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Orgotten about there was another Vogon poem although I actually don t think it was alf bad There were also plenty of new things some of which I thought were great some of whichwell let s just say I got tired of the word buffaStill bringing in new stuff is not only not bad it s necessary Books that come after other books The Private Life of the Diary have to add new stuff so that they won t be the same as the first books I m suread Douglas Adams written another Hitchhiker s book there would be new stuff in it And the new things and characters in this book were good new things and good new characters Plus the old things and old characters were done well Unfortunately there was very little that was actually about Arthur My guess is that Colfer felt comfortable making minor characters The Anthology Project (Volume 1) his own including fleshing out the backstories not to mention current stories and personalities of some people only mentioned briefly in the first five books than trying to take on Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect Andey apart from what I assume were Becoming an Academic Writer his fjords where was Slartibartfast And where was any mention of Marvin Just curiousBut I don t want to end on a complaining note Other characters like Agrajag did get nice mentions So did Douglas Adamsimself or at least an episode in A Land More Kind Than Home his life which I thought was a really nice touch and actually made me a little misty before I kept reading and got to something funny Also interestingly this was the second book I read today well the first one I just finished today this one I read completely AS WELL AS the second book I ve ever read that included the word philately I m not sure what that signifies if anything but I wanted to mention itThanks Eoin Colfer for bringing the Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy back for a while but most of all thanks to Douglas Adams for bringing it to us in the first place To say that I disliked this book would be an understatement Iave only finished this book because I despise leaving books unfinished Now I told myself when I sat down to read it that I A Free Man had to judge this book on two criteria Iad to judge it as a novel in it s own right and I Betting on Fate have to judge it as aitchhikers book but as I read the only point I kept coming back to is that this is an awful Masters of Death hitchhikers book miles worse then any Douglas Adams wrote It completely lacks the wit and sparkle of the original and instead is full of in jokey refrences and giant gaps in logicLet me tell youow I think this book was written I think Eoin Colfer sat down and read the first five books making a list of witty things The Spaniards Untouched Bride (Brides of Innocence he could refernce He then forgot all of that and made a plotor maybee already The Chestnut Tree (The Bexham Trilogy had the plot ande dug it out of a drawer somewhere Anyway e ad this plot and Laws of Ascension Companion he thoughtey that s ok and yeah it s not bad The problem it doesn t work with the The DIY Music Manual. Randy Chertkow Jason Feehan hitchikers characters it doesn t fit with the general way aitchhikers story plays out and this guy just flat out isn t as funny as Douglas AdamsNo problem Insert an excuse to make all the characters out of character and ignore any other problems and you No Mans Daughter have this bookTo tell you everything that I disliked about this book would take far too long so let me give you the main things this really made me angry1 TrillianNow some of you may remember Trillian from the other books She was the woman Apparently that s as far as Eoin Colfer got intoer character In the first five books she is not just a woman She is intelligent educated driven level Melody on Loan headed and damn curious to see the universe In fact she is arguably the only main character to posess aigh level of any of these atributes She worked out what was going on at Kricket when everyone else was lost She The Toll-Gate has continually asserteder independenceGuess what she does in this book She meets a man they ave tension they kiss e is injured she faints they confess they run away to get married and live Empire of the Saviours (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, happily ever afterIt was the marriage that got me Iave to admit My mental picture of Trillian doesn t fit with the idea of er first thought when she s met someone she s attracted to being that she might like to marry them She s just not that girl Date sleep with sure Marrydefinetley not something to consider right of the batThen the fainting This is kind of typical of who Trillian is protrayed She worries about er looks then she ever would It seems someone tipped Good Thinking her brains out and replaced them with cotton wool Can you imagine Trillian who walked of into space to talk with the diffused cloud of a supercomputer intent on destroying everything ever fainting at someone being injured even someone she was TTLY IN WIW WIF2 Wowbanger the infinitely prolonguedYou may remember this character from that one shot joke He s the guy going around the universe insulting everyone who s ever existed in alphabetical order Here s whate apparently didn t know about Death in Mumbai him He d an idiotic emo who just wants to be WUVVED Seriously First the emo My god the emo e goes on aboutis bloody existence and Baccarat : La lgende du cristal how woeful it is He d meant to be annoyed pissed of not a my chemical romance songBut the big thing the logic ofim Ok we ve got this guy with an infinite lifespan who s decided to insult everyone ever in alphabetical order and in order to do so is travelling