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Real life mother and son Asha and Ravi Jain tell the tale of how Ravis parents planned a surprise trip to India to intercept him on his vacation and arrange his marriageIn 2007 Ravi Jain had just completed school and was itching to et his feet wet in the theatre scene With plans to begin his own company Ravi has put off marri.

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Storytelling A Brimful of Asha is a comedic and heartwarming tale of a family caught between two culturesA Brimful of Asha is full to the brim with loving personal admissions Naomi Skwarna NOW MagazineRavi Jain is a theatre force of nature Lynn Slotkin The Slotkin Lettera warm fresh piece of theatre Martin Morrow Globe and Ma.

Age for a few years much to the disappointment of his mother Asha who was etting impatient with Ravis non traditional approach to life In this autobiographical story of the Jain family Ravi recalls a trip to India with his parents in tow where they ambushed him with a series of prospective wives at every turn Conveyed through.

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