Seanan McGuire: Across the Green Grass Fields (Wayward Children, #6)

Is this a new character I don t remember her I m always happy to find a new book in this series but I m always hoping to finally get a book about Kade 1 Every Heart a Doorway 2 Down Among the Sticks and Bones 3 Beneath the Sugar Sky 4 In An Absent Dream 5 Come Tumbling Down 6 Across the Green Grass Fields I say this all the time but I really don t now what I ever did to deserve the existence of this series I m in tears just writing this little snippet This series means so damn much to me words can never even describeThis was honestly everything I wanted it to be At first I thought this was my new second fave in the series but it might even be my 1 when I think about how badly I forever need characters like Regan reminding me that it s okay to mourn for myself and every other little girl who wasn t allowed to fit in for one reason or another and who had to find or create her own world to exist happily inFull review coming soon Buddy read with Melanie original pre reviewI love this series so much and there are Doctor Who kelpies in this one Be still my former horse girl eternal euine fae loving heart If you need me I ll be over here screaming Forever Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this review copy in exchange for an honest review Centaurs unicorns selkies fauns horse loving Teenage Me would ve loved this bookTen year old Regan has great parents YAY adores horses and rides them regularly and has a close school friend named Lauren who s a toxic ueen bee type but Regan hangs on to Lauren even after Lauren turns against their other best friend not realizing or maybe just not wanting to admit to herself that Lauren could turn against her eually as uickly and terribly When Regan finds out some upsetting news she makes the mistake of confiding in LaurenThings go wrong fast Regan runs away from school and finds herself in the woods faced with a magical doorway that leads to the Hooflands In the Hooflands everyone has hooves of someind and humans are exotic creatures that show up once in a blue moon and are expected to heroically save the Hooflands from some terrible trouble and then disappear Destiny or perhaps notThis entry in the Wayward Children series doesn t have any links to Eleanor s Home for Wayward Children or the characters in the other books at least not yet It has some great moments but lacked some of the impact for me that the best books in this series have and I really wanted of an epilogue in both worlds Well worth reading for any fan of the series thoughFull RTCInitial post YES Approved for the ARC of the latest Wayward Children book on NetGalley and immediately started reading it because I have no self control whatsoever with some series Every time I tell myself I won t read the next book in this series Every time I end up picking it up anywayHonestly its probably because the writing themes and representation intersex main character this time are awesome I just don t think I m the right audience except book 4 I loved book 4Unicorns horses and centaurs fans and middle grade readers not sure if it s officially how it s categorized but it read like one to me will love it I will never not be amazed at Seanan McGuire s ability to put years of a life into a 150 page book and not make it feel rushed at all From worldbuilding to character depth to meaningful conversations Across the Green Grass Fields is just as adventurous and fun as the rest of the books Did I want a Kade preuel book than anything else Yes But will I read anything Seanan McGuire puts out until the end of time HELL YESThe wait for January 2021 is going to be torture 3 12 rounded up i still love this series but if i m being honest the last two have been in my heart very good friends to me than soulmates it s not down to me losing interest in this concept or heaven forbid any diminishment in mcguire s skills because Juice Like Wounds a short story i read weeks after this one is both a perfect short story and my absolute favorite wayward children piece yet i still haven t managed to review book 5 Come Tumbling Down because i felt like there was something wrong with me for not loving it i really liked jack and jill in the other books and i d been looking forward to of their story as soon as i learned they d be returning so when i was left underwhelmed after reading it i worried that i d become too damaged for that particular door to open for me again or maybe even too broken to take joy in anything any blah blah emo weeping and then there was this one this one about a portal to a world with friggin unicorns in it which is all i ve ever wanted since my babydayswayward children unicor. A young girl discovers a portal to a land filled with centaurs and unicorns in Seanan McGuire's Across the Green Grass Fields a standalone tale in the Hugo and Nebula Award wining Wayward Children series “Welcome to the Hooflands We’re happy to have you even if.

