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May 01 2017 07:07:17
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Interleague results
Any news on interleague tables being updated???
Looks to me they are updated as and when they feel like it.
My team ( carmarthen exiles) have played 5 games yet still says on the website that we have only played 3.
Iv emailed the results email address and alwyn but have had no response off either.
Is it me or is this league actually being run or is it falling on its **** surely it's not hard to update a league once a month in time for people's next league games.
It's an absolute shambles!
Us girls love playing county but we're still waiting for our county cup dates which our fees (we pay ourself) have been put up 15 per year for. If i'm honest i will only be paying the old rate 45 next year until we have dates in place.
85 views so far 2 replies yet non off anybody that actually runs the league.
With a game this coming Sunday WE NEED TO KNOW WHERE WE STAND
Think Marty delayed posting some results due to numerous rearranged games and intended to catch up in one session when all results in.
If you want further clarification, best to ring him.
Update on my complaint ....... Sunday morning 8 a.m some teams had played 3 some had played 4.
By 12midday.
It had been updated so some had played 5 yet my team is still down as only have had played 3.
So he's going to the hassle of updating some but not all
I just find this very strange
Exactly the same as you Hodge, emails sent and totally ignored. Some teams in our league updated others not... Usual head against a brick wall.
If they go in it's great, if they don't YOURPfft not!!!
Well this year has been a total farce... on speaking to managers of other teams in div 3. And adding up all the scores it turns out what I didn't want to happen is happening two of teams starting to run away with our league when we thought we were in with a good shout......
What excuse do you have for not updating the league's you have 30 odd das from one match to the next
It's fast becoming a joke
Emails and texts sent and all being ignored...
If they go in it's great, if they don't YOURPfft not!!!
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