Playing the Player

Playing the Player The Good Girl Vs The PlayerRound one beginsTrina Clemons needed the money Why else would she the most organized prepared student in school spend the summer as a nanny and partner with the biggest sla

  • Title: Playing the Player
  • Author: Lisa Brown Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781943336562
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Good Girl Vs The PlayerRound one beginsTrina Clemons needed the money Why else would she the most organized, prepared student in school spend the summer as a nanny and partner with the biggest slacker ever Now she s ready to tackle nannyhood with her big binder of research and schedules Just don t ask her about the secret job of fixing the bad habits of aThe Good Girl Vs The PlayerRound one beginsTrina Clemons needed the money Why else would she the most organized, prepared student in school spend the summer as a nanny and partner with the biggest slacker ever Now she s ready to tackle nannyhood with her big binder of research and schedules Just don t ask her about the secret job of fixing the bad habits of a certain high school playerSlade Edmunds prefers easy hook ups, and Trina is definitely not his type She s all structure and rules, while Slade wants to just have fun Fortunately, Trina has no idea about the bet Slade made with his best friend that he can totally get her to unwind by the end of summerThen the weirdest thing happens There s chemistry A lot of it But nothing gets between a boy and a girl like a big, fat secret

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      Lisa Brown Roberts still hasn t recovered from the teenage trauma of nearly tweezing off both eyebrows and having to pencil them in for an entire school year This and other angst filled memories inspire her to write YA books about navigating life s painful and funny dramas, and falling in love along the way.For sneak peeks, surprise giveaways, and fun bookish chats, join Lisa s private reader Facebook group facebook groups 21012

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    • Giving this a 3.5-4 stars. As a YA reader/lover, I'm giving this a 4, but as a general contemporary romance, I'm giving it a 3.5Review at Of Pens and Pages.This feels like a really bad movie," I said. "One where you just know everything's going to blow up in a huge mess at the end."Trina Clemons has her job as a babysitter to adorable five-year olds Max and Gillian, but she's also stuck to mentor the school slacker/player, Slade Edmunds in the guise of a nannying partnership. She'd rather spend [...]

    • "Spontaneity isn't bad. It might even be epic"I should've known that I'll finish this in one sitting.………and that I will swoon like crazy. Entangled Crush can can do no wrong in my book. And Playing the Player is an evidence to that. Get ready girls, Slade is about to intrude your very organized life. by distracting you with his not-so-good clothing style and irresistible charm. No one can be immune! Trina can attest to that.I have been a fan Lisa Brown Roberts ever since I read How (Not) T [...]

    • Playing the Player was beyond adorable. I couldn't stop smiling or keep the laughter contained that kept bubbling out of me. I honestly can't remember the last time a book made me laugh this much. Plus it had the perfect amount of angst that pulled at my heart. Playing the Player was the perfect feel good story and such a huge win!Not even two weeks into this gig and it had all turned upside down and backward. - TrinaIronically, I started out this book unsure if it was going to work for me.Slade [...]

    • “I wondered if this was how it felt to sell your soul to the devil. I bet there were awesome cookies in hell, too.”Such a cute young adult book! I really enjoyed reading this,the story is extremely fun and quirky but with some serious elements and delicate topics.The characters are very interesting and I loved reading from both Trina’s and Slade’s POV. Throughout this book both main characters develop a lot and you’ll get to know their stories a bit more-you’ll realize that they are [...]

    • 3.5 STARSI'm pleasantly surprised with this one. I picked it up completely by random on Overdrive and it was exactly what I needed right now. It was fast, light, fluffy, a little frustrating at times, I'm not gonna lie, but I enjoyed it. (view spoiler)[I will say that both Trina and Slade frustrated me at times.cially Trina with those envelopes at the end. Oh, YA loves its misunderstandings doesn't it? I'm at least glad that they got resolved rather quicklyr the most part. Also, some things did [...]

    • This is a beautifully written teen romance!!I'm not a big fan of YA romance, mostly because the characters are so young.I haven't read too many so I don't have much to compare this to. But if I was in my late teens I am sure that I would absolutely cherish every second of it. It'd be a book I'd read over and over and over again, until the pages were worn and much loved. That's why I've given this 5 stars. Because, for what it is, its absolutely brilliant!!Slade and Trina truly hate one another a [...]

