Visitor The seventeenth novel in Cherryh s Foreigner space opera series a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences The human and atevi inhabitants of Alpha Station orbiting the world of the

  • Title: Visitor
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: 9780756409104
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The seventeenth novel in Cherryh s Foreigner space opera series, a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences The human and atevi inhabitants of Alpha Station, orbiting the world of the atevi, have picked up a signal from an alien kyo ship telling them that the ship is inbound toward Alpha Five thousand of the inhabitants of Alpha are human refugees from thThe seventeenth novel in Cherryh s Foreigner space opera series, a groundbreaking tale of first contact and its consequences The human and atevi inhabitants of Alpha Station, orbiting the world of the atevi, have picked up a signal from an alien kyo ship telling them that the ship is inbound toward Alpha Five thousand of the inhabitants of Alpha are human refugees from the now derelict Reunion Station They have seen this scenario before, when a single kyo ship swooped into the Reunion system and, without a word, melted a major section of Reunion Station with a single pass These refugees, who were rescued through the combined efforts of an allied group of humans and atevi and brought to safety at Alpha, are now desperate with fear.Bren Cameron brilliant human emissary of Tabini aiji, the powerful atevi political leader on the mainland below, and also the appointee of the human president of the island nation of Mospheira is the obvious choice of representative to be sent up to deal with both the panicked refugees and the incoming alien ship.As a member of the spacefaring delegation who rescued the refugees, Bren has talked to kyo before and even won their trust by saving one of their kind from a Reunioner prison Because of his remarkable diplomatic and linguistic abilities, Bren managed to communicate with that grateful kyo individual on a limited basis, and he has evidence that that same kyo is on the ship heading to defenseless Alpha Station.But no one can predict what an alien race might do, or what their motivations could be.And Bren Cameron, the only human ever to be accepted into atevi society, is now the one individual with a hope of successfully interacting with the crew of the incoming ship But Bren knows it will take putting himself in the hands of the kyo.Can Bren count on the gratitude of one individual alien to save his life and the lives of thousands on Alpha Station

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    • And we're back with the three-way theme, but this time we're fully into the linguistics issues again.I don't know about any of you, but linguistics and communications problems are where this series SHINES. :) The new alien species introduced so many books ago is back and it's a full feature this time. *giddy dance* It helps that we're relying on Bren almost full-time to get this diplomacy party started. Or continued, as the case may be. Are the Atevi and Humans going to be dragged into some inte [...]

    • There's not many series where it suddenly gets brilliant again in volume 16.And I loved this one even more, because it did something I absolutely was not expecting.

    • Oh my! As much as I enjoyed book 16, this one takes it to another level, making it one of my favourite of the series (with book 6). The Station political mess has been partially seen to, enough so to allow Bren, Ilisidi and Cajeiri to deal with the Kiyo. And it is glorious! We’re back in diplomacy and linguistics. Not only this, Cherryh throws one major ‘curve ball’ in the narrative that I was not expecting, and which will have some huge repercussions! Knowing the author, we won’t see it [...]

    • "We are oil and humans are water. We do not need to be other than what we are to exist in the same vessel."I've been wanting to try Cherryh's series for a while, and I'm thrilled to have finally had the opportunity. Cherryh is an intriguing writer, and the world she creates is fully-fleshed and complex. Long ago, a human spaceship found itself transposed a multitude of lightyears from Earth, orbiting the planet of a non-space-faring species called the atevi. Some of the humans onboard leave to c [...]

    • Well now I can't wait for the next one. This series is the most delightful ongoing story of a human who learns to negotiate between species as he represents the native species on his adopted planet. Great characters, richly imagined world.

    • Enjoyed this - I’m always glad to spend more time with these characters. However, the entire first half of the book consists of talking and recapping. The second half is mostly talking, too, but at least a new subject is introduced when the Kyo make their anticipated arrival, and bring a surprise.The book is tightly focused on Bren, with only a few sections from Cajeiri’s point of view. The other characters exist mostly to tell Bren what a great job he’s doing. I was pretty disappointed th [...]

    • As far as I know none of my friends are reading this series. And since this is the 17th (!) book in that series, I can't urge them to pick it up and give it a go. Sigh. This book is so well done, so many threads lightly traced books ago come knotted together here. Some of the painstakingly detailed and slow sections of earlier books pay off here. Bren is a cultural interpreter and advisor. The books all portray the difficulties of communication -- whether between factions, between two different [...]

