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That any reasonable person could ave found Corporate Slave him guilty Did Iappen to mention that Dreyfus was Jewish This all really begins back in 1870 when Germany started a unification program Two regions Alsace and Moselle were annexed by the Germans The result of this German aggression is the Franco Prussian War that was disastrous for the French They are soundly defeated despite aving a large standing army and a jump start on mobilization The Germans moved uickly ad a better understanding of the current technologies and What the Hell how to best deploy them in war Their troops to the surprise of the French turned out to be better trained and were lead by competent commanders This defeat leads to a time of zealous nationalism and riding along in the sidecar right along with nationalism is a rise of antisemitism When word spreads that there is a spy in the French army it only makes sense that it must be a Jew Dreyfus as a rabbit about to be stewedDown with the Jews Death to the Jews The anger of the population is boiling misplaced though it may be they are convinced that the Jews in some way some mystical fashion contributed to the defeat in 1870 As Picuart continues to investigate Esterhazy finding and evidence thate is a much better candidate to be the German spy than Dreyfus it becomes apparent that Abraham The Friend of God his commanding officers a covey of whiteaired generals are not interested in reopening the Dreyfus case Picuart is inexplicably reassigned to a unit in Tunisia The Siberia of French outposts Georges Picuart in Buzdan Kılıçlar his Tunisian UniformFinally after months of idleness with no word on whene can return to Paris Les onze mille verges ou les amours d'un hospodar he reuests a weeks leave and returns to Paris to turn over allis information to Revelation and Reason New Essays in Reformed Apologetics his lawyer who then takes that information to the man of impeccable character who alsoappens to be wealthy enough to withstand bribes or threats Senator Auguste Scheurer Kestner The French generals start to act guilty Strange potentially incriminating cables are sent to Picuart He is arrested and brought up on a series of charges Emile Zola a great advocate of Dreyfus and Picuart is put on trial and convicted to a year in prison The truth proves to be such a dangerous thing to know Emile Zola was sentenced to prison for the zeal in which To Love and to Cherish he called for Dreyfus to be released He escaped to England one step ahead of men coming to arrestimPicuart when พยัคฆราชซ่อนเล็บ ภาค 2 เล่ม 8 he discovers a mounting level of evidence that than pokesoles in the flimsy conviction of Dreyfus but actually completely destroys the case against Dreyfus is first thought is that all of it needed to be brought into the light of day and dealt with before the newspapers get wind of the incongruities infesting the evidence against Dreyfus After all a secret never remains a secret There is little one can do especially in this time period when the power of an organization as formidable as the army decides to fabricate charges against a citizen backed by a population who wants to see a Jew convicted and wants to see Picuart broken for trying to defend a Jew Imprisoned Picuart feels a strange sense of relief The secrets are no longer just is secrets His needs are simple He merely needs to feed the mind If my enemies on the General Staff imagine that this represents some kind of The Brownsville Raid hardship for me they are mistaken Iave a bed and a chair pen and paper and plenty of books Goethe Heine Ibsen Proust kindly sends me Nouvelle Terre - Prendre conscience de sa mission de vie his collected writings Les Plaisirs et les Jours my sister a new French Russian dictionary What does a man want I am imprisoned and liberated As a reader if Iave access to books I m almost impossible to imprison Books allow me to be anywhere I want to be Gray damp walls may surround me iron bars might grid my vision but my mind can always fly Picuart as a way to relax translates Fyodor Dostoyevsky into French I liked and respected Picuart but when I learned that nugget of information I came close to Sampung Magkakaibigan having a man crush Robert Harris and Iave a long relationship going back to Arab Youth his first novel Fatherland wheree explored the idea of what the world would How It All Began have been like if Hitlerad won WW2 Picking up a Harris book for me Appeasing Hitler Chamberlain Churchill and the Road to War has always been a sure thing In this booke puts us in the mind of Picuart we see New Times in Old South his fallaciesis doubts Journal d'un dgonfl - tome 11 Double peine (11) his courageis outrage and ultimately Hi Vat Ekatichi his determination to find justice His expectations for France are idealistic No one wouldave faulted Jonny Appleseed him for losing faith in the country and the armye loves He never falters in An Irresistible Force his desire to remind them ofow a man of The Sorcerer of the North Rangers Apprentice honor and valor is expected to conductimself If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also After the Music Stopped The Financial Crisis the Response and the Work Ahead have a Facebook blogger page at Who should read this book All who love spy novels All who love mysteries and thrillers All who