    • 3.5 StarsPlaying the Player is a very cute YA contemporary romance. Lisa really knows how to play out these young adult issues and topics.I have no doubt that many young adults will love this story. I enjoyed reading about the characters different personalities and watching each grow a bit. Trina and Slade are very reluctant to be hanging out together for their summer job but neither really have a choice.The beginning moved at a great pace as they got to know one another and saw a different side [...]

    • Absolutely loved it! It was perfect and I couldn't put it down, unless I had to. YA is a genre I read sometimes, not often, but books like this make me want to read it a lot more!Enemies to friends, friends to lovers, finally seeing someone you've known for years in a whole new lightl these tropes factor into this amazing story. Told in dual pov's, It was the perfect combo of sweetness, comedy, angst and romance. I thought the author did a great job with Slade's characterization. He was a very b [...]

    • 4.5 starsPlaying the Player was such a fun, sweet and entertaining read.Loved both Trina and Slade, they were likable and very relatable. Trina is the nerd who is organized to a fault, she thinks her way is the right way and doesn't let people get too close, she doesn't trust easily. Her past has left her cautious of taking risks and just letting go and having fun.Then we have Slade, the boy who is totally opposite to Trina. He's laid back, loves life and just having fun.He's known as a player b [...]

    • I'm sure I could write a review, but Jasmine's review, somewhere amongst the two stars does it so much better.And I can't copy the link because the app on iPhone is kind of horrible. But in short, he's an asshole, parades around and hooks with OW for about 50% of the book before feeling guilty, and she was so disgustingly uptight and kind of virgin/kill joy. I suspected that she was medically ill, but alas, no. The explanation was that her brother, during their childhood drowned. K. -___-Plus, [...]

    • If I had been 20 years younger, this DEFINITELY would have been a 5 star read. Unfortunately, I don't read YA much, hence the 4 stars, because while this was an extremely well written story with lots of cute and sweet moments, I found it a bit hard to relate!*ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Entangled Publishing*

    • Review Also Posted Here:Dreamy AddictionsI’m a huge fan of all of Entangled Crush’s books! They are always adorable and fun to read. Playing The Player is another great addition because it was funny and cute read, as expected. This book just looked all sorts of adorable! I was in the mood for a light read, and that’s exactly what I got, so it was perfect! It is the first book I’ve read from the author and I really liked it.Trina and Slade are perfect opposites of each other and together [...]

    • I first became a fan of Lisa Brown Roberts after reading How (Not) to Fall in Love earlier this year. I was instantly drawn to how accurate her portrayal of teenagers were, keeping their romance at the appropriate age level and extremely realistic. And I was happy to see that this story had the exact same feel.Trina and Slade are complete opposites and thrown together for a summer of nanny two children. Both go into this arrangement with a secret… which is sure to inevitably bring about the dr [...]

    • **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs**Playing the Player is a young adult contemporary romance that totally made me smile. I think it is safe to say that I am a huge fan of new adult contemporary romances, but young adult contemporaries are tougher for me to fall in love with. I feel like they have realistic and age appropriate for them to be well done, and for some reason I think that is harder in the young adult arena. I think Lisa Brown Roberts did a fantastic jo [...]

    • I started reading this book because the last line in the blurb hooked me badly!Trina and Slade are going to work together over the summer. Their Job: being a nanny to 2 five-year-olds. Both of them don't have a very high meaning of the other, so it's twice as interesting to watch them warm up to each other over time.The story is very realistic, which I quite like. It's easy to get into it. The author told the events in a vivid way and especially the two kids Trina and Slade had to babysit were [...]

    • This book wasn't original or refreshing. I've read plenty of books about the uptight, nerdy female lead and the hot "bad boy" who tries to get her to loosen up. But this book fell flat and was extremely boring. It's one of those books that you can read in one sitting, then when you're done you realize you're bored out of your mind and wish you spent the last couple hours doing something else.So we have the characters. The incredibly underdeveloped characters. It seemed like the author attempted [...]

