Trixter Trix Woodcutter is the long prophesied Boy Who Talks to Animals He s also a foundling prankster scamp who places his family under a sleeping spell so that he can run away from home Compelled by a visi

  • Title: Trixter
  • Author: Alethea Kontis
  • ISBN: 9781942541028
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trix Woodcutter is the long prophesied Boy Who Talks to Animals He s also a foundling prankster scamp who places his family under a sleeping spell so that he can run away from home Compelled by a vision of his dead birthmother, Trix departs on the eve of a Great Catastrophe, only to find himself caught in the maelstrom Armed with little than his wits and the wisdomTrix Woodcutter is the long prophesied Boy Who Talks to Animals He s also a foundling prankster scamp who places his family under a sleeping spell so that he can run away from home Compelled by a vision of his dead birthmother, Trix departs on the eve of a Great Catastrophe, only to find himself caught in the maelstrom Armed with little than his wits and the wisdom inherent in all fey blooded youth, Trix confronts a legendary Animal King, faces off against a ghostly feline, rescues a damsel in distress, and discovers about himself than he ever wished to know And this adventure is only the beginning.

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      A veritable badass fairy princess Jim Butcher Alethea Kontis IS fairy tales Jim C Hines, author of Libriomancer Alethea Kontis Awesome, racks up award nominations, wears tiaras SF author Ferrett Steinmetz I want to live in Alethea s head because I think that might be the most interesting place in the world Ellen Oh, author of Prophecy Alethea Kontis, the woman who writes like Shakespeare would if he were alive today Aaron Pound The beauty of a princess, the confidence of a queen, the brilliance of a writer, and the demeanor of a cheerful fairy comedian Cheyenne Z This was the story before all of the other stories, and it was the other tales that were changed over time Nerdophiles, on ENCHANTED

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    • This book is only to be read AFTER Hero(book 2 in the Woodcutter Sister' series). You wouldn't really enjoy it otherwise. This book begins just after Trix spells his family in Hero and goes out on his own to see his dead birth mother. This book or more like novella tells what adventures Trix was having during the events of Hero. I was really excited to read this and was not disappointed. I wanted to know what kind of trouble Trix was getting up to during Hero. I didn't know much about Trix other [...]

    • Trix Woodcutter never really interested me until now. I was always more interested in the rest of the Woodcutters, Sunday, Saturday, Friday and the others. Reading Trixter has changed all of that. I fell quickly in love with the part fey boy. Even though Trixter is a novella it felt as full as any of Alethea's other books.As the story opens we are introduced to Trix as he is escaping from his family after bewitching their food. We then get to experience the flood that Saturday created from yet a [...]

    • Great new spin-off series that occurs between the adventures of the Woodcutter Sisters by Alethea Kontis. This, like the others, rocks and rolls. Though not grounded as deeply in fairy tales, they are still hidden there along with hints to myth and legend. The writing is tight, the adventure is high and the reading damn fine.As a jaded old bloke who still likes to read fairy stories to his kids, and play with the stories a little in the quiet times, I must recommend this and the others in the co [...]

    • The more Kontis writes in this world, the more involved and complicated her worldbuiding becomes. This one definitely had fairy tale elements, and some of the pieces were pulled right from fairy tales, but the over arching story was most definitely not. I am really, really enjoying these novels.

    • This might be my favorite story yet. I love Trix and Lizinia is pure joy. I want the second story now. All the stories in all honesty.

    • I was really surprised at how much I adored this book! The Woodcutter Sisters series is not my favorite. I liked Enchanted well enough, it was an okay book, but I wasn't thrilled with it. I hesitated to buy this book, as I thought the series has a bit of a weird feel to it. (I've only read the first book of the series, I couldn't read anymore) So the only reason I bought this book was because A. Trix can talk to animals B. It's a fairy-tale retelling and C. I was hoping it was a different story [...]

    • It was fun to learn more about Trix Woodcutter! In the beginning, he's running away from home after his birthmother appeared in his dreams and called for him. Trix is able to talk to animals, which helps him in his travels. He meets interesting people and animals and has quite the adventure.I loved getting more of the story of the Woodcutter family, and especially learning more about Trix. There were twists and turns along the way and the ending definitely left me wanting more! It's a short book [...]

    • An incredible read. Princess Alethea Kontis spins a mind blowing tale about the boy that we all imagined ourselves to be. This story kept me locked in for the entire wild ride!I am eager to find out what adventures will follow for the young Trix and the rest of the Woodcutter clan.- The Good Fairy

    • Alethea Kontis has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Amongst a glut of fairy tale retellings, her books immediately stood out for me for both the author's keen knowledge of fairy tales, and the witty way she incorporates even the most obscure into her novels. They have often have a light touch with humor that makes me think of some modern fairy tales, like Alice in Wonderland (while still, ya know, making sense!) with a great sense of innovation and adventure.In my now lost review of th [...]

    • I just re-read this for the second time after reading Ms. Kontis first two books to read them in chronological order.The books are fast paced and wonderfully written. I yearn to learn more about the world that she has spun in the Woodcutter Sisters series. Trixter has temporarily satisfied my desire for more experiences in their world. I love that there are real consequences to ones actions that seem to be missing in "modern" a.k.a. Disney fairy tales. The lessons taught in the books are realist [...]

    • I loved this book so much I immediately went out and bought everything else Alethea Kontis has written. Her twist on fairy tales is completely original and totally enchanting. She's a must buy for me from now on.

