the lives of two women, both obsessed with uncovering the truth.Frances Barnett has spent the last few years locked in the Northampton Lunatic Hospital. She shares her story with a visitor, telling of how she came to be there, including her marriag [...]

    • A few years ago, I read Emily Arsenault's novel What Strange Creatures and loved the brother/sister sibling relationship at its core. Her latest novel, The Evening Spider, has a sibling relationship in it as well, although that is not the central issue of the story as it was in What Strange Creatures.The inspiration for this story came from the author hearing what she thought was human voice over her daughter's baby monitor shushing the baby. She combined this with an interest in the true story [...]

    • Abby is a new mom with time on her hands. When she first hears the strange noise through her baby monitor, she's quick to attribute it to anything and everything she can. Anything but a ghost, that is. But after eliminating the possibilities, she begins to wonder. A history teacher, Abby was charmed by the fact that their house dated back over a century. What's more, the house had been in the same family for much of that time before she and her husband bought it. But now she wonders about the ho [...]

    • Most of this story baffled me. What was the need for the ghost/ specter? And, that odd woman named Fonda? There are layers of historic murders in this tale, some with too much gruesome detail i.e. the victim being dissected to use as evidence in the trial! Later we learn that the woman who's husband placed her in an asylum had witnessed her husband cutting himself to collect blood apparently used to frame a neighbor for a murder where he was one of the prosecuting attorneyswhat a scumbag. But, w [...]

    • I was a bit uninterested in this the first few chapters, which can sometimes be a no-go for the rest of the book for me, but I am SO glad I pushed on with this one as it turned out to be a really good book. The jumping between time period was made better due to the fact that the current character was reading about the past character from her journal. The supernatural element was done with a deft hand, with just a touch here and there to make you wonder as you sat on the edge of your seat. This i [...]

    • I really liked this book all the way through until the end. It held my attention (which is difficult to do these days). I am rating it a 4 because I loved it until the very end.The end seemed rushed and left me with questions:1. What did Florabelle have to do with anything? It seemed important enough to be mentioned several times but then nothing ever happens with it.2. If the spirit upstairs is Frances, what is the entity downstairs?3. It seems as though Frances accepts the situation with her d [...]

    • The premise of the book was interesting. The interspersal of past and present, two women who lived in the same house and might have both been suffering postpartum depression was interesting. The information on the old murders and their trials, the new techniques being developed in forensic science in the 1800s compared with what we can do today was fascinating. The whole book had the potential to be really phenomenal. But for me, the writing fell short. It didn't hold my interest the way it shou [...]

    • I'm really surprised that I managed to fall asleep last night because this book was terrifying.One storyline is set in 2014 and the other in the 1870-1880's. This book reminded me of Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper". There is a bit of gothic suspense that involves a real life murder ,a ghostly prescence and a woman locked away in a lunatic asylum. I was equally terrified for both Abby and Francis. It was difficult to split this into reading over the span of two days when I wante [...]

    • I literally don't understand what happened in this book. The premise and beginning were fantastic, but I literally have no idea who was haunting the house, what happened to the baby Martha, and what the unspeakable thing was that Frances did, which were some of the main themes of this book.If someone has read this and understood it please spoil it and explain it to me. I definitely missed something. I've never been so disappointed in a book, or felt like I completely wasted so much of my time.

    • Started off well, but didn't wrap everything up to my liking. I had a hard time following the multiple story lines, especially since the Frances story line bounced between the journal and her telling her story to her brother. The timeline was confusing at times. I felt like the Abby story line just ended without a proper conclusion. Disappointing read overall.

    • 2.5 stars? This book is a combo of a historical novel and ghost story--it should be everything I love (a found journal! Suspense! A historical crime!). However, it lacked any good resolution and had too many plot points that were never explained. Disappointed, despite the great subject matter.

    • Deceptively simple, but I stayed up until the wee hours to finish it. Nice description of being a new mother. The writing is fairly straightforward.

    • This is a very out of the box, scary, illuminating book. So glad times have changed cuz so many women I know would be in the loony bin. Very cool that Arsenault based the story on a true case.

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