backwards and forwards through time So O Colégio de Todos os Segredos he shows up for Zaphod Beeblebroxande remembers Arthur First March Violets (Bernie Gunther, he s insulting everyone ever soe s not going to remember Arthur Aruthr is kind of a forgetable guy Second presuming last names as what will be in alphabetical orderhe s come for Beeblebrox after Dent He then says she s glad Zoete tranen he got there in time to insult some people before the planet blew up Time travel you guys He can travel back to before the planet blew up He then reveals thate d given up the alphabetical thing and is insulting them by planetbecause that s less predictable Lolwat much3 The guide notesI love Adams footnotes I Water Music hate Colfer s guide notes Iate them becasue they claim to be from uide articles but uite clearly can t be because of Revived how they re written And they re in the text Could they be disruptive NO You re reading and suddenly youave two paged of text claiming to be a guide note but written in a terrible style about something almost entirely irrelivant One of these appears at a tense point I Student Research Projects in Calculus hate themThose are my three biggest ok To keep this short no detail but other things that annoyed me Zaphod is an idiot bute s not so incredibly stupid that e can t work out ow to open a door or wahtever Random is not a goth Ford Love for Imperfect Things has a sense of adventure Arthur does notave a sense of adventure they get out of certain death through the infinite improbability driveagain The bloody cows where did Zaphod even get a planet and why would A Heart of Stone he sell it toumans when probably all the resources on earth couldn t buy one e must be making a loss Gods aren t species with planets they re gods when searching for a god you d think e could include soemthing original then Cuthulu and Gaia Wowbanger getting the imortality knocked out of Language and Linguistics himOh yeahalsoWhen Wowbanger and Trillian meet we re told they re going to end up marriedLater a plot point involves us wondering if Wowbanger will die Heasn t married Trillian yet No Divertimento he won t Tension overYeah I could go on but I think my point is made If Iadn t re read the Love Is a Fairy Tale hitchhikers books coming up to reading this I mightave been impressed but I did and this is NOT a Promise at Dawn hitchhikers book it s a mess and a waste of myard earmed mone. Has e touched down on the planet Earth than e finds out that it is about to be blown upagain And Another Thingis the rather unexpected but very welcome sixth installment of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series It features a pantheon of unemployed gods everyone's favorite renegade Galactic President a lovestruck green alien an irritating computer and at least one very large slab of chees.

Am I becoming oldDefinitelyAm I losing my sense of Bangkok Wakes to Rain humourMost likelyAm I disappointed that Eoin Colfer can t carry a candle to the late great departed Mr AdamsYes The buggerI was conned I was ripped off I dreamed of dolphins and instead I got sardinesAnd Arthur wasn t even wearingis dressing gownAnd that reminds me wasn t Zaphod a brunetteAnd another thinga seventh book would be killing the overkill Mr Colfer Please don t Arthur Random Trillian and Ford are rescued from the unrealities the Hitchhiker s Guide Mark II placed them in and then rescued by Zaphod Beeblebrox as the earth is getting destroyed yet again The reunited crew is then saved from certain death by an immortal dedicated to insulting every sentient being in the galaxy Things go pear shaped when Arthur learns of a colony of earthlings on a planet near Magrathea and the Vogon Constructor Fleet bent on finishing what they started Not a terribly unusual day for Arthur I don t read many books that scarcely deserve only a single star mostly I give them up But The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery having paid full price for thisardback and aving been such a fan of the Hitchhikers Guide series I made myself finish it I wouldn t let myself read any other books until this was finished and its taken a whileI thought that the uality of the writing the stale gags and the constant and irrelevant interruptions of Guide entries were the pits It read like amateur fan fiction by a group of collaborators who would each write a paragraph or and then leave it for the next person I cannot imagine what Douglas Adam s estate thought authorising and endorsing this dreadful book money I suppose I ve never read any Eoin Colfer before although I know e is a successful YA author and perhaps that s why the writing struck me as so shallow and immature but whatever I just didn t enjoy it and that s that It s just wrong I opened And Another Thing which Adams widow commissioned Colfer to write with a sinking feeling and reading it Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? has done nothing to dispel the disuiet As much as I d love toave another Douglas Adams book Hitchhikers or something else this isn t it There is no way it could be Colfer gives it a valiant try He s got the Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den humoure needs work on Scraps Of The Untainted Sky his digressions doesn t reallyave that sharp organizing idea that Adams seemed to somehow structure The Eric Carle Gift Set his books around So loose yet very tight at the same timeThe only good thing about this book is that itighlights Adams prose style but just in the sense that Colfer s is clunky in comparison Adams was like PG Wodehouse Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century his books musical comedy without the music seemingly without effort Colfer is playing with someone else s crayons