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Is until she really learns the conseuences of what it means to be different and what happens to girls who don t play by the rules that society place on them They thought children especially girl children were all sugar and lace and that when those children fought they would do so cleanly and in the open where adult observers could intervene We get to see Regan at 11 becoming worried that her body isn t developing the way other girls bodies are She doesn t need to wear a bra yet she doesn t need deodorant yet and she hasn t started her period yet And once the pressure gets too great to bear she asks her parents who very I Cant Think Straight kindlynowledgeably and empathetically explain to her that her body hasn t started developing these things or maybe won t start developing these things on their own without some help because she is intersexThis book really made me realize how much I am slacking as a reader and reviewer with reading books with intersex main characters Off the top of my head I can think of only two others and that makes me feel very bad and I hope to change that soon But regardless of chromosomes or androgen insensitivity Regan is a girl and has always been a girl And I really loved how her parents constantly reminded her that she was exactly as she was meant to be Truly I had so many happy tears over her parents truly a tier aboveRegan is still very unsure of herself and this new information and after confiding in someone who she probably should not have and after they say some incredibly hurtful things to her she runs away into the woods to try to get home yet a magical door appears and she steps into a world filled with horses and Cease Upon the Midnight kelpies and centaurs and unicornsI loved this world like I loved this world so much Also I have never been and will never be a horse girl and this hooved world was still everything to me And once Regan is discovered in this world by a pack of centaurs who herd unicorns we find out about a prophecy that states all humans must be given to the ueen because whenever a human shows up in this magical land that means that something bad is about to happen But it is not stated anywhere when the human must be given to the ueen therefore Regan gets to spend a lot of time with her centaur familyThe heart of this book is about destiny and what it means to be destined for something Whether it s about your gender your childhood your family or even maybe saving a whole magical world filled with horse like creatures All these expectations can be so very heavy but they do become lighter when you have a found family to help with them They also become pretty light when you are able to realize that you and your journey and your life are worth so much than the expectations placed on you from society from friends and from anyind of destiny that you did not ask for She still didn t believe in destiny Clay shaped into a cup was not always destined to become a drinking vessel it was simply shaped by someone too large to be resisted She was not clay but she had been shaped by her circumstances all the same not directed by any destiny This entire story has a really beautiful message about found family and finding your people and how unconditional love is all about unapologetically choosing the people you love over and over again Blood will only ever be blood but choosing the people who are your home is another level of love We also get to see Regan at 15 when it is time for her to fulfill her destiny after spending four years being unconditionally loved Side note I would die for Gristle and ZephyrThe reason I am giving this four stars is because I didn t love the end of this one I truly enjoyed the reveal and the symbolism about destiny was not lost on me but I just truly wanted a concrete ending I am scared to wish for another book in this world since I didn t love the revisit to the Moors but without going into spoiler territory here I just really wanted to see things that I didn t get to see Also in part one I feel like this author may not spend a lot of time with children in 2020 but that is a very minor critiue that I haveOverall I really enjoyed this one and I truly felt so much happiness flipping these pages I love seeing all the different ways you can belong in the Wayward Children series and I think these stories contain a lot of hope and healing and light And how I close off every review of each book in this series I m going to The Pacific War Companion keep praying that we get Kade s story nextTrigger and Content Warnings blood descriptions bullying intersexphobia abduction and brief captivityBlog Instagram Youtube Ko fi Spotify Twitch Buddy read with Ma lys Destiny Reading Rush 202. Ve in a world filled with centaurselpies and other magical euines―a world that expects its human visitors to step up and be heroesBut after embracing her time with the herd Regan discovers that not all forms of heroism are eual and not all uests are as they seem.

Ns sounds like something i made up in a dream as the cure for all of 2020 so far and while i d be grateful for a portal anywhere right now and tho i DID love what dum dums these particular unicorns were the story as a whole just struck a medium chord with mei m going to reread this when it comes out in january with the expectation that 2021 will find us all in a better place and i will be able to enjoy everything but i think i figured out why it didn t transport me over the mooneach of these books is different not only in the nature of the world behind the door but also in the why of the story which is something i love and admire with mcguiregrant in general her imagination and conceptual risk taking but here the storyweight didn t work for me i don t consider anything i m about to say here a spoiler but i m going to put it under a spoiler tag for reasons that should be clear to anyone who has been on this site for a minute view spoilerthe shape of the story is or less the same as the others character doesn t fit into their birth world finds a door that opens onto a place and people suited toaligned with their particular misfit ualities conflictaction seuence leads to choice made by or FOR the character to stay or return to their old world all of which is true here but there s not much in the way of tension or rising action it s not all cake and ice cream but even for a very short book the conflicts are mild uoting too much but still not giving away anything crucial everything about the moment was inevitable everything about the moment had been coming for her since the moment she d walked through a door that wasn t and into a world that somehow Le Parfum knew enough tonow that it was going to need saving Not just saving saving by someone who loved it If the door had opened now today and dropped a gangly long limbed Regan wearing fresh new jeans and smelling of her mother s perfume into the field she wouldn t have been fit for saving anything at all She had never been given the opportunity to become that version of herself but she new in her heart that the other Regan wasn t somehow the better one The other Regan would never have understood the simple joy of fishing in the lake during her morning bath hooking fat slow bass under the gills with her fingers and flipping them onto the shore She wouldn t have seen the colts growing up or lay with Chicory in fields of sweet grass wondering about the shape of the future If she was going the save the Hooflands she had to be this version of herself this awkward half wild uncertain girl who d grown up on a centaur s back racing through woods and breathing in air that always smelled ever so faintly of horsehair and hay That other Regan had been the first sacrifice necessary to save the world and she had made it without even nowing and still she had no regrets i really appreciate the acknowledgment that in order to make anything better you first have to understand what about it is broken or even able to be fixed and that only by immersing herself into the world the culture getting a sense of the people being invested in its success can she even consider an attempt to save it mcguire s sort of addressing one of those pervasive tropes of Special Hell, a Hb kidlit the human savior come to fix everything in a fantasyland that seems backwards or weird a situation much less charming in its real world euivalent so the whole point of the first 34 of the book is regan being groomed to save the world not necessarily through training for the role justmaking her love the realm and its people making her a part of its fate so i love the message but the path to the lesson isn t as rich or fraught as some of the earlier installments and the Great Big Standoff wasnot very intense hide spoiler Every Heart a Doorway 12Down Among the Sticks and Bones 34Beneath the Sugar Sky In an Absent Dream Come Tumbling Down 12Across the Green Grass Fields 12RTC yes yes YESmy heart will break the day we stop receiving installments in this series ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss1 Every Heart a Doorway 2 Down Among the Sticks and Bones 3 Beneath the Sugar Sky 4 In an Absent Dream 5 Come Tumbling Down Shenew better now The world was bigger now She was bigger now and that made all the difference In this story we get to grow up alongside Regan Lewis We are introduced to Regan at seven years old where she is uickly already learning the expectations that society puts on girls especially girls who are different Regan comes from a good family who love and care about her and she has a big space in her heart for horses She also has two best friends and they do everything together That. You being here means something’s coming”Regan loves and is loved though her school friend situation has become complicated of lateWhen she suddenly finds herself thrust through a doorway that asks her to Be Sure before swallowing her whole Regan must learn to li.

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