    • When the author took to spinning out a novelette's worth of plot into 400-450 pages through repetition and endless explication, I went from loving her work to merely appreciating it. This episode is no different in that respect from the dozen or so preceding it---I found it readable only through dint of much skimming and skipping. Its bones are just fine, scant as they are.I do see hints here that she may be finishing at last with the Atevi and moving on to work out another alien society. More p [...]

    • From it's first publication near my birthday in 1994, I have eagerly awaited the next installment of the Foreigner series. This novel #17 and 22 years later is one of the best of the series, perhaps the best. That is really hard to say as so much of this novel depends on the prior 16. They have all been necessary for us to understand and appreciate this partial denouement. I can only say WOW! I am further impressed, that even though I have only read each novel once, that I remember so much that [...]

    • Another stellar addition!The depth of the Foreigner series continues to amaze. Bren's life just becomes more difficult as its realized that a ship of the Kyo is heading towards the atevi world.Meanwhile the human station occupants--the Mospheirans and The Reunioners are in conflict with each other. Turmoil is rife at a very dangerous time with the Kyo drawing near. The Mosheirans have taken over the human side of the station. They want to react to the Kyo's presence one way. Bren and the atevi, [...]

    • Let me just say it is really rare for a book to make me squeal and do flappy hands in public. Visitor starts off well, reminding us of all the nifty things that happened in the previous book and offering some really interesting reinterpretations of events from earlier in the series. Bren goes through a crisis of confidence. A bunch of characters and relationships that were vaguely sketched get more fleshed out. All of that was great. But I should have remembered that CJ Cherryh always does somet [...]

    • I really enjoyed this one. There's a big focus on Bren's roots, from his time at school and training to be a linguist/interpreter, and on Mospheira's culture, in ways that I didn't expect. I really enjoyed learning more about Bren's background, which, even with the one short story and 16 books, has been somewhat shrouded in mystery. Who was Bren when he first started the job? How did he get it? What is his relationship with his predecessor, rather than him just ruminating on the guy?We learn a l [...]

    • I like this book, but not as well as some others in the series. For a while I was wondering if it was to be the last one in the series because the author has managed to wrap all the plot threads of previous crises now. And then, boom, she gives us a new one, and the solution Bren comes up with to try and keep it contained you know will never work. So, kudos to Ms. Cherryh for jumpstarting the series still again.With that said, I found myself missing some of the things I love about these books. N [...]

    • This series is pretty much trying to kill me.I had wondering in earlier books about the enemybut I was like, nah, it can't be. And it is. And now I don't even know anymore. How on earth are they going to fix THIS?

    • Not used to giving book #17 in a series 5 stars, indeed there are few authors who I'd bother with beyond book #6 in a series.There are exciting revelations in this book. And, lots of interesting directions this series could go in now. I particularly hope for getting Irene's viewpoint, and wonder if that storyline is going in a kind of 40,000 in Gehenna direction.But, the reason I actually gave this 5 stars has nothing to do with any of that. It's because of the depiction of mastery of a complex [...]

    • A little slow at times, a little repetitive, but oh, so worth it in the end. I feel like I've taken a class in interspecies relations, and I am in awe at CJ Cherryh's ability to construct so detailed an experience humanity is nowhere near encountering. This is the same gift in storytelling that drew me to the Chanur series, and I'm so grateful I've stuck with Cherryh through this series as well.

    • Read it in one day. Back into the story this series tells best, lots of alien-deciphering on Bren's part, and tension of situation. Did miss that there was no real engagement of the story with some favourite characters, who moved through the background with little conversation, so that they were only glimpsed, no personality coming through, though. Wanting a book about Cullen now.

    • While there is great tension in this 17th entry in the Foreigner series, there are no battles and no blood. There is a misbehaving human (not surprising), well-behaved human, atevi, and koi kids, an openly supportive Illysidi (somewhat surprising). All our usual characters except Cajieri takes a backseat to Bren and Cajieri does nothing wrong - he is the perfect Young Aijii. Even the koi are supportive of Bren (not surprising because they want something from him).Bren has a few of his self-doubt [...]