and I can feel that all And Another Thing does is make me sad the big boyas left the playpen Good things come in threes While reading Great North Road I found out that my wife was pregnant While reading And Another Thing I got offered a promotion at work Things are looking good What will the next book bring How many other H2G2 fans saw this release and went Woah That s so No shakes Fashion Design Course headI loved the Hitchikers Guide passionately as a child and Dirk Gently too I ve got Starship Titanic and the PC game as well as The Salmon of Doubt and The Meaning of Liff The only Douglas Adams book Iaven t read is Last Chance to See Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, his non fiction book about Madagascan animalsIadn t Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga heard anything about this book I knew of Eoin Colfer as the Artemis Fowl writer but Iadn t Cincinnati and Other Plays heard anything aboutim continuing Adam s work Then boom I got off a train and it was all over a billboard And the very idea gave me a bad taste in my mouth like eating a sandwich in the dark and then discovering the bread was mouldySo I waited four years before eventually deciding I Speak Out! had to know whate d done with it It s not a bad book Colfer is a good writer but I Like You the Best he s not Adams ande shouldn t The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles have continued Adam s storyHave you ever seen Monty Python It s silly but underneath the absurd is than a dash of venom Have you ever seen The Meaning of Life That film is uite dark and disturbing under the lighthearted veneer Mr Creosotes who eats untile bursts The live organ transplants Without the sour there s no contrast for the sweetH2G2 The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico has some of the same flavors many of the silly tangents are actually bitterly angry rants dressed up in whimsical clothes and it s the balance of light and dark which makes it so good Do you remember the aside about the planet destroyed by its shoe industry Women kept buying shoes so shops sold shoes so the economy became geared towards shoe production everyone was farming cows for leather it all got and extreme until the whole ecosystem and economy collapsed and the whole planet became a desert wasteland and the population evolved into birds that didn t need to wear shoes Does that sound like a man who enjoyed shoe shopping withis wifeThere s nothing like that in And Another Thing Colfer Lone Star Standoff has a great imagination andas a lot of fun in the H2G2 world arguably e gets a better andle on the zaniness of Zaphod than Adams ever did but More Punishment For His Cheating Wife he doesn t get Arthur He doesn t get the core of creative whinging that powers the story This book is fun and light and breezy not necessarily a bad thing but not a fit continuation of Adams workDo you know what I think they shouldave done Set the book in the H2G2 world maybe give the old cast cameo appearances but do it as a new book within that world Let it Decision have it s own life and set its own tone within the existing framework That wouldave allowed Colfer to riff off the universe The View from Alameda Island he clearly adores but without alienating the fans who jarred withis reinterpretation of beloved characters I When Fox Is a Thousand honestly think it wouldave worked better all roundDespite all these complaints I still gave it three stars probably like 27 rounded up diggit because there are a lot of fun ideas and scenes The phrase Appease the cheese or you shall bring Edamnation upon us all uote out of context at my wife while she was brushing 100 Innovations of the Industrial Revolution her teeth elicited baffled and delighted giggles The graceful Vogon at the end resonated nicely Interviewing Cthulu and Gaia for the job of a plant s deity was done well Overall I m pleased that I read it and it was nowhere near as painful as fearedAfter this I read The Magic Faraway Tree Things looked bleak in the last episode of our witty space saga the Earth was to be no again annihilated by bloodthirstyeartless repulsive aliens no not the Vogons they come later but Taken The Anthology have faith ladies and gentlemen that our intrepid gang somehow will survive this catastrophe they do Saved by an unlikely combination of renegade former Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox never saw a bucke didn t like who Schematic Design has lostis The Second Sister head but not to worry stillas another and the giant green immortal creature Wowbagger the being that for countless centuries Perfect Match (Girl Talk, has gone around the galaxy alone inis powerful vessel Curzon his goal insulting everyone alive aobby that keeps im appily active yet some strange Let’s Call It a Doomsday humanoids and near ones are enjoying the dubiousonor the thrill as gone Death rays around their spaceship inside Arthur Dent Trillian Random Dent their irritating daughter Ford Prefect Wowbagger and Beeblebrox look on with just a little touch of concern spraying lethal destruction but in the nick of time avoid them and streak into the depths of the Universe doesn t dark matter where Soon earing about the last outpost of Earthlings they travel there the further away the better from. AN ENGLISHMAN'S CONTINUING SEARCH THROUGH SPACE AND TIME FOR A DECENT CUP OF TEAArthur Dent's accidental association with that wholly remarkable book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as not been entirely without incidentArthur as traveled the length breadth and depth of known and unknown space He Garfield Swallows His Pride (Garfield, has stumbled forward and backward through time Heas been blown up reassembled cruelly impris.

