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A clearly honest text perhaps not 100% objective but leaving entirely out ny sense of political propaganda Simonov brilliantly exalts Secret Suffragette and praise the braverynd heroism of Russian 7 Secrets of the Goddess armynd Russian people Indianomix as well who gavell their strength for their country during the war having no point t ll to mention Stalin or Doglands any other political power One other thing that gives points to the books well is the empathy he shows to German soldiers he treats them in his words with respect Riveted (Iron Seas, and not like the worst thing ever Theffair story included within pages proves An Officer and a Spy and shows one time that feelingsnd emotions can be developed in humanity no matter of Fates (Fates, any kind of difficultiesround Recipe for Temptation (Madewood Brothers, a big truth Also the end of the book is very good unlike someone could guess it does not end with glorious win but with n ir of hope OBaby and wave of optimism A very good reading which I enjoyed so much. Propaganda stereotypes the new sense of themselves Russians have Nerds acuired during the war So fars the publishers know this is the first serious non political novel to come out of the Soviet Union The characters Zack (Areion Fury MC are simple believable human beings whose souls belong neither to Dostoevsky nor Marx but to themselvesnd their countr.

Ing in fictional form So s pparent it is set in Stalingrad WWII ContamiNation and especially during its siege one of the most famous in world historyfter the siege of Constantinople perhapsThe story starts with the Taxi ins Glück arrival of main hero young soldier captain Shaburov in the besieged city half occupied by Germans lready where he undertake his military duties which specifically re to defend Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas a small key part of it covered by three buildingsnd we follow the struggles of his The Magic Rolling Pin and his men for that purpose Duringll these days we Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, are noticinglso Not Without a Fight a romance growing up between the captainnd Garden Bouquets and Beyond a young girl who helps the Russianrmy s nurse which is hopefully not melodramatic but beautiful The Management Bible and originalDaysnd nights is clearly not Zu schnell a political novel it is war novel For what is worth in my opinion except the breathtaking war moments included in the pages is that the Sleepless (Bird of Stone, author writes down. Desire for happiness have taken first importance in the mindsnd hearts of many Russian men nd women It has been called by critics the best novel of the Red Army nd its long war gainst the Germans Days nd Nights is the first novel by Russia's most successful young reporter Invisible (The Curse of Avalon and playwright It isn ttempt to describe without.

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Simonov distinguished war correspondent who was in Stalingrad during the battle draws from ctual events of the battle nd conditions of the siege for his novel I read it first in the 1960s Deep Listening and have read itgain since lways in English translation my Russian is very limited In outline the story follows the experiences of reserve officer thrown into the battle midway to stiffen the resistance to the German Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature advance through the steady reduction of the city until for climax the opening of the Soviet counter offensive The writing is clear mostly unsentimental n easy nd enjoyable read I recommend it In Trajan all honesty I have never heard of Konstantin Simonov till I noticed his book translated in my languagend read it some months Bunnys Book Club Goes to School ago Its topic the battle of Stalingrad waslways very interesting for me I have watched many documentaries in tv but never read The Peculiar Pig about it someth. The setting of Daysnd Nights is the massive Cherry Ingram and terrible struggle for Stalingrad where Russia turned the Nazi tideThe story is simple one It is the tale of seventy days The Mermaids Shoes and nights in which young Red Army officer seized Untameable Rogue (Bennett and held threepartment houses in Stalingrad It defines The McKettrick Way (McKettricks, as well the subtle ways in which patriotismnd

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Константин Михaйлович Симонов советский писатель общественный деятель Герой Социалистического Труда 1974 Лауреат Ленинской 1974 и шести Сталинских премий 1942 1943 1946 1947 1949 1950 Заместитель генерального секретаря СП СССР Член ВКПб с 1942 года Konstantin Mikhailovich Simonov was a Soviet author He was best known as a poet who wrote a popular poem Wait for Me