    • Fantastiskt att det går att skriva så många böcker (detta är den 17:e om jag räknat rätt) där det mesta handlar om språk och kultur och diplomati. Men det är spännande!

    • The first of the Foreigner novels I've read, and really enjoyed it. Cherryh does a great job of presenting a story that's clearly a part of a larger whole, but in such a way that the reader isn't either overwhelmed with background information dumps or left constantly floundering without necessary knowledge. Plus, the theme of communication and linguistics among wildly different cultures (alien species, in this instance) is fascinating and well-presented. I'm going to keep an eye out for more of [...]

    • The best long-running science fiction series ever, bar none. I was already a Cherryh fangirl in 1994 when FOREIGNER, the first book of this series was published. I'd been reading her books since 1976 so I knew how brilliant she could be (DOWNBELOW STATION, anyone?). FOREIGNER knocked my socks off. Ms. Cherryh is a consummate world builder and outstanding at exploring what it means to be human, especially the differences between humans and aliens. In FOREIGNER she was at her best. Now, it's 2016 [...]

    • I've now read every single book in this series, and I figure in 5 years or so, I'll go back and re-read all of them. (I read them initially back in the early '00s when I discovered them, then re-picked them up and read the series through, not a small feat, in I think 2013-4.)I don't know that I've reviewed any of them yet, but I decided to review this one. I'm a fanboy, first of CJ Cherryh, and of this series in particular. I love this series, I think more than any science fiction series I've ev [...]

    • This is one of the better books in the series, in my opinion. The first two-thirds plods along slowly. I was going to say it was a waste of pages, but I won't go that far. Some of the setup occurs off-page, or it happened in the last book and I have forgotten.Bren, the Dowager, and Caijeiri are on the space station because the Kyo are on their way. This should be enough of a plot for one book. But no, we have a revolt by the Reunion refugees, mismanagement by the Mospheri Station Chief, and unre [...]

    • This is book #17 in a series that began in 1994; there has occasionally been a "middle" book but the overall quality has stayed high. I wouldn't rate any of them less than 4 stars. As I was reading this one, I was reminded that Cherryh writes space stations very well (Downbelow Station); she manages to make it a visceral almost claustrophobic experience. In Visitor you get one station, human built but crewed by humans and atevi, two ships (one human, one kyo), three/four types of humans and two [...]

    • This is almost a noir mystery in how almost nothing actually happens until the final scene, but the tension and intrigue is off the charts. Early in the story, a minor dust-up is settled, and then we just sit back and wait for the visitors to come by for tea. We learn lots about the kyo, and everyone learns to communicate in pixels. Bren navigates the first (second?) contact issues well, and the kyo become trustworthy, as do most of the humans. The atevi bring stability to everything - it's not [...]

    • 3.5 stars, with a 'rounding' to 4 stars: a new story arc develops, with a bombshell plot direction. Frankly, wanted to round-down to 3 stars.That said, I found it too incredulous: perhaps it's an hint that the story has come full circle, and, the (welcome) end to the Foreigner story line is coming. After all, all stories should come to an end! On the other hand, the story felt rushed, and depth shallow: lots of wordy text to convey the intrigue and politics, but I miss the action.SPOILERA new ch [...]

    • So far there are 5 trilogies plus 2 more books in the Foreigner series. Visitor looks like the second book in trilogy 6 but it reads like it could be the final volume. All of the familiar characters are back as the kyo arrive for a visit at Alpha Station. It is Bren’s job to learn why they came and what they want. I admit that I had a suspicion about who the kyo were at war with and it turns out I was right. Another interesting novel about how we are all alike and how we are all different. I d [...]

    • This is the 17th book in the series. It's like a TV series at this point. In this book, no one made a mistake, no one was unkind. No one made anything worse by an action they took. Everything worked perfectly through the whole book for everyone involved. Yet it was still engaging. I especially liked the last couple of chapters. All the interesting bits are in the way people are thinking, the process of them working things out.

    • IMO the best novel of the "Foreigner" series since the first trilogy, which were all fantastic.New ideas in this novel, not just development of old ones.Also, Cherryh usually reserves most of her action for the end of these books, but Visitor included action throughout.

    • Fascinating book. Just when you think Cherryh has done it all, she throws something else at you. And now I've got to go thumb back through all the Union and Alliance books to find a reference to Cullen, because I'm sure I've seen him before

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