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This travelogue is another special tale with the Despentes usual obnoxious characters in abundance but it did not sweep me off my feet as Baise moi did This could be due to too many characters telling the story which diminished the impact of what really was oing on and the characters becoming a bit too unrealistic The novel ends with a huge bang both in reality and metaphorically speaking and that was certainly a fitting ending Don t Unseen City get me wrong though I did certainly enjoy another of Despentes provocative books Wow This book was uite a rideLucie is a somewhat hapless private detective paid by rich parents to keep tabs on their teenage kids When one of her chargesoes missing she hires a legendary unhinged lesbian detective named The Hyena to help her find the Art girl Their uest to find Valentine takes them from Paris to Barcelona and the stories of those who knew the missingirl are God Is in the Crowd gradually revealed The story is told partly in first person from Lucie s POV but also via chapters from the point of view of other characters I thought this was really effective as the reader is constantly challenged to uestion their opinion on the various players I was pretty taken aback by the ending not having known it was coming and it did add a whole new dimension to this thriller I won t put any spoilers here but do be warned that many of the reviews of this book do contain themMy overall impression of Apocalypse Baby was that it was a highly readable and exciting novel written with biting humour but alsoreat empathy I will definitely be seeking out from this author Recently I ve come to the conclusion that though it is not my most important desire at some point before I die I would like Virginie Despentes to slap me in the face Until then I have her novels and the effect is largely the same Apocalypse Baby is a sort of trial run for her later break out hit trilogy Vernon Subutex In Apocalypse Despentes introduces not only many of the themes and motifs she will work into a masterpiece in Subutex she also ives us The Hyena a sleazy and notorious debt collector information peddl. Valentine disparue ui la cherche vraiment Entre satire sociale polar contemporain et romance lesbienne le nouveau roman de Virginie Despentes.

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O find Valentine What they discover is that Valentine isn t your typical runaway and her motives are not at all what they seem Things et really hectic in the last few chapters This was a really fun read but it did have it s heavy moments Really The Matriarchs (The Family glad I read it Aripping story told in separate chapters from the point of view of each of the main characters Hard to put down Well my timing for reading this book was pretty Notes for the Everlost good I must say I was not uite sure whether toive Apocalypse B b 3 or 4 stars but I settled for 3 since I found the book a little bit too long Even though I really enjoyed reading it there was something missing and a little bit too much of something else notably side characters Despentes always has interesting characters perhaps just a couple too many this time around I particularly like La Hy ne and Valentine It s just a shame that for uite a long time you don t understand what the thing about Valentine is Since the book is narrated through the eyes of all the different characters in turns it takes a hell of a long time until it s Valentine s turn to show her side of the story For the longest time I just saw her as a chubby misfit and then it turns out that s not at all what she isPartly I think the whole story with the world s worst private detective Lucie is a bit funny She s just plain worthless knows she s worthless and has or less When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) given up everything But she occupies a whole lot of space space that could have been better used on Valentine and on therand finale view spoilerI d like a novel set in the post bomb police state depicted But featuring Valentine Which would be difficult hide spoiler Funny Irreverent and yet poignant A No Biggy! good read Like a number of her contemporaries Anna Gavalda Amelie Nothomb etc in present day French literary fictionVirginie Despentes is incredibly talented Her prose flows without a snag the characters losers one and all frustrated would be authors PIs teachers adolescent rebels draw us in instantly There s areat love of fiction here and a look of compassion and humor at humantiy with all its failings These people. Differents personnages se croisent sans forcement se recontrer et finissent par composer sur ton ton tendre et puissant le portrait d'une epo.

Er hired rough dyke who later Crush It! goes on to become a character in therander Subutex worldOur narrator Lucie is an unmotivated private investigator whose job usually consists of following teenagers until one of them Attracting Birds to Your Backyard gives her the slip and she has to hired The Hyena to help her track theirl down Along the way the two take an underground tour of the class race and political divides tearing apart contemporary ParisDespentes is at her best diving into the heads of wildly divergent characters establishing searing political and emotional points of view that make readers on all sides have to consider carefully their own thoughts and feelings about the world Despentes France like douard Louis is not a France to feel Deep Listening good about whether on left or right She writes in a shout holding nothing back in a way Anglophone readers are likely to take offence to yet she seems to so thoroughly understand the realities of which she is writing that it is hard to refute her perspective if you can sort it out from the conflicting perspectives of her often extreme charactersSpit in my mouth Virginie Despentes This book just whacks you on the head and takes you for one hell of a ride sparing nothing and no one about French society even Catalan society in the process uite an exhilarating experience though I tend to prefer my novels measured and less direct For several years I ve been following a couple blogs that deal solely in translated literature Three Percent and The Complete Review This year I set myself a challenge to read novels transla Wow this book was not exactly what I was expecting It was described to me as a feminist road trip with a kick ass lesbian PI and yes it is exactly that But it also a much darker side to it Lucie is a somewhat inept investigator whoets paid to watch rich kids and report back to their parents When one of assigned kids disappears on her things Bird-by-Bird Gardening get interesting She really has no idea how too about a missing person investigation so she invests the help of The Hyena Enter the kick ass lesbian PI They set off on a road trip from Paris to Barcelona and back Est un road book ui promene le lecteur entre Paris et Barcelone sur les traces de tous ceux ui ont connu Valentine l'adolescente egaree Les.

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Virginie Despentes is a French writer novelist and filmmaker born in Nancy Meurthe et Moselle Her most famous novel and film of the same name is Baise moi a contemporary example of the exploitation films genre known as rape and revenge films Her most recent biographical non fiction work King Kong Theory has also been translated into English and recounts her experiences working within the