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D childhood and the people in them who have informed and shaped her present and future It is a most fitting end to an incredible journey and a beautifully written story Owusu has a such a poignant writing voice The writing was lyrical and smooth Owusu s memoir touches on topics of identity acial and cultural womanhood home personal growth and trauma All of this is tied into earthuakes and everything that comes with them Owusu writes An earthuake is trauma and vulnerability the earth s mine yours An earthuake is the ground breaking and the heart breaking You can tell Owusu had a deep connection with her father and this shown throughout the story Owusu s life was crazy to Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) read about I can t imagine some of the things she had to go through The way the book was segmented was uniue and I enjoyed it a lot The description is what draws you in and the journey is what sustains you wheneading Aftershocks I enjoyed this book and Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, recommend it to theeader who likes human harrowing yet ever so surrealist literature The memoir follows the life of Nadia Owusu in the aftershocks following her mother s sudden abandonment Its strength is its unflinching criticism of the challenges of being woman multicultural and smart It is a crisp narrative you won t forge. That she couldn’t keep track of them all without cracking under the pressure of trying to hold herself together A powerful coming of age story that explores timely and universal themes of identity Aftershocks follows Nadia’s life as she hauls herself out of the wreckage and begins to understand that the only ground firm enough to count on is the one she writes into existence.

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Author s coming of age story and what a journey it is Along the way we learn of the Armenian genocide in the early twentieth century the Ashanti people and their pre and post colonial lives on the gold coast the Ethiopian Civil War and of the establishment of Dar es Salaam Place of Peace We follow Nadia who speaks several languages and has inhabited several homelands as she tries to develop a sense of identity and find a place of belonging We see how Nadia s life is shaped by the shared experiences of her ancestors and how she ultimately draws from those experiences to navigate elationships with the people around her and their cultures This memoir is beautifully written and had me captivated from the get go I enjoyed following the author s story eually as much as I enjoyed her Gilligan Unbound retelling of history and her engagement of culture throughout the book Nadia isn t afraid of being honest and speaking her truths even the unpleasant ones and that isefreshing Unfortunately earthuake analogy didn t speak to me personally but I was only disappointed because it was the titular theme of the book Nevertheless this book was stimulating and engaging and overall for me a delightful Gone for Soldiers readNadia ends her debut book pouring libations inecognition of her history an. N she was two years old the Hotshot P.I. rejection caused Nadia to be confused about her identity Even after her father died when she was thirteen and she wasaised by her stepmother she was unable to come to terms with who she was since she still felt motherless and alone When Nadia went to university in America when she was eighteen she still felt as if she had so many competing personas.

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I was fortunate enough to win this ARC through Goodreads and I am so glad that I did Although I have not experienced so many of Nadia s particular difficulties and we have so many differences in adulthood as a fellow Third Culture Kid she expresses thoughts and emotions on identity that I deeply felt Her use of metaphor and then her discussion on metaphor itself were so beautifulI connected with her experience as being privileged while living in areas of poverty and cried in some parts when she wrote about Addis I finished the book while on a plane and spent the last chapter cr My memories are about leaving and being left They are about absence Born to an Armenian mother and a father from Ghana Nadia is Mean Girls raised in a household of conflicting cultures and beliefs Her parents divorce Nadia isaised by her father a man she Moonlight and Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical, respects and idolizes Her father instills in Nadia the pride of his ancestors but she isaised as a child of the world and therefore feels unsettled Told in nonlinear order Nadia Duty to Protect retraces pivotal moments in her upbringing that leave her confused unmoored longingNadia tackles the heavy topics of colonialism privilege pride mental Aftershocks by Nadia Owusu immerseseaders into a cultural and historical journey as we follow the. This poetic genre bending work blending memoir with cultural history from Whiting Award winner Nadia Owusu grapples with the fault lines of identity the meaning of home black womanhood and the ipple effects both personal and generational of emotional trauma Nadia Owusu grew up all over the world from Rome and London to Dar es Salaam and Kampala When her mother abandoned her whe.