Release Me

Release Me Cal the ultimate badboy player in TAT is about to crawl on his knees and prove to Tayla that he has changed for the better With all the chaos that the boys of TAT and the women who love them have had

  • Title: Release Me
  • Author: MelanieWalker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cal the ultimate badboy player in TAT is about to crawl on his knees and prove to Tayla that he has changed for the better With all the chaos that the boys of TAT and the women who love them have had to face this year, it may be harder than he ever imagined When a woman from Cal s past shows up with a shocking secret Cal must decide if he really can ever give Tayla whatCal the ultimate badboy player in TAT is about to crawl on his knees and prove to Tayla that he has changed for the better With all the chaos that the boys of TAT and the women who love them have had to face this year, it may be harder than he ever imagined When a woman from Cal s past shows up with a shocking secret Cal must decide if he really can ever give Tayla what she needs Tayla is overwhelmed with the sorrow that has hit this band and that included in the secret relationship she and Cal have been having for three years, will combust with sadness, laughter and a lot of sexual angst like only Mel can write it.

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    • **WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**Even though I struggled to get through this one. It was still awesome, but just loaded with drama, drama, drama!!!!I'm so happy that Tay and Cal got their HEA!!! Eventufuckingly!!!!! There were a lot of times in this book that I went all aaawwwweeee and soft and mushy. But there were a lot of times I was seriously frustrated and wanted to butt people's heads together clearly the reason why I took so long to get through the book, cause I was constantly conflicted! [...]

    • I'm sorry for the low rating, the story line was okay but the editing wasn't (although it was better than the last one), although Cal throughout the book looks to prove to Tay his commitment to her, he still enjoys going to strip clubs despite knowing how his wandering ways hurt Tay in the past and I'm just not okay with that, call me stuck up but that's my view and I just can't get over the fact that Candey died and I hate that Noah will in future be paired up with Jenny, I hate her and I just [...]

    • As the 4th book in the rocker bad boy romance series "Release Me" certainly holds strong. Each book details the life of the band members and the women who surround them. With tattooed bad boys you will love in book 1 and ones you can't live without by book 4. Love, loss and rock and roll. Book 4 details the current life of Cal Dorian, lead guitarist for the band Thick as Thieves. Cal is going to get some heart stopping news and either turn it around or lose it all. Release MeMelanie Walker

    • Cal, Noah, Chad, Shame and Sam and all there girlsg!I received an arc for an honest review *MAJOR SPOILERS*I had the opportunity to beta read release me. Melanie is one of my favorite authors her work is deep, real and extremely emotional I have bawled like a baby in everyone of her books That being said here goes my review *SPOILERS*the story starts off with an absolute life changer. Yep 3% in you already want to strangle someoneis is where you meet Axed fall in love with cal. This changes his [...]

    • This is going to be a harsh review but I hope the author uses these reviews to improve upon as a writer. I've invested my time in this series as well as my money and with each review I've been very honest. I began this series because the premise was of interest to me. I loved the first book and rated it as such--grammatical errors and all. The second book was a travesty filled with violence, sadness and death. It was extremely depressing and certainly not what I had expected from a series about [...]

    • Let me start off by saying that I love this series, but this book really disappointed me. If you read the other books in this series you know Cal was an asshole but you couldn't help but love him. As for Tayla I liked her in the previous books, but in this one I couldn't stand her. As Carrie said, "She needed to get off of her high horse". Cal was doing everything he could to make amends for all he had done and Tayla was being a major bitch about it. She wouldn't let Cal explain himself, she wou [...]

    • WOWWOW.just wow! This book was awesome I felt every emotion while reading this. For most of half the book I wanted to string Cal up and shake him! I felt for Tayla. She spent so much time loving and being pushed away that she got tired and had trouble believing. I don't think any woman would have felt differently or handled things differently because if they say they would have they would be lying. I don't want to give any spoilers away so I am going to say that this series is awesome! It goes i [...]

    • This is a good seriesI have enjoyed the earlier books in this series and was excited to read Cal's story. He background is not like the other guys, no abuse, no bad stories. He was raised in a loving home but he doesn't want to settle down. tayla has been in love with him so long now and believes he will never commit. They hit some obstacles and you will have to sit back read the book and enjoy the ride.

    • I'm totally in love with this series and Melanie didn't disappoint with this one . It was nice to see that Cal had a softer side and was willing to fight for the love of his life . I do have to say Tayla kinda pissed me off always being totally bitchy with Cal . She had known how he was for years . I also got some of my Noah and what is happening with him . I'm so looking forward to the next one .

    • I love the characters in this series, even when they are being childish and annoying. They are so well thought through that you become really invested in them. However, I have to comment on the editing of this book, it really let it down and I'm struggling to believe that it was proof read, as there were some really annoying grammatical errors - fourth book in, this should not be happening. Still a 4 star read for me.

    • So worth the waitWell I thought this was Noah's story and he is in there quite a bit. But Tay and Cal are the main attraction. This whole series has been just so gritty and real and had me all wrapped up seeing what was to come. There were lots of editing issues, sort of an auto correct gone wild. They did not deter me from reading or loving this story. Is there anything left to tell? Is TAT , Thick As Theives, finally finished ? Only the author knows for sure.