    • Fun story! This is the first of Alethea's books I've read, and I do wish I had realized my own fault, mind you that there were preceding novels in the series, as I would've gotten them prior to reading this one. Due to that, the book was a little confusing, but still enjoyable. I enjoyed the elements from familiar fairy tales mixed with the new ideas presented. I look forward to reading more of Alethea's work in the future!

    • I always enjoy a Kontis fairytale book but I wanted it longer! So much happened in this short novella and I wanted more. Trix should have his own book in this series, not a novella. Besides that, I enjoyed it very much.

    • Well this on has taken me a hot minute to read. Ha. Sorry I waited so long! It was an excellent edition to the series. :)

    • You know from my previous reviews of Enchanted, Dearest, and Hero that I'm a Kontis fan. She deftly combines and explores multiple fairytales and folklore stories in the Woodcutter sisters books. Some are stronger than others, but all of them are funny and sweet, and very approachable.I was bummed to learn that her previous publisher dropped contract, so I will never get to read about how Thursday became a Pirate Queen (I need that story, Alethea!). But I'm tickled that she went ahead and self-p [...]

    • Trixter begins where Hero and Dearest began, with Trix Woodcutter putting a sleeping potion on his family and running away to save his biological mother. This, of course, was just before Saturday threw her magic mirror out the window and accidentally caused an ocean to flood the countryside. But getting swept up in a magical ocean is only the beginning of the adventures for The Boy Who Talks to Animals.Trixter was, in my opinion, one of the best books I have seen by Alethea Kontis yet. Enchanted [...]

    • Let me begin with a word of caution to read this book after Enchanted and Hero (books 1 and 2 of the Woodcutter series). While the book stands beautifully on its own, it contains spoilers for those books which are far too delightful to be spoiled.Since other reviewers have summarized the book so well, I will try to briefly capture what I love most about this novella. In the Woodcutter series, Kontis has created a magical world the likes of which is far too uncommon in contemporary fiction. In co [...]

    • In the previous book, Hero, Saturday and Trix set off a chain of events that leads to a massive flood, but we only saw Saturday's side of the story. Trix had quite the adventure after he left his family behind. Caught up in Saturday's massive flood, he finds himself underwater and off on a grand new adventure. Wishing on a passing star sets off a series of events that will ultimately lead Trix far from home, but bring him right where he was heading at the same time. Along the way he meets quite [...]

    • Trixter by Alethea Kontis is about the many fun and exciting adventures of Trix Woodcutter, the Boy Who Talks to Animals. It is a fairly quick read, that middles school students and young adults will enjoy. Full of magical beings and mythical creatures, this novel will entice the attention young readers. The enticing cover will also catch the attention of its readers. I would recommend this novel to readers that enjoy the combination of fantasy and fairytales.Series: Books of ArillandGenre: fant [...]

    • This is technically book 2.5 of the series, but I read it after reading book 3, and I'm very glad I did. There are mysteries and secrets revealed in Dearest that are slightly spoiled if you read Trixter first, but if you wait, then those same secrets are delightful nuggets of joy that you get to share with Trix when they're revealed.I keep waiting to get sick of these books. So far, I've read the first 4 with the sequel to Trixter coming up next, and I just can't get Arilland out of my head. Thi [...]

    • What a fun, entertaining, enchanting book! I love Alethea Kontis' writing style, how her sentences and words flow with the story she tells, topsy-turvy or languidly, packed with emotions and joy and how many fairy tales are woven into her amazing story, some very obviously, some you nearly miss. You can't help but fall for Trixter, master of mischief, with the big heart and the humble opinion of himself. How he always helps and thinks of others more than of himself, but how he always manages to [...]

    • Every time I finish one of Alethea Kontis' books, I can't wait for the next one to come out. And now I'm in a total state of anticipation as she has me waiting for two books because I'm now completely hooked on the Trixter Adventures (which I knew beforehand that I would be), and I'm of course waiting for the next Woodcutter Sisters book to come out.Alas, and alack, woe is me!Alethea Kontis never fails to deliver a wonderful story, part fairy tale retelling and part her own inventions. Her imagi [...]

    • This book really hits the ground running - literally!As we're running and a whole heap of things are happening, trying to keep up logically with the story was a bit difficult at first as I'd not read Alethea's other books, but she writes well and brings you up to speed pretty quickly, while still reserving a few surprises for later.A well-woven tale, great characters and mystery, BUT it leaves you on a cliff hanger!I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review, which I think is [...]

    • wordnerdy/2016/05This is the first book in a sort of companion series to Kontis' Woodcutter Sisters series (which seems not to have been picked up for any more books, which is a major shame), focusing on their adopted brother, who can talk to animals. He's run away from home after receiving a vision from his birth mother, sending him straight into a bunch of fairy-tale adventures. I liked this a lot, but it didn't feel like a /whole/ story to me--more the first half of one. Luckily the second bo [...]

    • There seems to be no way I can put a Woodcutter adventure book down. I love the world Alethea has created and I am so invested in them that I never want to leave.There is not a character that is introduced that I do not delight in. There are no real evil characters, rather, there seem to be characters that just can not rise above their natures to be mischievous. I love these books, partly because the characters, though faced with peril, never are overcome with malice. There is always an undercur [...]

    • very good, but not complete on it's own- This feels like about the first quarter of a novel and I want to read the rest! It is back to as good as the first few novels by this author (the latest was disappointing) but doesn't feel complete by itself to fair warning that it seems to be a preview of things to come!

    • it didn't really feel ended to me. it was like i reached a halfway point and then nothing. are there gonna be more stories about trix?i know three doesn't seem like a lot of times to use a word, but 'meager' and 'oh happy day' showed up more than i cared ford they used his full name a little too often, too imoit was alright though.

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