K. Matthew: A Month with Werewolves A Month with Werewolves #1

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Ued by the idea of werewolf detention centersreservations nice twist on an old theme I m not sure yet if I ll get all the other pages though will have to toy with the idea of spending 5 bucks for basically a few chapters of what could prove to be a worthwhile venture Yea I know 5 bucks isn t a whole lot especially since the first tease was free but at just a few chapters at a time all separated I d rather have a full set to devour in one swoop than just some teasers loaded into my ereader that I then have to find the order of reading. Lifetime the chance to spend a month in the infamous Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation a government operated safe haven for werewolves that has never been seen by civilian eyes Following.

This book is part of a serial story It is well written and interesting I like the character development and I am intrigued by the direction that it s going However I am not sold on the serial concept and this story isn t going to do it It s not powerful enough to draw me back for another installment Nor is it good enough for me to pay 299 per chapter to read If at some point I can get the entire story at a reasonable price I might be interested but I won t be following this series further For a short story it was ok I m still intrig. A budding journalist trying to advance her career A secluded werewolf reservation shrouded in mystery A secret culture nexplored Taya Raveen has taken on the journalism assignment of

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So I don t read one out of order and end p wondering where I am Enjoyed this part one of what seems like will be a good series of n learning about this secluded reservation of certain amount and types of werewolves But god damn it what a frustrating ending as you JUST WANT TO KNOW WHERE IT S GOING TO GO It s a really good start to a story and then it just ends A background boxThis book is of a building block leading you to the actual story Loved how different the views of each character were so far Looking forward to the next book. A new detainee into the reservation Taya will get a first hand account of what it's like to be introduced to pack life Approximate length 12150 words This is part one of a six part seri.

K Matthew enjoys writing mm and mf erotic fiction serials