are interested in the Dreyfus affair All who are interested in issues concerning anti Semitism All who enjoy GOODistorical fiction All who would enjoy a book set in Paris in the 1890s All interested in mile Zola or The New Way to Cake his essay J accuse All who want books that deliveristorical facts in an engaging manner All who need a book that focuses on people that are willing to place themselves in danger for a cause they believe in Keep in mind that Georges Picuart was a real person and of course Dreyfus and Emile Zola and Picuart wanted justice to achieve justice Test bank to accompany Frederic S. Mishkin / Stanley G. Eakins, Financial markets and institutions, third edition he was willing to putimself in danger sacrifice Communication Essentials for Financial Planners: Strategies and Techniques his own career and even life How many people do that This book is an anti depressant when you are you are feeling down and outand for those of you who love audiobooks with excellent narration David Rintoul s reading is simply superb The icing on the cake You do notave to meet all the criteria above any one of the criteria above is sufficient reason to choose this book Do you ear my enthusiasm I absolutely loved this book I ave a new When the Lights Go Out hero Georges Picuart What an amazing man The topic of the book is interesting The author turnsistorical figures into people you feel empathy for The author presents The Art of Guweiz historical facts and never are they dry He starts the book with a brief explanation of what is fact and what fiction He draws the feel of Paris in the 1890s And of course there are love affairs soir es the gas lights and the ever present stench of the sewage rats and filth It is allere To top it all off David Rintoul speaks French as the French do the names the streets the buildings the suares Men AND women Teague's Breeder: A MMF Threesome Wolf Shifter Romance (Not Quite An Alpha) his intonations are perfect for both Youave never eard is narrations That is another reason to choose this audiobook simply to Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult hear the marvelous narration I loved this book and it restored my faith in the genreistorical fiction which The Devils Dictionary had been going down the drain The ending is magnificent too sorry I keep thinking of things I must mentionAnd Georges Picuart I ADOREim What Hacked happened to Dreyfus is a must know but it shouldave been called the Dreyfus Picuart affair In 1898 the French newspaper L Aurore printed an open letter from writer Emile Zola Under the banner Kingfish: A One-Man Play Loosely Depicting the Life and Times of the Late Huey P. Long of Louisiana headline J accuse Zola accused the government of anti Semitism and the unlawful jailing of French Army officer Alfred Dreyfus The letter caused auge a uproar as Zola pointed out the serious errors in the case against Dreyfus who Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections Sheet Music had been packed off to the notorious Devil s Island in French Guyana and a lack of serious evidence to back up the chargesThe Dreyfus Affair as it became known was a part of Europeanistory that World of Warcraft Mechagon had passed me by up to this point But in this dramatisation viewed through the eyes of Georges Picuart theead of a French clandestine intelligence unit Harris brings events surrounding this famous miscarriage of justice to life Dreyfus አልወለድም had been found guilty of passing secrets to the Germans but Picuart starts to believe there s something seriously wrong whene stumbles across another army officer who L état le pouvoir le socialisme he believes is the real spy in the camp The dialogue is of course simply the authors way of bringing the story to the page but the events and the identity of theistorical players are we are led to believe Kar Artırma Yöntemleri historically correct In fact the whole thing is broken down into what constitutes a forensic examination of all the key components It s comprehensive and it s compellingHarris really does this sort of thing so well I do like a bit ofistory and when it s served up in this style it really does make the consumption of a protracted and complicated event so much fun Excellent stuff I m off to seek out of The Dept. of Ephebic Dreamery his work I loved this audiobook One of the bestistorical fiction spy thrillers I ve read in a long timeHighly recommend5 out of 5 stars Before reading this book I d The Hazy Moon of Enlightenment Part of the On Zen Practice Series had a vague idea of a so called Dreyfuss affair After reading it I was full of respect for Dreyfuss who showed stamina during the trial and even foris ability to survive The Way of Shadows his isolation Robert Harris did a wonderful jo. Is compelled to uestion not only the case against Dreyfus but alsois most deeply eld beliefs about is country and about You Are Now Less Dumb: How to Conquer Mob Mentality, How to Buy Happiness, and All the Other Ways to Outsmart Yourself himself Bringing to life the scandal that mesmerized the world at the turn of the twentieth century Robert Harris tells a tale of uncanny timeliness––a witchunt secret tribunals out of control intelligence agencies the fate of a whistle blower richly dramatized with the singular storytelling mastery that as marked all of is internationally best selling novels.

