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I won this for oodreads program and thanks to the author for this wonderful tale I thought it was a Pemikiran Kalam Dalam Islam great tale of a knights fight to find himself Their was a lot of things that I think could have added detail too I really wish there would have been involved with Anneliese and how exactly they fell in love It seemed some part where left short But overall it was areat book If you re looking for a tale of all ages then you are What in the World Should I Wear? going to love Adric and Anneliese Those who love medieval fiction will love this fairytale that follows our hero Aldric Aldric is the champion of his nation who helped build it from a loose association of tribes Of course with any kingdom comes a high price and when love enters the euation the price to save the kingdom is higher Creating and building your own world is not an easy task but Gilleland makes a world that us readers canet lost in I enjoyed reading it because it s a tale that we would associate with children stories Gilleland brings it to adults and those of any of age who love to read about knights and kings So follow the tale of old with Aldric and Anneliese and you will not be disappointed This high fantasy adventure is full of surprises kingdoms uniting kings to be crowned royal intrigues and marriages It also has the usual betrayals tragedies and revenge It was an ease read I finished it in one day It is well done and makes you keep turning th Aldric Anneliese my action adventure novel published by 4RV Publishing in 2011 won a First Runner Up Award in the Historical Fiction category for 2012 The winners for the Military Writers Society of America MWSA 2012 book awards were announced at the MWSA conference last week 27 29 SeptemberI am both delighted and surprised my book s receiving this award I thought the plot of this book sounded interesting so I bought a copy of this book Unfortunately I don t really care for it and will probably donate it to our local library I didn t really care for the story because it was of a tragedy than a romance but it wasn t bad enough to De natura florum (Ilustrados) (Spanish Edition) get only one star I think it deserves something between 2 and 3 stars but closer to 2 The plot of this book was okay but I don t care for tragedies even if they end up happy at the end Also I didn t like theraphic sexual content in the first 20 pages It s a short uick read but not one that I would read again Triangles and Twist a Tale this WeavesHave you ever read a story and started with a set of characters only to find out they were not really the characters to follow all along They were actually the reason for the main characters after all This is what you will find in the story titled Aldric and Anneliese written by Harry E Gilleland Jr Another interesting part of the story that always amazes me when I read things like this is the amount of arranged marriages that took place during the timeframes mentioned Even though they shouldn t be any they are still happen. Aldric Anneliese is a tale of nation building kings knights.

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Cal epic without all the excess details it is straight to the point only 168 pages A few parts of the book felt a little rushed or brushed over but I think the Author did it that way on purpose to keep it short The characters were well done and I felt I knew them even in such a short bookThe book to me is about redemption and forgiveness I did despise Ursula through the whole book though I thought for sure she was pulling the wool over Aldrics eyes until the very end I loved the ending although Aldric did make his mi Harry E Gilleland Jr has written a thrilling novel set in the 6th century entitled Aldric and Anneliese This book depicts 6th century Eastern Europe when chivalrous knights abounded and ladies supported them It was a lawless age where barbarian tribes traveled the countryside killing and plundering as romances flourished and knights fought wars with honor Aldric is raised with Edmund who was to become king of the unified regions Unfortunately Edmund s life ended soon after he became king in a battle through treachery instigated by his wife s brother After Aldric recovers from the wounds he received in the same battle he sets out to avenge the death of his friend and kingAldric s adventures eventually lead him to an occupation he had never considered Aldric was preparing to leave camp and head for the nunnery and Anneliese when Nikolaus sought him out You mustn t leave yet There is no one to unite the clan leaders and regional chieftains without Edmund They are all talking about dissolving Edmund s one unified nation With these words from Nikolaus Aldric through a series of circumstances including winning battles and the counsel of Nikolaus becomes the new king and strives to unite the six regions under one Christian rule Anneliese Aldric s first love dies a tragic death in due course he falls in love with and marries Ursula Edmund s former wife In his uest to avenge his friend King Edmund Aldric solves problems of the newly united regions of the country including putting down an insurrection in the last region and avenging the death of Edmund Nikolaus Aldric s long time companion helps Aldric administer the new country and provides valuable support You will enjoy this book and the adventures of Aldric as he travels his newly united country to stabilize the region into one unified country You will also enjoy his romances with the two women in his life Anneliese and Ursula as well as his adventures in war and peace I found this book to be a page turner that will entice several age roups I hope Mr Gilleland will follow Aldric and Ursula as they continue their journey through life with their family Harry E Gilleland was born and raised in Macon Georgia and now lives in Shreveport Louisiana with wife Linda Retired from a career as a Professor of Microbiology at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport he now devotes himself full time to his writing of poetry and pros. Revenge redemption and reat loves It is a story for the ag.

Ing even at the time of today Back then it was always to Range Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World gain power land or to stop the battle These were things that people would actually depend on for their survival on Of course the money that was exchanged never hurt the royal facilities As with any tale of the times there must always be someone striving to be King and Reinhardt in this story delivers by preparing his son for the roll His son is promised as part of an arranged marriage to a woman Ursula he is not fond of or at least this is what he remembers When this Then you must have a protector who will die for the new King because of principle and his only purpose in life is to protect this individual He Aldric is considered the protector the conueror the fighter and the warrior There must be a baduy and that is Deitmar Ursula s brother Once you have all of these characters in play you have to follow the story to see which one takes a turn They all take turns and then you take sides The author does well with the mystery the love the turmoil and the reactions of the audience It is a uick read and because it is a page turner you will most likely read it over again do to the moving parts of the story I like the fact that it catches the eyes of the young and old and can keep the interest of both Lady Anneliese is the one that takes Aldric s interest and revives his purpose again Novel Experience (Sara Miles, giving this a nice piece to read in the story This is a real neat story the details are wonderful and the author keeps you engaged I hope to see of this type of work from Gilleland When one reads historical fiction most important is whether the writer can transport the reader to the period of time the novel takes place in Harry E Gilleland Jr the author of Aldric Anneliese has scored a bullseye on all accounts The 6th Century comes popping off each page accompanied by kings knights andreat battles Most important Aldric the central character is so finely drawn that the reader is immediately taken by him and wishes to accompany him on his perilious adventures A sure fire winner for lovers of historical fiction or just plain Yvonne, Book One, Before You good storytellingAN OFFICIAL JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB MUST READRICK FRIEDMANFOUNDERTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB Nothingreat here to write about This is a novella so character development is kept to a bare minimum IMO Aldric started off as a hero in the beginning but then failed me at the end to discuss would be a major spoilerThe plot runs along the lines of chivalric hero avenging the murder of his sovereign He turns bitter and meets Anneliese who makes him feel human againThe plot itself could have such potential but as I said in a novella the writer is almost limited in what he can produce So the ensuing action that does develop within the plot of the story is rushed and unfulfilling Overall sophomoric writing and lukewarm character development I thoroughly enjoyed reading this little book Its a histori. Fair ladies battles won and lost triumph betrayal tragedy.

Harry Edward Gilleland Jr is passionate about writing His poetry has appeared on numerous Internet poetry forums in several poetry e zines in three multi author print anthologies of poems and short stories and now in four of his own published books Harry has also published five works of prose a novella and four novels Harry is retired from a career as Professor of Microbiology at LSU He