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St who did that Omega think he was The nerve of him Honestly But over the next several days the Doctor s conscience started to prick him What if the Omega had been correct Had all his success made him an unfeeling jerk Had he just begun to see research material subjects versus human beings whose lives rested on what the Doctor diagnosed A true epiphany occurred He hated that he had become THAT man THAT type of Doctor who cared about his research than his patients mental emotional well beingAnd another thing no one especially not another Omega had ever dared to stand toe to toe with him let him have it He d been cut to the uick deep down to the bond with some harsh home truths The oung Omega was actually rather amazing Now what would it take to win his trust and his heart especially since the good Doctor also made a point of stressing he in fact couldn t fathom the idea of raising Dmitry nosed bratsThe story just gets better and better from this explosive confrontational beginning I know there are some pretty decent mpreg stories out there but unfortunately they are unpublished and reuire a bit of searching over the netSo for a Kindle purchase it isn t that bad Good for a uick fixread if mpreg is really taking The Accidental Engagement (Chance Romance, your fancy at the moment Is a work of literature Nope the writing is mediocre but I managed to get the story regardless 35 stars for this enjoyable read Peter an infertile omega is a thoroughly likeable character who s easy to connect with When he is bluntly unempathetically told he is definitely infertile by the premier alpha specialist in his area even I an adamantly childfree woman keenly felt his overwhelming angst accompanied by an immediate dislike of the alpha doctor Rafe The premise of this story the bringing together of these two very different characters with different perspectives and desires was a really interesting one I enjoyed reading about their developing relationship The problem is I wanted than the book could offer There were certain aspects of the story that were simply not delved into deep enough to satisfy me in fact some things were woefully underdeveloped For example at one point I think when the alpha goes to meet the omega at his shop there s a comment made about omega Peter being able to see the wolf come forward in the alpha s eyes Nothing ever comes of this no further mention of the wolf connection is ever made So why include it Are they shifters Did alphas and omegas somehow emerge from an older race of wolf people And towards the end it s mentioned that the alpha has claimed his omega but we have no scene showing us how this happened or what it involves All that seemed to be involved was the alpha asking the omega to move in with him and the omega agreeing Is this really the claiming spoken of I also thought the final issue between te two characters was resolved too uickly and simply I didn t really believe in the sudden turnaround of the alpha character. Ha Rafe is eually drawn to theounger omega and finds Peters infertility a plus in his book Hes not interested in having kidsBut just as the alpha and omega come to a mutually satisfying arrangement fate steps in and changes the gameThis 38000 word story is a contemporary non shifter Mpreg romance with steamy scenes and lots of warm feels.

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Ega reproductive anatomy but the writer or editor should had asked someone with serious medical knowledge to determine if this explanation would be sufficient enough to answer to the satisfaction of the reader Though an attempt was made it doesn t really come close I m sad to say And if this fertility specialist was going to base his reputation on this theory then research had to be done It was rather amateurish at bestAlso I saw a big character development flaw with our alpha Rafe How could someone who was supposed to be that in touch with his feelings be such a jerk No I mean a REAL jerk Not buying it even with my ability to write off many a problem with design Too much suspension of my generous suspension of disbeliefThis is the first book of the series but my first and last attempt to read it Not worth the investment at all and I doubt I d be going back and rereading it Not enough flesh Not enough originality Not enough research I ve read other books by Beau Brown but I think this might be one of my favorites I loved the premise of a fertility Doctor that assists Omegas having trouble conceiving Why would an Alpha even go into this line of work Just how accomplished did he have to be to attract men from all over Not only was he acclaimed but he was also expensive and arrogant Even though he was excellent at his job his personality and lack of tact leave a lot to be desired He did not endear himself to the reader or his latest clientOmegas both male female were physically built for conceiving and carrying babies They mentally had been prepared taught for ears that it was their reason for existing That no Alpha would want them if they couldn t fulfill the main duty they were born being able to achieve Their emotions biological clocks were tied to a desire to carry and nuture babies Some clock alarms went off later while others were early More than anything else our MC wanted a baby but so did his Alpha which made it perfect until he failed to conceive And while he fretted enduring disappointment after disappointment as each Doctor gave him the same sad news his Alpha was not content to wait aroundHurting from the lost of his Alpha and feeling despaired knowing no other one would want a Barren Omega He had one last hope A reknown fertility specialist Unfortunately his insurance didn t cover the cost so he saved his money and waited for an appointment with the very popular Obstetrician The last thing he expected was the callous words and lack of empathy the Doctor displayed Already depressed and emotional he gave the Baby Doctor a piece of his mind How dare he be treated so flippantly Who the hell did that Doctor think he was Whatever happened to having a bedside manner He didn t wait months and spend money he penny pitched to save in order to be told by an egotistical condescending jerk the worse news in such a nonchalant mannerNo one had ever spoken to the Doctor in such a manner before Ju. Bedside manner But hes the best at what he does When he delivers devastating news to Peter in an uncaring and blunt manner Peter sets him straight right before he storms out of his officeWhen the two men meet at a club one night Peter ends up in Rafes bed While Peter may not necessarily like Rafe he cant deny how attracted he is to the alp.