    • 3.5 “Nannying can be fun” StarsARC via NetGalleyThank you, Entangled Crush!!This is my third Lisa Brown Roberts’ book. While I didn’t connect with Playing the Player as much as Resisting the Rebel or The Replacement Crush, I still could count on this author to write a cute teen love story that made me swoon and smile.Playing the Player is the story of Slade and Trina, two high school kids who kind of hated each other (more her than him) but were forced to spend the summer together.Trina [...]

    • 3.5 stars. Against her better judgment, Trina agrees to "mentor" Slade without his knowledge under the guise of them jointly babysitting two kids for the summer. Trina already has some preconceived ideas about Slade, namely that he's a slacker-player type, and he thinks she is far too intense and serious. At first, they are sniping at one another and trying to outdo the other and it made for some excellent reading. The two kids they are nannying, Gilly and Max, were brilliant - I loved their cha [...]

    • Check out this and other reviews on my blog, Here's to Happy Endings!Also, you can read my interview with author Lisa Brown Roberts here!This book was really cute. While I'm not always one to go right for cute, fluffy YA romances, I absolutely adored this one. It was fun, it was interesting, and it was heartwarming.The book starts off with Trina making a deal with the popular Slade's mom to "mentor" him while doing her summer nanny job. She agrees to pay her double Trina's salary, since she assu [...]

    • **Thank you to Entangled Teen & YA Bound Book Tours for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review!**Playing the Player is yet another wonderful addition to the great books that Entangled Crush has to offer. The story follows Trina and Slade, both who go to the same school. Trina is hired to help watch Gillian over the summer, and Slade is hired to watch Max. Gillian and Max are best friends and will be spending every day together, so that means Slade and Trina will be spendin [...]

    • This was such a cute and fun book that I just devoured it immediately. It was a perfect summer read. Nothing too heavy just good fun and romance. Sometimes the best type of book, if done well, and Lisa Brown Roberts did it right!I loved the fact that going into this nanny scenario, both characters are keeping a secret. Slade has made a bet with his friend that he can't get the uptight and structured Trina to loosen up, and Trina was hired by Slade's mother to be a co-nanny where all her wonderfu [...]

    • I received an ARC of this book from Entangled Crush via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was a very enjoyable book. Yep. Enjoyable. Other words I'd use to describe it include pleasurable, pleasant, satisfying, gratifying etc. You get my drift. To me, this is more of a book that you'd read to pass time. I mean, if you were looking for an intense, thought-provoking book, then this obviously isn't it. But if you were looking for one to read during a rainy day to pass time or while lo [...]

    • When I started this book, I had to suppress a lot of eye rolling, but what started out as cheesy and overdone turned out to be a really cute and enjoyable read! Trina is a control freak with a bit of a geeky side and Slade is the uber popular, lax dude. Basically the complete opposite of her. When Slade's mom hires Trina under the table to be a mentor to Slade for a nanny job, the two lives collide. Turns out Trina isn't quite as smart as she thinks and Slade is maybe just a bit better at the na [...]

    • Another fresh-cute read that can totally get you out of a bad reading slump (which I have been experiencing for the past few days). The presence of two cutie litttle children- Gillian and Max makes the reading much more fun with their crazy antics and tantrums.The chemistry of the main characters Trina and Slade sadly didn't quite work well with me. The excitement is there but I'm looking for something more to happen.

    • ARC kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.3 stars!Sweet! Really enjoyed this one; there were way too many nanny moments to enjoy them as a duo to be honest but those were still pretty cute! Would have loved it if it was a bit more kid free. Nice summer read ♥

    • Originally posted on Books and Starlight.When I found this opportunity to review yet another Lisa Brown Roberts book, I didn't even hesitate to jump on it. Her debut novel Hot (Not) to Fall in Love was the first young adult book that I read this year and it jump-started my year in the YA genre and I could only hope that Playing the Player will be the same. And let me tell you, it was!To say that I read this book in one sitting would be a lie. Sadly, I did it in two, because work came in the way. [...]

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