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Maries Newt is following the advice of political advisors and reaching out to the most conservative wing of the Party to try to win the nomination and may back off positions contrary to those listed in his book should he win the nomination and then try adopt a center to right of center position to appeal to of the Independents Aside from now wondering about Newt s change in feelings and original reason for writing the book the other part of the book I didn t like was the endless platitudes vs practical working solutions offered Most of the ideas were things like we all need to do better we need to respected the environment we need to foster better cooperation between government and the private sector etc But if you get through the somewhat superficial elements in the book there are some decent ideas offered I just no longer know whose ideas these are and what direction Newt will take if he does get back into a position of political leadershi. Nvironmental stewardship one with principles that they believe most Americans will sha.

This book was OK nothing remarkable and not bad either It was surprising to see him come out in full force of what I see as liberal policies but nothing that he wrote about was groundbreaking I expect from Newt A mere recollection of the importance of conservation and some success in doing so This book takes a niue optimistic view of fighting climate change and embraces doing so from a conservative point of view Gingrich may not always practice what he preaches in this book but it is insightful nonetheless I deeply enjoyed this book Newt has such an intellengent way of organizing ideas In the book he clearly shows that l I had a hard time believing I was reading a book written by Newt Gingrich It sounded like it might have been co authored by Al Gore Written late in President Bush s second term but read as we re nearing the 2012 Presidential primary period I sense that Newt has now seemed to have backed away from much of what was writt. Focusing on the environmental debate on the principle of common commitment Gingrich an.

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En in this book As the GOP 2012 Presidential Primaries are beginning it appears that Gingrich recognizes that the positions taken when he wrote this book probably won t fly with the conservative wing of the Republican Party Rep Ron Paul of Texas for one in December 2011 released an ad His Human Omega uestioning Gingrich s serial hypocrisy andoting newspaper articles pundits and conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh to illustrate Gingrich s numerous policy changes The Paul ad began with a commercial Gingrich shot with Speaker Nancy Pelosi D Calif in 2008 promoting bipartisan solutions to climate change In December 2011 Gingrich now says that making that ad was probably the single dumbest thing he s ever done Yet in this book Gingrich wrote that climate change is supported by a wealth of scientific data derived from a diversity of measurement techniues Political posturing aside Gingrich seemed sincere in his writing so it s probable that during the Pri. D Maple declare a need for bipartisan environmentalism as they call for a new era of

Newt Gingrich is well known as the architect of the “Contract with America” that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994 by capturing the majority in the US House of Representatives for the first time in forty years After he was elected Speaker he disrupted the status uo by moving power out of Washington and back to the American people Under his leadership Congress passed welfare reform