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Nity for you to memorize these beautiful names and learn to apply it in your duasYou will find in this book duas in the areas of protection for your family guidance to be the best spouse and react in the best of manners in different situations calling for comfort of your heart through peace and contentment and many to strengthen your beautiful marriage Also at the nd of the book there are blank pages dedicated for your own affluent gemsAt first when I saw the book online I did not imagine that it will be such a high uality book It has a steady hardback cover with glossy pages throughout the book with high definitive photographs at certain pages also with beautiful arabic calli. Ich pride is abandoned and a humble admission of need human fraility and our dependence upon Allah are Keeping Two, Part 2 expressedEach du'a draws inspiration from the sunnatic tradition of utilising the magnificent names of Allah to invoke Him for attributes thatnhance marital connection such as; love and com.

I love how the duas are structured in the book And while it being focused on one of greatest blessings of this life righteous spouse and children it is a must have book for When Good People Write Bad Sentences every muslim in their household in order to be mindful of the blessing and be continuously seeking help of Allah for your marriageThe interesting and most dazzling thing for me about these profound duas is thatvery dua uses one of the uniue Names of Allah which is also a significant The Miners Wife etiuette of dua As in verse 180 of Surah Al A raf The most beautiful names belongs to Allah so call on Him by them Throughout the book the author has utilized a total of 26 beautiful Names of Allah which can be also an opportu. An Affluent Heart is a collection of stirring and thought provoking personal du'a for women and men at any stage of marriage single newly wed veteran and divorcedIts prayerful contemplations are designed to draw spouses closer toach other and closer to Allah They form a collective plea in wh.

Graphy used for the Names of Allah All contents are color printed and gives a really clean look While you are reading the dua due to the simplicity it does not create any distractions Additionally with its portability there is also a ribbon bookmark attached to the book making it so much usefulI highly recommend this incredible book to Une modernisation manquée (1915-1956) every muslim whether you are single or married you will find duas that can be beneficial in it And specially recommended to those who sometimes find difficulty in putting their feelings into duas In sha Allah this book will assist you greatly I absolutely love it its a book which will benefit me for the rest of my life In sha AllahFull Book Revie. Passion steadfast faith and practice acceptance and understanding forgiveness and patience refuge from temptations a mutual aspiration for JannahThrough its supplications An Affluent Heart compels us to strive for tranuillity in our marriages whilencouraging us to pray with and for ach othe.

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