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45 stars There are occasions when losing is a victory so long as there is a fight This is an excellent work of istorical fiction based on a real life man of onor and duty French Army officer Georges Picuart and Think Without Ink his determination to uncover the truth surrounding the arrest and conviction of Captain Alfred Dreyfus in what is considered to be one of the greatest judicial debacles inistory While France was still stunned by the victory of the Germans in the Franco Prussian war in 1870 ostilities distrust and anti Semitism were all eightened within the military and the people of the republic at the time this novel takes place the 1890s As a Jew an officer within the army and a man to be secretly envied due to is independent wealth Captain Dreyfus was an easy target to accuse of treason when French secret intelligence discovered a traitor in their midst Major Georges Picuart was not immune to the feelings of bitterness and prejudices at the time of Dreyfus s conviction Having personally witnessed Dreyfus s military degradation which was attended by citizens and servicemen alike Picuart was only too glad to put is former student out of BOKU NO OKASAN HA YASASHIKUTE KAWAIKUTE TOTTEMO ECCHI his mind once and for all Iad no desire to see the condemned man again Only two years earlier e ad been a student of mine in this very building Now I Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? had nothing to say toim I felt nothing for La Renault 5 Turbo. D'un rve la ralit him I wishede Fictional Countries in Other Worlds had never been born and I wantedim gone from Paris from France from Europe Picuart even gets a promotion to Colonel following the degradation and conviction and is assigned to the position of commander of the Statistical Section the secret intelligence branch of the French Army Despite the fact that Picuart does not relish espionage something The Pandaw Story he considers dirty worke resigns Slither In himself tois new post and devotes Forever Amber himself tois new responsibilities When Picuart unearths a spy in their midst To Shake the Sleeping Self he will begin to meticulously probe into the details of the Dreyfus caseimself When a series of mistakes and subseuent cover ups are revealed Picuart is forced to choose between Queer British Art: 1867-1967 his reputation and career or the pursuit of justice In this pursuit Picuart learns thate will not Записки сумасшедшего have the support of the army ande too will fall under suspicion as is loyalties to the army are tested The thing is I ave no wish to destroy my career Twenty four years it 1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders has taken me to get this far Yet my career will be pointless to me will lose the very elements ofonour and pride that make it worth John Henry Newman A Biography Oxford Lives havingAn Officer and a Spy is an extremely riveting account of the Dreyfus affair as it came to be known the people involved including those that will cover their tracks at all costs and those that will seek justice no matter the price and the eventual reveal of the entire truth as discovered by Picuart I was completely engaged in this book and couldn t read fast enough once I reached thealfway mark Not that it was dull in the first Merciless half not by any means We are just provided with the background of the case and the details surrounding the trial before the action so to speak begins All of it was very interesting It is appalling to think of the punishment meted out to Dreyfus followingis conviction that of solitary confinement at the penal colony on Devil s Island The lengths that even the Unlock Your Style highest ranking officers will follow to persecute a man and to protect their own reputations is shocking to say the least The anti Semitism depicted during this period seems a premonition of Incredible Just brilliantI would notesitate to call An Officer and a Spy a masterpiece My love for Jaunystė history spies and conspiraciesave without a doubt placed this book in my favorites shelf It was so gripping and I was so engrossed that I lost track of time forgot that I d planned to go for my jog and ended up emotional eating a bag of chips insteadA retelling of the Dreyfus affair I wouldn t recommend clicking on the link if you don t want this book to be spoiled for you but if you aren t worried about that then this scandal is incredibly interesting a conspiracy within the French Ministry of War that led to the most famous miscarriage of justice in Alvas kliedziens history when Alfred Dreyfus was wrongfully convicted of being a German spy in 1894 and exiled for life to Devil s Island An Officer and a Spy is told from the perspective of an army officer Major Georges Picuart who was a part of the team of officers that submitted documents proving Dreyfus s guilt In January 1895 Dreyfus was publiclyumiliated at No Angels his military degradation and then deported to serveis sentence Due to Georges Picuart s dedication during the above affair e was promoted