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Standing Ughterrible I got through 85 pages before giving up One of the few books my mom forbid me to read I read it anyway Of course I was just a teenager in high school at the time Let s just say I understood why she didn t want me to read it There are lements that are offensive to some people Very dense writing No romance in this book Perverse violence You feel nothing for the characters The hero is a class A jerk and the hero is TSTL Worth only 12 a star because the premise is good but the author just couldn t write it well Number 1 in Top 10 worst books Evolution As Entropy ever written for me I absolutely love this book I don t consider it a romance Alyx and Simon were just two hurting people trying to make anscape I ve read it three or four times My only complaint is that I felt the Forging Gay Identities ending was a bit rushedWhat I find very interesting is the author s note at thend of the book about who the character Simon was based on It says In the ighteenth century the Sixth Earl of Anglesey uncle Phillip is notorious as having procured the kidnapping and bondage in America of his nephew James Annesley rightful Lor. E young once heir to a noble title He felt no desire for this anonymous woman who was forced upon him And she knew only fearful hatred for this stranger who was about to violate her youthful innocence But as night after night of tremulous fevered mating passed something forbidden grew between thes.

I read this book as a young teen in 1977 It was unlike anything I had ver read before I remember bits and pieces of the plot but I recall being shocked by some of the violence and sex I d like to reread it now and see my reaction to it I had a paperback Fiche Blian ag Fás edition I wish I still had it This is a story of white slavery in the Caribbean Simon has spent ten years in slavery after being kidnapped and sold by his uncle for his title The first 5 years are brutal the next 5 he has spent as a breeder He spends his nights in a pitch black hut with a woman slave until she is impregnated then anothertc He never sees the women When their babies are born they are given to another to suckle and the women are given another s baby to suckle then sent back to a breeding hut but not to the same man Alyx is 16 and a virgin when she comes to the hut fighting and screaming Over the time they spend together they develop a bond and then love The story follows their lives over the next 5 years This book was published in 1977 and typical of the romances at that time This has a following but I really didn t find it out. They were nslaved in a place where lust knew no bounds and only love was forbidden They were two white slaves thrown together in the darkness of the breeding hut She Alyx de Vere a virginal sixteen year old beauty carried off to nightmare captivity on a Caribbean sugar plantation He Simon handsom.

D Altham The g I purchased this book because of an threadtopic that caught my interest The writing not the story left a lot to be desired It may have been the ra in which the book was printed that caused me so much trouble I found I had to read a passage than once to follow the story Having said that it was an okay read Simon is an English born noble Alyx is also English born They Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith each have a different story of how they came to be in a slave camp Simon is a stud Alyx one of the women he must impregnate Simon has been a slave for 10 years and a stud for 5 He had settled into his life until Alyx spoke to him in his mother tongue What transpires after that is a very strange warped story of love gone wrong Somon s owner is in love with him yet he rapes him Alyx is in love with Simon and Simon is confused and in love with them both It wasn t a bad story but i doubt I ll buy another story by this author Well I made it to page 20 and that wasnough for me The writing was horrible really choppy dialog I didn t read nough to really write a review but I just couldn t take another page of this book lo. E two desire damned lovers a rapturous passion that drove them to dare any peril to free ach other from this savage world of bondage and brutal submission And it was then that Alyx and Simon swore that no power They Shall Be One Flesh even death itself wouldver overcome their ternal bond of flaming all conuering love.

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Burford was the daughter of Joseph Michael Egan and Mae Rene Flanary She was educated at Bryn Mawr Class of 1951 and SMU Graduate School Class of 1954 She served as a teacher at the Norfleet School of Music and Individual Studies in New York and was an instructor in the SMU English department after receiving her master's degree She married poet William Skell Burford who co founded the li