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I did like the first volume of Morrison s Animal Man but volume two blows it out of the water I ve xpressed befo I think I had read half of this current book when I stopped buying these Animal Man stories because they were published in Brazil inside a small pocket thing called formatinho that contained several of the DC character s monthly American comics and I may have stopped buying it or seems likely that it had been canceled These issues were diminished versions of the original ones and the coloring was made here using local colorists who would spend less ink and time and thus making cheaper to buy their rightsGrant Morrison s revamp of Animal Man is definitely as groundbreaking as Miracleman in terms of its pungency and inventiveness What Morrison does is to amalgamate the ideas from PK Dick about the nature of reality to a crazy metastory of a revitalized secondary superhero I think I am going to be criticized to say that Alan Moore s Supreme was in a way a decent rip off of these stories if Alan Moore had Amanti e sospetti ever cared to read them At least Moore should have said that Grant my boy you did so well with this I am very proudIn thend all these years I spend saying Morrison was not worthy were simple blah blah of a fanboy who thought to know better but could be blamed on his age but now at my current age all I can say is if I Canada ever said Morrison was not a great author I might have been unfair and delusionalApologizes Mr Morrison Grant Morrison s second Animal Man book doesn t improve on the lacklustre first volume beingually dull There s no overarching storyline to this series it s just a collection of random uninteresting adventures Buddy Baker goes on Besides continuing to 20th Century UFO Alien and Extraterrestrial Government Files from the CIA Central Intelligence Agency explore his powers and pursuing his animal rights activism some aliens are watching him for reasons he has team ups with obscure heroines Vixen and Dolphin there s a new B Wana Beast and he fights some villainous cheeseball called Time Commander Bo ring There s some imaginative uses of his powers with Buddy adopting the ability to multiply from bacteria within someone s body as well as utilising sonic blasts from pistol shrimps And you can see the meta angle Morrison is working with the aliens and their manipulation of Animal Man s origin that he would perfect in other books later in his career But the stories themselves aren t at all compelling and the commentary on animal rights and South African politics is simplistic The art is dated and unremarkable and this isn t a criticism of artist Chas Truog Animal Man s costume only reminded me how unoriginal Dan Jurgens creation Booster Gold is given how similar they look I was hoping this title would ve found its feet in the second book but Animal Man Volume 2 Origin of the Species was just as directionless and unengaging as the first Grant Morrison is one of my favourite comics writers but I m finding his Animal Man run to be disappointingly overrated. M Strange visions of aliens people disappearing into strange pencil like drawings and hints of a terrible Crisis lurk around thedges of reali.

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The first volume was better Further the best part of this volume was already collected in the repackaged deluxe Fucked by Force edition Whenever I read the synopsis of this book it got me salivating Unfortunately it is not veryasy to find but my master bookhunter wife got hold of a copy and I started with big xpectationsand got very disappointed Maybe it has nothing to do with its contents I think that my mind had nough of 80s90s Vertigo deconstructivist stuff and cannot take any Another thing is I kinda wrote a story of myself in my mind over years about a superhero who becomes aware of its own fictional Sun and Moon existence and it did not fit with the tale This is what happens generally when you overhype yourself This was maybe the last significant work from thatra that I haven t read I suppose I think I won t touch the rest Occupational deformation Bacteria are not animals tell this to the writer Buddy Interesting concepts Morrison plays with here of having the original incarnation of Animal Man run into his modern version and how the 2 co To Your Scattered Bodies Go existing is destroying reality That story very cool some of the others not so much Still one great idea is worth sifting through a few ho hum ones Leave it to Morrison to take a D list character and make the reader care about him Certainly meta than volume 1 this book is a uick read that manages to touch on hot button issues such as animal rightsnvironmentalism and the no longer current apartheid without being preachy or boring And what about those mullets العقل الباطن eh I m curious about where all this is going and am looking forward to volume 3 This was alrightwhy was this a Vertigo book I prefer the New 52 Animal Man This was just okay So I reread this yesterday and I m looking through it again today and I m already having the same feeling of did I read this What is itxactly Like sometimes I record things on GR just to prove to myself that I have indeed read relatively unmemorable booksIn this volume the BIG IDEA behind Animal Man in narrative terms the False Hope A Rachel Thomas Novel Book 2 evolution of his character into a being that is able to understand the nature of his reality as a comic book character begins to take shape But it s sort of a cheat because the first thing that happens to let us know that THIS IS WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT WHOOAAA is that aliens show up whose job it is apparently to mend holes in reality In doing so they suggest an awareness of the fact that Animal Man as a character has been revised several times but they also sort of try toxplain this away as Twilight Zone His Abused Mate esue sci fi in which the nature of Animal Man sxistence is a threat to the narrative reality as a whole that is if Animal Man s backstory isn t ironed out the whole of the DC universe will disintegrate while AT THE SAME TIME we are given vignettes of Grant Morrison the writer walking around discussing how Animal Man is just a comic he s working onThe sloppiness here is that on the one hand Morrison is tr. The second collection of Grant Morrison's groundbreaking run on ANIMAL MAN reprints issues #10 17 plus the 19 page story from SECRET ORIGINS #3.

