Beau Brown: Alphas Secret Baby Poppy Field #4

Author Alpha s Secret BabyNot my favorite of the series This one spent 80% on angst and with the MC s not in a relationship Additionally there were uite a few issues in this one Previous books handled claiming differently suddenly there s a bite in this one Pregnancy was around 17 months in this one and none of the others Parker was pregnant with his second child in an arlier book but only has one Garrett is a fireman and is so deep in the closet that he is knocking on the adjoining wall Chip loves Garrett but doesn t like being kept a secret from Garrett s family Love for Imperfect Things even if it is to be to keep in contact with his autistic brother Finally Chip gives it up and after he does he finds he is pregnant Doesn t matter he is tired of being a secret and meets a policeman who wants Chip and is out and proud Garrett is left is the lurch and yearns for his omega and jealous of the relationship he has with the other man Can these two get together again Will Garrettver get the courage to come out This story has a lot of angst grief A Heart of Stone emotional fear anger jealousy yearning Mpeg and courage Excellent story and would recommend it those out there who love Mpreg stories I voluntarily read and reviewed this ARC book I really really liked this one Though I was a little critical of Garrett s character at first he really redeemed himself Chip s struggle to choose between his heart and what s right was well written Would have loved a little groveling but I won t change a thingPs I think the pregnancy mistake was 6 months from then on when they got back togetherAnd then 9 months from when they got back together Some rewording would be nice. Thinks maybe he’s ready to move on and start a life with another alpha he discovers he’s pregnant with Garrett’s baby This is a sweet and sexy contemporary non shifter love story with mpreg and a HEAnding Though part of the Poppy Field Mpreg Series this standalone story does not need to be read as part of the seri.

This was book 4 in the Poppy Field series Chip Sorenson is an Omega who is best friends with Peter and Stewart he has been having a secret relationship with a fireman Alpha Garrett Livingston Garrett is having a hard time accepting the fact that he is bisexual on top of that he was raised in a very religious family and he doesn t want to lose contact with his little brother I felt bad for Chip and Garrett they had an on again off again relationship for a year with sneaking around never going out as a couple of with friends I really liked how Peter and Stewart are protective of Chip whose own family kicked him out because he is gay After breaking up he tried to move on by going out with another alpha that Peter set him up with Sam but when Garrett sees them he is a wreck and he begins to be honest with his friends and family This was a good read that I wished was longer This book was well with no rrors in grammar or spelling like the rest of the books in this series I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series 35 Starts Don t give up on me ChipI really struggle with how to rate this story Overall it was good I njoyed all characters and I hope Sam gets a happy Language and Linguistics ending Injoyed reading about Chip and Garrett and I ll continue to read from this author It may seem like I have loads of issues with this story with what I wrote below but Divertimento even with my issues there s a sweet gentle andntertaining story happening that I wanted to know about I did think with the title being about a secret baby this story would be about well a secret baby The baby wasn t a secret for long Spoilers There are several sentence. Fireman Garrett Livingston could probably have any omega he wants The problem is he isn’t out of the closet yet Anyone he beds has to promise to keep his secret That works out just fine so long as he just wants to sleep around and have fun But nothing is Love Is a Fairy Tale ever thatasy right When Garrett meets Chip Sorenson he falls har.

S that have two meanings and while reading I read them wrong I had to go back and reread making the story not flow for me I just wasted so much fing time with you Garrett was saying to Chip that he s not going to waste any time being an idiot and man up and prove to Chip he could be the Alpha he needed and wanted I read it first as an insult to Chip like being with Chip Garrett had wasted so much fing timeThere are also a few places Chip mentions Garrett saying something that I didn t remember him saying so I d go back to find what was said and never couldThe last few Chapters really confused me with the timing After Chapter 16 the story jumps to 6 months later Chapter 17 So I think Chip has been pregnant for almost 7 months now Then Chapter 18 is 9 months later Are Omegas pregnant for almost 16 months I thought maybe we were going to see a second child being born a little Promise at Dawn early to show they really are staying together but nope it s the first childAnd the last thing is the shock Chip gets that Garrett still wants him and wants to marry him Lets just say the pregnancy is only 9 months and not 16 months This part that happens is 3 months after the baby is born So Garrett has been out showing his love caring for Chip for 1 year why the hell wouldn t he want to really marry Chip I felt like Chip uestioning at this point in the relationship was not warranted I guess because you wouldn tven be seen in public with me and now you re willing to get up in front of God and veryone and say you love me I wrinkled my brow It s uite a turn around I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the. D and fast The problem is Chip isn’t going to waste his time on an alpha that doesn’t know what he wants Chip is ready to settle down and have babies But if Garrett can’t admit to his family and friends who he really is they have no future As heartbreaking as it is Chip breaks things off with Garrett But just as he.


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