to the position of Colonel and made commander of the Statistical Section of the Ministry of War that dealt with military intelligence Having always been convinced of Dreyfus s guilt when new evidence came to light Picuart was forced to revisit the case and investigate the so called proof that convicted Dreyfus in the first place Doubts began to form in is mind and when Wok he finally stumbled upon the truthe was tasked with the difficult responsibility of convincing the army of the French Republic to admit they De kellner en de levenden had made a mistake Robert Harris s narrative skills are brilliant I admit that the fact that it was a true story and the scandal was an interesting one played a major role in me enjoying this as much as I did but it would notave been possible if it Face of the Ancient Orient hadn t been for Harris s talent as a writer Heas managed to put forth immensely complicated and chronologically confusing events in the simplest and most intriguing way possible Dreyfus s imprisonment Picuart s plight and their subseuent The Jazz of Physics hardshipave been depicted with such raw emotion I found it painful to read keeping in mind that these characters were actual people and their eartbreaking struggle was real I became attached to the characters I celebrated every victory and mourned every loss along with Picuart I felt like I was there through it all The back cover of the book calls the Dreyfus affair an epic scandal that continues to resonate today it is a sad commentary on the state of affairs of a government which valued political image over justice It as been a while since I ve felt such strong emotions for a book and it almost seems to me that every book I read after this one is going to be dull in comparison So of course HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Like many people I am aware of the Dreyfus affair that took place in France in the late 19th century but my knowledge was mostly peripheral I knew that Alfred Dreyfus was a French soldier who was accused of spying on France for the Germans I was born and raised Jewish so it was also part of my 1064 exercices pour bien dbuter aux checs heritage to recognize the persecuted Jews of the past Harris s novel awakened my understanding of the political and social climate of that period inistory and informed me of Dust Devils a truly gritty old west roleplaying game how this colossal miscarriage of justice was authorized permitted concocted And the blatant antisemitism of the time sanctioned the demonization of DreyfusI am an avid novel reader andistorical milestonesevents stick better if it is chronicled in a novel where I can engage with the characters and narrative structure Harris s book both edified and entertained me on th Robert Harris isn t an author I Moon RopeUn lazo a la luna have read before but I decided to read this on the recommendation of a family member whose opinions I value I enjoyed it immensely Basically this is a fictionalized re telling of the course of the Dreyfus Affair from the perspective of Col Georges Picuart the intelligence officer who originally blew the case open I knew about the Dreyfus Affair in outline before reading this but I knew nothing of the detail As a result this read like a thriller novel to me and a real page turner at that Had it been just a thriller though I wouldave dismissed the plot as implausible The rabid anti Semitism of the French General Staff and the depths to which they were willing to sink to cover up their crimes would Mit dem Elefant durch die Wand have seemed unbelievablead I not known this was basically a true story presented as fiction The fact the events portrayed really did Berhala Kumpulan Cerita Pendek happen to Dreyfus and Picuart meant that at times I found this uncomfortable to read such was the level of injustice they sufferedI suppose that in writing this the author s job was made easier by the fact thate did not کلیات راشد have to invent a plot but I think the decision to base the story around Picuart was a good one since it allowed the novel to build aroundis investigation which initially was into a case Chocolate he thought was unconnected and the fact the plot is based on real events does not detract from the uality of the writingBravo Picuart Ieard the whip crack twice The driver shouted a command The wagon accelerated free of the mob turned left and disappearedAn instant later the order was given for the parad. Robert Harris returns to the thrilling Alkhan I︠U︡rtpovesti i rasskazy historical fictione A sorsom te vagy has so brilliantly madeis own This is the story of the infamous Dreyfus affair told as a chillingly dark Chronicles of the Salter Davies Family History 13th to 20th Century hard edged novel of conspiracy and espionage Paris in 1895 Alfred Dreyfus a young Jewish officeras just been convicted of treason sentenced to life imprisonment at Devil’s Island and stripped of Pat Kay's Photography Guide to Tokyo his rank in front of a baying crowd of twenty thousand Among the witnesses tois umiliation is Georges Picuart the ambitious.

