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Er philosophies and character development that many of the BattleTech novels do focusing on the mission to mission action of the video game This is not to say it s shallow just simple A fun ide especially for any fan of mech porn. Writer Loren L Coleman TRIAL UNDER FIRE is one of his first works and helped lay the groundwork for a career including over fourteen BattleTechMechWarrior novels and numerous short stori.

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Great novel based on a great gameThis is the novelization of the game Mechwarrior 3 It was a lot of fun to ead about places I ve been in the game and the people in Damocles Commando If you ever played the game or are just a Battl. TRIAL UNDER FIREThe Inner Sphere has suffered under the Clan invasion Now an Inner Sphere joint task force launches a desperate counter assault deep into Clan Homeworlds terrirory On the.

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EtechMechwarrior fan you WILL enjoy this book A uick ead and a great introduction to the BattleTechMechWarrior universe Trial Under Fire is basically a novelization of the MechWarrior 3 PC game As such it doesn t go into the deep. World of Tranuil a small commando led by Lieutenant Connor Sinclair is deployed on a critical mission prevent Clan Smoke Jaguar from eforming at all costsA novel by veteran BattleTech.

Loren L Coleman born 1968 is a science fiction writer born and grew up in Longview WashingtonHe is known for having written many books for series such as Star Trek BattletechMechwarrior Age of Conan Crimson Skies Magic The Gathering and others Former member of the United States Navy he has also written game fiction and source material for such companies as FASA Corporation TSR Inc