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On It results in a sort of abject narrative that really invites the reader to experience the confusion and horror of the trauma Manzano experienced in an intimate way In the United States we are fortunate to have several slave narratives recorded for posterity These do not compensate for the many voices silenced by slavery and its afterlife of course but they do reveal our wealth relative to Cuba where there is as far as we know only Juan Francisco Manzano s Autobiograf a While the narrative is as another reviewer mentions somewhat truncated it is nonetheless a gripping account of one man s ived pleasures and horrors and it s also an eye opening reminder of the complicated family relationships that remain slavery s egacy in the Americas Ivan Schulman who introduces the text writes that there is some debate over the conditions that ed Manzano to record his narrative Whether or not he was coerced by his American Poetry literary benefactor Domingo Delmonte there are undeniable parallels between Manzano s witness account of slavery and the various fictional accounts that were authored around the same time by Fix Tanco Bosmeniel and Anselmo Su rez y Romero However you approach the debate Manzano s narrative is a Cuban essential classic I had to read this book for my History of the Caribbean class It was ok except for the fact that Manzano the author keeps jumping back and forth in time so things start to get a ittle confusing Other than that it was easy to read and really short I finished it in a few days It isn t incredibly boring either but I wouldn t have picked it out myself. Tant social document one that will contribute to the growing interest in Latin American slave societies and African Diaspora history and cultur.

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Tory but importantly a piece of history I think it s key to understanding the effect that slavery actually had on slaves This book alone this testimony told me about my history about Latin American history about slavery than any text book ever could This is the Diary of Anne Frank for slavery in the Caribbean Except it was written before that by a slave so stupid white girls on goodreads get to act ike it s meaningless Hmmmm Est interesante claro Pero hay muchas A Sixpenny Christmas lagunas ena narraci n y no hay una edici n ue Last of the Few las subsane para elector 2016 Reading Challenge A book at My Darling, My Hamburger least 100 years older than youThis book offers a first hand experience of an enslaved man in Cuba s 17th Century His story is heartfelt and a testament to humanities depravities and indifference to the human experiences of those deemed substandard The second part of his story that is alluded to in the text has beenost to history and this is a great Love Virtually loss I recommend this book This is our only remaining account of a slave sife in Cuba Ergo it has big time historical significance However it s not exactly a riveting read This is an impactful read I l ikely end up writing my research paper on Manzano s writing and trauma theory He truly depicts the horrors that he ived through A ot of neoclassical critics focus on Manzano s intentionality in this text how its distortion of time could mean this or that But this completely disregards the affect of his trauma on his writing experience ignoring how reluctant he is to even record this in the first place and only does so at the insistence of his patr. Introduces the text to place it in historical and cultural context The Autobiography of a Slave makes available a major iterary text and impor.

I read a chunk of this book translated into English in the Cuba Reader It is a harrowing stunning unforgettable autobiography that elegantly portrays the horrors of slavery and the effect it had on those who suffered under Cuba s unfree regime Manzano s prose is clear unpretentious and heartbreaking It makes you wonder how many wonderful people and brilliant writers the world ost to the terrors of the transatlantic slave trade It s a hard thing to think about but a necessary one That is one of the world s greatest tragedies El nico testimonio escrito por un esclavo cubano en su poca La autobiograf a de un esclavo cuenta تعلم jQuery فى 120 دقيقة la dificultad dolor y complejidad emocional dea vida en esclavitud en Damian (The Caine Brothers los 1800 La primera parte dea autobiograf a fue publicada en Europa en 1840 pero no fue publicada por entero en Cuba hasta 1937 despu s de Driven by Desire la muerte de Manzano La segunda parte del manuscrito se perdi antes de ser publicada Manzano escribi poes a y otros textos mientras era esclavo mayormente a escondidas de sus amos Su vida termin d If you ever want toearn what it means for a book to be symptomatic of its time place and economic conditions just check out this ittle slave narrative and its thorough introduction The way this book was written the ife its author ived and the way the book was produced and transported tells you that the circumgulf world of the 19th century was a very different world than the one we usually think of In some ways this book is better than its aesthetics I found the text while researching the history of slavery in Latin America It s a moving In this first bilingual edition of the volume Evelyn Picon Garfield provides a careful translation of Manzano's somber narration Ivan Schulman.