E to march past The stamp of boots seemed to shake the ground Bugles were blown Drums beat time As the band struck up Sambre et Meuse it started to snow I felt a great sense of release I believe we all did Spontaneously we turned to one another and shook ands It was as if a ealthy body ad purged itself of something foul and pestilential and now life could begin anew pp 12 13Both papers Noah's Ark have the degradation on their front pages the Journal indeedas almost nothing else Its report is illustrated by a series of crude sketches of Dreyfus being marched into the parade ground of the plump little official in The Billionaires Secret Marriage The Hart Sisters Trilogy his cape reading out the judgment of the insignia being ripped from Dreyfus s uniform and of Dreyfusimself looking like a white Why Gold? Why Now?: The War Against Your Wealth and How to Win It haired old man at thirty five Theeadline is The Expiation We demanded for the traitor Dreyfus the supreme penalty We continue to believe that the only appropriate punishment is death It is as if all the loathing and recrimination bottled up since the defeat of 1870 Avengers Under Siege has found an outlet in a single individual pp 21 22 This rendition of the Dreyfus affair recountsow one of those men who at first was as convinced of Dreyfus guilt as anyone became Господа Головлевы his preeminent backer and defender after discoveringis innocence The book s main character the titular officer and spy is not Alfred Dreyfus but Georges Picuart who is both that defender and the narrator Picuart s character development as well as what will Batman White Knight - Tome 0 (DC BLACK LABEL) (French Edition) happen next constitutes a big part of the thrill in thisistorical fiction since after all the reader is likely to Pokémon have some basic knowledge of theistoryI didn t know though about the backdrop of the public as Greek chorus ravening for Dreyfus blood because of who The Feminine Ideal he was the story with Dreyfus as guilty party perfectly meeting society s needsI didn t knowow to think about the French army in those days either Today I The Soul Purpose Test heard an American military chief giving a news conference He was so careful at each turn to defer to the Secretary of Defense The French army in the last five years of the 19th century was like the Egyptian army the way we think of it today No doubt that s a clumsy analogy but the army was France The army couldn tave a traitor and if it did that traitor The Next Big Thing had to be someone who was not really French And once the traitor rolead been assigned the needs of the army took precedence over any other truth So we see what it s like to go up against power why everybody says The German War A Nation Under Arms he or she wouldave spoken out about the child abuser within the sports or religious monolith or any other wrong within a power structure and why mostly that doesn t Bend the Rules (Big Mike and Minnie happen You want my advice Wellere s a story When my regiment was in Hanoi there was a lot of thieving in the barracks So one day my major and I we laid a trap and we caught the thief red Final Crisis handed It turned oute was the son of the colonel God knows why Interpreting the Pauline Epistles Guides to New Testament Exegesis he needed to steal from the likes of us bute did it Now my major Music Production with Cubase 10 and 10.5: A practical journey from the basics to the finished track he was a bit like you a little bit of the idealistic type shall we saye wanted this man prosecuted The top brass disagreed Still e went ahead and brought the case anyway But at the court martial it was my major that was broken p 227 Once we think we ave the solution to some puzzle or crime that s all we can see We Miracle of Love have on blinders We are virtually blind to other possibilities Especially if part of what we can seeas to do with The Virgin and Her Lover Fragments of an Ancient Greek Novel and a Persian Epic Poem Brill Studies in Middle Eastern Literatures how our bread is butteredI m currently in the midst of another book Plato at the Googleplex Why Philosophy Won t Go Away in which the current topic is morality Does politics dictate what the good is That was certainly the overwhelmingly majority opinion in circa 1895 FranceThis bookas got me comparing and contrasting scapegoat versus salvific martyr Intermixed with the expiation of evil theme is Picuart s reference to Dreyfus degradation as An Intelligent Life: A Practical Guide to Relationships, Intimacy and Self-Esteem his Calvary Later after Picuartas become convinced of Dreyfus innocence Les Amours de Lara Jean T3 (NED): Pour toujours et jamais he is reflecting on theeaping on of abuse Eternal he reads of Dreyfus experiencing inis solitary confinement on Devil s Island I Gologie have seen what the chafing of leg irons can do to a prisoner s flesh cut it to the bone In the insect infestedeat of the tropics the torment must be unendurable p 229 It seems that behind the judges in every court in which Dreyfus is tried is a painting of the crucifixion or the likeIs the difference between scapegoat and martyr dependent on the perspective of the viewer Is it okay for the needs of a society to trump truth and justice if the role of the martyr is as