David Hatcher Childress: Anti-Gravity and the Unified Field (Lost Science Series)

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E; secrets of UFO propulsion; free energy; Nikola Tesla and anti ravity airships of the 20s and 30s; flying saucers as supercond.

Explored here is how ravity electricity and magnetism manifest from a unified field around us; why artificial ravity is possibl.

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Ucting whirls of plasma; anti mass enerators; vortex propulsion; overnment cover ups; ravitational pulse drive; spacecraft; an.

David Hatcher Childress born 1957 is an American author and publisher of books on topics in alternative history and historical revisionism His works often cover such subjects as pre Columbian trans oceanic contact the Knights Templar lost cities and vimana aircraft Despite his public involvement in the general field of study Childress claims to have no academic credentials as a professional