    • I am a TAT fanAlthough the editing was rough, I cannot deny the content. This is an amazing series with a group of friends, no scratch that, a family who pull together no matter what tragedy they see.

    • Must read!!!!I loved this book so much!! I love all of the tat boys if you haven't read these books you really need to. This is the fourth one and the keep getting better!! Melanie walker is a awesome writer she keeps getting better

    • AmazingAll of your books have been amazing I love every single one. All of them so raw with emotion. You are an amazingly gifted writer. I can't wait for Noah's story.

    • Wow! The best one yet!This book brought me to my knees. Once again Melanie had me crying. This series is amazing and worth waiting for each and every book that comes out!

    • So I never write reviews but I️ just can’t not! l was so happy to see Cal and Tay finally get their happy ever after! See Cal put down his fears, step up be a man and claim Tay! So I’m coming off my high of Cal and Tay when I️ see that there are two more books! Yaayy! I’m that weird person that if I start a series even if I️ don’t really like the first book I️ have to complete the series! I️ have to know what happens next. So I️m looking at the next two books reading the revi [...]

    • I read this book through Kindle Unlimited. This is the 4th book in the series counting the Novella as number 3. This is Cal and Tay's story and it is told in alternating pov's. Cal and Tay the bands manager have been having a 3 year on and off affair. They have kept this quiet so it doesn't affect the band but Tay has slowly fallen in love with him. Cal has made it perfectly clear that he "isn't the guy" for her and never will be and continues to sleep around until he falls and falls hard. By th [...]

    • I almost lost this book in my never ending TBR pile. I was happy to see Cal and Tay's story and felt like it had the great mix of pain and love I've come to expect from this series. I think I've figured out Noah's love interest from the next book, but I hope I'm wrong because I am not happy with this chick. Again, I wish someone would have proofed this writing so it wasn't distracting me from the story.

    • Great readLike the rest it has some upsetting moments but the story line and how can and ty come together finally had you feeling hopefully that there's a light at the end of the road.

    • Another good oneOnce again this was another good story, to add to an already fantastic series, and I look forward to reading more in the future.

    • Cal and Tayla's storyThis sort of continues from the end of Save Me. Cal and Tayla's have been fooling around for 3 years. They love each other, but Cal decides he can't be with her because of the band so he breaks her heart. Then realizes he made a mistake and on the day he is going to go claim her he gets a life changing surprise. A 2 year old son he knew nothing about.As Cal deals with trying to do the best for his son and reconnect with Tayla things do not go well. She does not trust him wit [...]

    • I have always loved Cal and now I got his book with his story and wow what a fucking story he got. First of let me say that Tay is one hard person to like and im happy they got their shit at the end with their happily ever but she just rubs the wrong way so many times throughout the book that I just wanted Cal to send her to fuck herself. I understand that he was a shithole but she put up with it for the last 3 years and now that tragedy opened his eyes on top of a new addition being brought int [...]

    • So. The first 2 books in this series I loved and even reread them because I couldn't get enough. This book not so much a fan. I felt there was no need to continually be reminding that cal and Noah weren't on great terms, that axe calling him dad was the first time he ever did that. Just repeating explaining thingsWe are reading your book, we are on the journey, we know these are his firsts I just felt like the book was being dumb down so we can understand but it felt rather insulting. I will sti [...]

    • Ahhhhhh Cal e Tayla make me want to punch them really bad ;)) they make me crazy ahhahaha ; before they want each other and then she hates him for what he does all the time and he begins to demonstrate her that he's really sorry for all ! Then Then Cal's son appears and he's the cutest child ever ! He divides himself between his son and the love of his life and I just can't resist to him and so can't Tayla *_* I'm so , so sorry for Noah and his fiancée a , but I'm so proud of Cal and what he t [...]

    • Cal and Tay, a match made in argumentative heaven. Although I really like Cal's character, the way he has used and abused Tay over the course of the TAT series made me instantly on the defensive on Tay's behalf. However, I quickly switched my allegiance when he stepped up to the plate to be the perfect dad to young Axe. I found Tay to be a little frustrating as she fought so hard against his efforts to be the right man for her but in true melanie Walker fashion, the story held strong and worked [...]

    • Series must be read in order. This is the worst book in the series. It requires major editing. Along with the editing issues (which i can normally overlook if there are a few) the story about Cal was not interesting. His character as a man whore is over the top and it's difficult to accept the relationship that evolves with Tay. Then to top things off, Noah's epilogue is unacceptable. Why the hell would i be interested in reading a story about Noah having bonded with that person?! (I don't want [...]

    • This could have easily been a 4 star read if not for the numerous editing problems. Misspelled words, extra words making the sentence garbled, grammar mistakes. I want to know how Noah's life goes, so I will read the next book, but if there are as many mistakes in Never Me I won't be reading this author's books again.

    • GoodI could have done with out all the song lyrics at the beginning of each of the chapters. And the lead women was getting on my last nerves. In your next books can you get some kick ASS woman. Same story different characters. Do something different

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