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Ating 4 starsReview written and fortunately saved five months ago never to late to post itEnglish title God of BathOriginal title Author Ha Il kwon Artist Ha Il kwon Country of origin South KoreaVolumes total 3Chapters total 30Genre Comedy Drama Slice of Life WebtoonReview for volumes 01 0303 23 year old Heo Se finds his p TAZ: The Temporary Autonomous Zone until now fabulous life taking the plunge when the loan shark he owns money to decides to finally collect the debt Trying to run away he hides in a giant extravagant bath house When an old man asks him to scrub his back Heo Se at first refuses but then grudgingly accedesTo Heo Se s surprise the old man turns out to be the owner of the bath house He offers to pay off the debt if Heo Se accepts to work for him as a ttaemiri scrubber for a few months justntil the The Murder of Roger Ackroyd upcoming ttaemiri competition Finding no other way to evade the debt collector he accepts the offer even if this is the last job he wants to doHeo Se s family actually owns a small provincial bath house and our hero grewp ashamed that his father put him through school and brought bread on the table by scrubbing people s backs Well we all see where the story goesHeo Se as a main character wasn t one to warm p to superficial narcissistic arrogant selfie taking bastard that he was He made me groan aloud than on. E to become the best bath coordinator is abo.

35 out of 5 stars I never thought that I would love this comic After reading his other comics I ve put on trust over this Turns out that I love it very much There were so many messages delivered through this comic although we were laughing out loud while reading it I just love Il Kwon Ha s work Can t wait for the movie version let me tell you i thought it was just going to be a story abt a stuck p guy who wanted some money and decided to work at a bath house and it was for like 10 episodes but it was sooo much the humor characters moralsmessagetheme and is jus This was a silly but inspirational comic A lot of it was strange I mean you re reading about an vain guy who takes a job at a bath house scrubbing dead skin off of people It s a little gross There was so much second hand embarrassment Some episodes were dripping in it It s very humorous though so I didn t mind that much The last few episodes really got me They hit me right in the feels I m not sure about the ending though Some of the comments said that it was the author s style to leave the endings open I personally don t like that but I suppose it worked with this one because of the main character s last decisionIt was a short and old series published earlier than 2014 ntil about 2015 It s a little strange but I suggest it The man with the hand of God The scrub battl.

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Ce His looking down on his late father and the snorting at his co workers devotion to the ttaemiri job for almost all of the three volumes made me pretty worried but it looks like this author has yet to disappoint meI was surprised by the comments left by some readers on webtoonscom the official English translation More than a few continued commenting what a filthy yucky job was to scrub people s backs completely missing the obvious morale of the story every job is worthy If you do your work with love and pride there s no reason to feel ashamed You chose to do what makes you happy if scrubbing people s backs at a bath house makes you feel alright or alive or appreciated why feel ashamed Was he supposed to continue to be ashamed of his father and the work that put him to school This is a short story pretty straightforward and still there were some readers who managed to miss the point and get stuck on dead skin scrubbing Anyway sorry for the ramblingHa Il kwon is becoming my webtoon author to go I ll be sincere and say I wasn t totally sure about this one Before reading the last chapter I would have rated it 35 to 38 but after finishing it I don t know it was a simple predictable as was the case with My Heart is Beating but at the same time perfect open endingYou can read it for free here. Ut to startOriginal webcomic Korean webcomic.

Associated NamesHa Il GwonHa Il KwonHa Il KwonHa Il GwonHailgwonHailkwon