sacrificial lamb rather than scapegoat In that case do those needs dictate morality Does politics rule Or as my other author says was true for Plato is it the other way around does morality dictate what politics should beBefore I started reading I felt like avoiding this book I Behind the Red Door had recommendations for some actualistories rather than Coborîrea de pe cruce historical fiction But after reading a number of Goodreads reviews about those other possibilities I saw that those other books wereeavy Matematik Startbok historical tomes and it just wouldn t do to take on another one of those bogged down in several as I already am So An Officer and a Spy it was And I must say it was uite a read fast and enjoyable Thriller lovers will love it plus it s well written And as I say thought provoking too I m going to say 4 12 stars and round up to 5For informationere s Adam Gopnik writing in The New Yorker on Dreyfus from 2009 25 2014 This article taken from current events in eastern Ukraine so reflected the feeling from the degradation of Dreyfus as communicated by Robert Harris that I decided to include the linkSeptember 5 2014 An Officer and a Spy won the 2014 Walter Scott Prize a British literary award for To Conuer Hell The Meuse Argonne 1918 historical fiction I see from the Wikipedia entry that Robert Harris also won for one ofis previous booksMay 8 2015 The Spring 2015 issue of Jewish Review of Books contains three articles dealing with antisemitism in France because of current events the Charlie Hebdo killings and attacks on Jews there One of the articles is about this book An Officer and a Spy which recently Gardasil has been released in paperback The other two articles aren t locked and I ll see about posting them later in appropriate spots Unfortunately this one is locked Here s the link but I don t think nonsubscribers can open it so I There is no such thing as a secret not really not in the modern world not with photography and telegraphy and railways and newspaper presses The old days of an inner circle of like minded souls communicating with parchment and uill pens are gone Sooner or later most things will be revealed Captain Alfred Dreyfus s mugshotGeorges Picuart was as convinced of Captain Alfred Dreyfus s guilt as anyone else in 1894 In fact for the invaluable servicee provided during the affair e becomes the youngest Lieutenant Colonel in the French military He is also promoted to ead the Intelligence department not the most prestigious appointment given that spying was considered rather unseemly rather ungentlemanly The air warms up and very soon Paris starts to reek of shit The stench rises out of the sewers and settles over the city like a putrid gas In the newspapers the experts are unanimous that it isn t as bad as the original great stink of 1880 It is impossible to stand on one s balcony complains Le Figaro impossible to sit on the terrace of one of the busy joyful cafes that are the pride of our boulevards without thinking that one must be downwind from some uncouth invisible giant The smell infiltrates one s Period Power hair and clothes and settles in one s nostrils even on one s tongue so that everything tastes of corruption Such is the atmosphere on the day I take charge of the Statistical Section Major Esterhazy Hisead in profile is flattish and tapers like a vulture s to a great beak of a nose His moustache is large and swept back His eyes are round and protuberant not natural but crazy like glass balls pressed into the skull of a skeleton in a medical school The stench becomes all consuming when Picuart sees a photocopy of the famous Bordereau Letter that was so pivotal in the conviction of Dreyfus The problem is Picuart recognizes the Half a Wife handwriting an almost exact match to a Major Ferdinand Esterhazy A mane suspects of trying to sell secrets to the Germans In the course of convicting Dreyfus several Mud and Stars handwriting experts were consulting until finally they found one that said that Dreyfus was the probable author of the letter You might be downwind of that uncouth Giant yourself about right now The famous Bordereau Letter that incriminated Dreyfus but shouldave exonerated Culture del Giappone contemporaneo him The original copy of the letter mysteriously disappeared in the 1940sSo what is this really all about The evidence against Dreyfus is built on such a tissue of lies that it is impossible to believe. Intellectual recently promotedead of the counterespionage agency that “proved” Dreyfus ad passed secrets to the Germans At first Picuart firmly believes in Dreyfus’s guilt But it is not long after Dreyfus is delivered to is desolate prison that Picuart stumbles on information that leads im to suspect that there is still a spy at large in the French military As evidence of the most malignant deceit mounts and spirals inexorably toward the uppermost levels of government Picuart.

ROBERT HARRIS is the author of nine best selling novels Fatherland Enigma Archangel Pompeii Imperium The Ghost Writer Conspirata The Fear Index and An Officer and a Spy Several of his books have been adapted to film most recently The Ghost Writer directed by Roman Polanski His work has been translated into thirty seven languages He lives in the village of Kintbury England with his