Peter is on his last resort go see the famous doctor who specializes in Omega fertility He will be able to tell him once and for all if he is barren However the first meeting between Peter and the good doctor is anything but good Dr Rafe Hexton is arrogant cocky and even somewhat cruel in the way he berates Peter for his pain over not being able to carry a child Peter cannot believe that this man specializes in fertility when he has terrible bedside manner and has no desire to have children A week later several drinks lands the two men into bed together and things definitely start to heat upThis book is a typical alpha omega MPREG but I felt like something was missing Peter really wanted a baby and that was his main goal which was fine but at times I wish there was behind this purpose of his He states that as an omega this is his duty and it s what he is made for and how he will attract an alpha but this all just felt flat to me I wanted to see of him wanting a baby for better reasons then what he is presumably designed for In this aspect I really liked Rafe because he told Peter right away that he could be than just an Omega having babies But I also wasn t fond of Rafe either I feel that he was so emotionally detached and it was a purposeful character design but I think it worked to well Half the time he is so closed off it s hard to get a read on him and then when he is being honest I second guess if he does have feelings or he is just trying to better himself His character dynamic had me baffled because he had so many ups and downs where he was sweet but then mean and closed off but then cuddly I just couldn t get a good read on him The title should have been I would have never because that s what s repeated at least 3 times every chapter in a not so variant amount of sentences There s no background story the dialogues at times are forced and feel like they were written by a 12 ear old The last chapters are rushed and the basic plot is not really worked on There s never a rythm to the alpha s rude behavior and the passing also ruins the development of the relationship While I wouldn t care spending a dollar or so for a short story that I can finish in 5 hours or less and has no real work I don t feel inclined to pay There s way better works novels who did that amount give No Journeys End you the real love and drama Thou ifou don t mind wasting our money be my guest Loved the storyline and I intend to read the remaining books by the author Pretty good fluffy story A few editing errors but nothing too distracting Will definitely check out by this author Book 1 of the Poppy Field series it is a decent introduction but considering all the other books I ve read it s hardly different from all the other non mpreg books out there Reminds me of cut and paste just the mpreg parts in and we got ourselves a new storyline for the mpreg genre NOTI do have to give it to the writer for attempting to define the om. Omega Peter Johnson cant accept that he cant have babies Several doctors have told him hes barren but he refuses to believe that After all there are few things that would be worse news for an omega He decides to seek the opinion of the premiere fertility specialist in Poppy Field Dr Rafe HextonAlpha Rafe Hexton isnt known for his charming.

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Beau Brown loves writing emotional and steamy Mpreg stories Beau lives in Texas and hopes to move to a less humid climate one of these days In the mean time Beau enjoys the rugged terrain while writing whatever stories come to mind