Ying to write a metatextual story about a character who realizes his Out アウト existence is meaningless and solely in the hands of a real world writer AND Morrison is trying to give the fracturing of said character sxistence a larger weight within the scope of its narrative Like once we accept that Animal Man is a character in a story then it doesn t really follow that the storyworld is actually under any kind of threat Investing in Sostiene Pereira either interpretation negates the other The two things don t really fit together and yeah like I get that they fit together all right It s just kind of dumb On the other hand when Animal Man suddenly realizes forxample that he spent two issues in Africa and he doesn t remember how he got back to the States that does make sense as an demonstration of how tenuous it would be to live as a fictional character who only Managerial Economics exists in scenes and snippets But again it also feels like a half assed acknowledgment of sloppy writing It just feels like Morrison is showing us how totally insecure he is about his own skill and so much of Morrison s body of work is hung up on these kinds of insecurities usually in the form of gross overcompensation that the fact that all Animal Man has got going for it as a series is one novel idea that s also kinda sloppy is just sort of aggravatingAt a certain point it sasy to just throw up your hands as a reader and say Well look Morrision was still an L'art du roman early writer He was cranking out two important books this and Doom Patrol and his career had hardly started yet Plus you re looking at this with the hindset of almost 30 years in which metatextual superhero stories are now pretty much the normAnd I guess this is true okay But man we are still living in Grant Morrison s world and look I love a lot of his comics but he is so concerned that we know Grant Morrison is a genius it s the undercurrent to hisntire body of work pay attention to me PLEASE and fucking christ I get so tired of it I know Morrison didn t invent the concept of being a narcissistic writer but I feel like not only has he perfected it he s also normalized it made it into a selling point He s Wintermärchen embraced the concept of branding oneself without apology without critiue and this has always been the toxic underbelly to his catalog Even Madonna is willing to call herself the Material Girl she s willing to play with the tension of celebrity Morrison just revels in it wants us to indulge his god complex and to forgive him for being a fucking hack and it s lazy and I am pretty sure the place where you can first see this laziness take shape is in fucking Animal Man The first volume of this was prettyasy to follow for something written by Grant Morrison This volume is a bit weirder and Morrisony It s not uite as weird as Doom Patrol but there s some individual stories that feel like they should fit together but they don t Got a feeling the third volume is going to be The Killing Faith even weirder. 9 this volume shows Animal Man moving and deeply into the cause of animal rights But somethinglse is going on beyond his burgeoning radicalis.

Scottish comic book author Grant Morrison is known for culture jamming and the constant reinvention of his work He is known for his nonlinear narratives and countercultural leanings in his runs on titles including DC Comics' Animal Man Batman JLA The Invisibles Action Comics All Star Superman and Doom Patrol and Marvel Comics' New X Men and Fantastic Four Many of these are controversial