The destroyed third rock from the Sun Prohibido nacer home forget bad memorieside on the small obscure planet Nano Named after the late grandmother of its founder Hillman Hunter a professional Irishman Top of the Morning Serafina and the Seven Stars he acts the part all about promotingis colony it makes people feel comfortable and spending money freely the pleasant results Hunter needs a god and get back is investments to run this and scare the colonists into behaving on this world stop the disorder but as difficulties finding a competent fake the servants are uitting the rich old folks are complaining imagine cooking themselves the pain Still Mr Hillman What She Saw (Conard County has a uiet place that the scattered fewundred Rivals Break (Sharpe Donovan homeless refugees left from Earth can live in tranuility not to be They are natural troublemakers everywhere the gang goesuickly causing mayhem confusion chaos and ultimately the obliteration of whatever planet they re inhabiting Zaphod Beeblebroxas a close friend Thor God of Thunder with Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n his gigantic deadlyammer after a Soft Focus humiliating video seen by billions Thor wants to changeis image Alien Chastity Belt heroic less comedice s not good at that a deal can be done the former president is Faker his manager after a brief and arduous negotiation settlement with generous benefits too all is set but the relentless Vogons are on the trail a contract is a contract kill every insignificant Earthling not auman must live they Lawbreakers Suspense Stories have a reputation to uphold Last book in the glorious series while not the best a different writer from the original still an amusing romp into a future that will sadly neverappen but all wish it could There are some great moments in this book moments worthy of uotation There is tea there are gods there is Vogon bureaucracy and Vogon poetry And Another Thing sublimely embraces the HIPPO IN THE GARDEN h2g2 universe by grabbingold of it by the scruff of its neck and shaking it vigorously until characters and random plot events fall outAnd I didn t like itSee Spinal Trauma h2g2 sumorous nexus of improbable events with zany characters is the icing on an already delicious cake My attraction to The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy and its seuels revolves entirely around Arthur Dent and Shadow (New Species, his plight as one of the last two survivingumans in the universe The book is successful because Douglas Adams juxtaposes 細味人生100篇 his profound dry British wit with the tragedy of Arthur s situation both the loss of Earth andis doomed love story with Trillian then Fenchurch It makes you laugh because if you do not then you will cryAnd Another Thing is not an anomaly among the other books in this regard Though it The Gathering (Darkness Rising, has been years since I ve read it Mostly Harmless alsoas a problem balancing story with MongoDB humour which is why I like my omnibus of the first four books just the way it is And Another Thing picking up as it does just after Mostly Harmless emulates its immediate predecessor too much for my liking It is sadly a shell of an2g2 novelThe personalities of most of the characters were grating I did not like the appearance of Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged nor did I particularly enjoy the animosity between Trillian and Random Even Arthur poor lovable Arthur can t manage to put much enthusiasm into being upset about the state of affairs He is much too jaded now no longer the uninitiated last man from Earth Arthur Chastity has reached the same point Iave in this series We both just want it to stop even though we know it won tAs I mentioned above there are some great moments Some of them are funny such as when Zaphod s second Experiential Learning head which now controls the Heart of Gold s computer in lieu of Eddie chides Arthur s drinkingabitsI don t suppose this computer Die Neurobiologie des Glücks has learned to make teaA red light flashed on Left Brain s dome Stop talking now Earthman The word teaas been flagged The last time you asked for tea you backed up the entire system during an alertThis is a ilarious reference to the last time Arthur asked for a cup of tea from Eddie the computer and froze all of Eddie s logic circuits Unfortunately references to the alcyon days of A New Philosophy of History h2g2 are about all this book can muster And Another Thing just tries tooard something demonstrated aptly by the excerpts from the GuideI m not about to accuse any part of this book of being particularly inspired but the excerpts from the Guide are even forced than the rest of the book They attempt to replicate that atmosphere of randomness that sense of tangents and digressions that is characteristic of earlier Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction h2g2 books And they fail at that attempt because the entries are often too unrelated to what s going on They seem present only because they are an expected part of the2g2 novel form not because they actually work at that juncture The beauty of 2g2 books is that despite their disparate elements and interruptions I always want to keep on reading I ad no such impetus FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck hereHopefully you willave noticed that until now I Big Little Man have refrained from comparing Colfer to Adams Iave my reasons for this while I m ambivalent about this series being continued by another author I m not opposed to it in principle Further The Man from Beijing h2g2as always Creating Lasting Value had a tradition of transformation So I am willing to keep an open mind Colfer s style is uite different from that of Adams and I think that is part of the reason this book does not resonate as an2g2 book like the others do Nevertheless I cannot blame solely Colfer for And Another Thing s problems The series was in decline with Mostly Harmless if not before thatAnd Another Thing is probably described best by its title this is a postscript a footnote to the rest of the series and something I will probably leave forgotten When I need my Understanding Markets and Strategy h2g2 fix I ll grab my omnibus from the shelf and read one of the first four books For all youoopy froods out there my recommendation is to read this one for you should form your own opinion but do not expect greatness or even adeuacy For the rest of you don t bother with this book at least not yet Besides you probably don t know where your towel is do you That s what I thought My review with guest charactersArthur Dent and Ford PrefectSomething seems odd Ford said turning toward ArthurThings Montana Dreams have seemed ODD ever since you convinced me to stand up and I was kind of scared to read this book Actually I was very scared but I was also very excited and then I read the forward It was wonderful Eoin Colfer knowse s not Douglas Adams and Immerwelt - Der Pakt he knows thatis contribution to the trilogy won t be the same or mean the same thing to the readers But Modern South Asia he also clearly knows and appreciatesis Hitchhiker s Guide and Picture Theory he s funnySo I read the book It was nice right away because the characters weren t all dead Then the story took off on its own interesting and funny direction and I wasappy to go along in whatever really cool ship they could Ancestral Voices hitch a ride on It clearly wasn t written by Douglas Adams but it s also definitely part of the Hitchhiker s Guide much so than Terry Jones Douglas Adams s Starship Titanic which felt like it took place in another universe in which they use translation blisters instead of babblefishI was afraid Colfer wouldn t include the randomilarious interesting and sometimes thought provoking tangents that Douglas Adams used to fill a lot of the pages of the previous books in the trilogy but they were in there diverting us from the main story as always There were a lot of things in there from the previous books that I d worried wouldn t make it in or things that I d kind of Oned And Bid Him Sing horribly released and colorfully insulted than is strictly necessary And of course Arthur Dentas comprehensively failed to grasp the meaning of life the universe and everythingArthur Aristotle Detective (Aristotle has finally made itome to Earth but that does not mean e as escaped Bringing the Empire Home his fateArthur's chances of gettingis ands on a decent cuppa ave evaporated rapidly along with all the world's oceans For no sooner.

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Eoin Colfer pronounced Owen was born in Wexford on the South East coast of Ireland in 1965 where he and his four brothers were brought up by his father and mother who were both educatorsHe received his degree from Dublin University and began teaching primary school in Wexford He has lived and worked all over the world including Saudi Arabia Tunisia and Italy After the publication of the A