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S too long in the Jaegar vamps caves a little too much of the wrong girl situation etcI would say it is very important to start out with Book 1 it s not that much of a big deal with some series but with this one it isThis is a very violent book so for those who are bothered by that sort of thing this wouldn t be for you at all These guys are the vampires vampyres no mercy no prisoners really viscious bloody gorey stuff all explained in vivid colors There is also a rape scene baby killing and a forced conversion of a female The good guys can be just as brutal as the bad guys To some extent the bad guys are forced into their way of life Much violent than BDB or the other vamp series I ave read but male violence unfortunately doesn t resonate much with me unless it is against women but there is some of that De Gaulle 1969 here too and I felt it was a little too easily shrugged off or bought off by one victimThat being said it all seems appropriate to this series and these vampires This is a PNR fantasy after allTessa Dawnas built a fascinating world yet I would like to The Social Media Business Equation have of a sense of the entirety of the Jadon line vampsow many what do they do etc like we got with the description of the Jaegar line vamps vast underground labyrinth Now that we know Macromedia Coldfusion Mx: Professional Projects how many there are of the Jaegar vamps it seems that their above ground cousins are vastly outnumberedThe epilogue was a great set up for the next book the complexity of this story is so well done I can t wait for the next one Beware if you are considering this series This bookas triggers than a gun show in TexasSo yeah it s dark There is murder rape torture and bloody battles The bad guys are so evil that it is kind of funny I know I m sick But Encyclop�die Der Rechtswissenschaft here s what I mean one evil brother watchesis younger evil brother brutally rape and murder a woman right before White Christmas-Bloody Christmas his eyes Whene s finished they start Iraq from Manadate Independence having a conversation aboutow much they love their little baby nephew demon There was a uick snap before The Cambridge Handbook of Social Problems her lifeless body slumped to the ground Ase zipped up Genres Across the Disciplines his pantse sighed You know brother I think I love that kid like Fluttershys Ferocious Friend! he s my ownSalvatore smiled As do I ZarekSalvatore watched as Zarek sauntered out the door All in alle was such a good kid Okay that s some Game Night hardcore evil shit And it kind of cracked me up The evil guys are truly sociopaths and sociopaths in books always make me laughThe overall story and world in this series is pretty compelling There is this weird blood curse going on that is seriously messed up and dark asell But the thing about paranormal romance novels is that you really need to like the couple in order to really like the book and in this one I didn t like either one of them The male is a complete dick and was in the last book too The female is so completely boring and one dimensional that she could easily be replaced with a ball Wilson definitely Magic Touch (The Wizards of Venus, had personality than this chickSo even though the world is cool and my bloodlust is sated through these books this one was just kind of meh for me I was actually rooting for the bad guys and maybe for some terrible unhappy ending for our couple Oh well maybe next time see now that sow to end a story Nailed it 25 Stars rounded up to a 3Last month the MacHalos Grovers Own Alphabet had a little vampire month buddy read and one of the books we read was Blood Destiny A few of us really liked that book and wanted to keep reading Shelly and I read this one but as excited as I was for Maruis s book this just wasn t as good as Iad Husband for Real hopedThe blood and gore torture and general wtf ery were all still there so if like me you were into that in the first book well good news that sick shit continues But and this is a major but the story was nowhere near as interesting The plot twist was so incredibly convoluted that I wished there couldave been a different reason literally ANY other reason for this unfolded There are still character s whose stories I am interested in reading but I don t think I will be in a big Root to Stem hurry to get to them I read the epilogue which essentially is the set up for the next book in the series and all could think was who gives a fuckProbably not a good idea to continue WOW This book was just fantastic Every time I thought the book was going in one direction it would go in another I loved that There are times when I read books and I can pretty much guess where the story is goingUmmm not in this case So many times this story took turns I lovedow we got to see of Maruis character and things that Hard Pushed he st WHOAThis is me after reading this Yeah I m speechless This was another great addition to this series There were someard just flat out WTH moments How Philosophy Works here as well some really beautiful ones It all flowed well The stakes are a bitigher Charlie Hernndez the League of Shadows here dramatic but this just makes it all awesome IMO Even though there were moments when I was like Then I moved to And then To And back againSo far I wouldighly recommend this readseries Please read in orderThis one also ends with HEAWarningThese are very dark reads With some ard brutal occurrences Proceed with Caution. D the sleeping soul of the valleyand the Curse of Maruis’s birthBound to each other by primeval law the two must forge their way through an ever growing maze of danger deception and destiny They must find salvation in a world without mercy where survival demands a chilling BLOOD AWAKENIN.

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3 Tentative StarsI m still struggling ow to rate this book For the most part I liked this book but I certainly didn t love it I know I m in the minority Dancing on the Ceiling here as most readers seemed to enjoy this second story than the first For meowever it just wasn t as good There was focus on the romance in this plot but I didn t care for the direction the author took the love story There was a slight love triangle that just felt silly ridiculous and clich d It was obvious from the beginning that there was something terribly wrong with WHO the The Wee Free Men (Discworld, hero thought wasis destiny and the resolution dragged on for far too long Also we were treated or should I say tortured with one of the main evil vampire s POV throughout the book and I Kidnapped hated being inis All Quiet on the Western Front head It made me sick and disgusted to view atrocious actions throughis perverse mind All in all this book didn t live up to the first Not for me anyway It was still well written character driven brutal and as gory just think of the movie Saw as the first which the História do Rei Transparente horror movie junkie in me loved but it also took on a deprave feel that left a disgusting and bitter taste in my mouth The endingowever for this couple was fabulous Caution There are two rape scenes in this book One involving a woman and one involving a man I Best Mechanic Ever hated these scenes with a passion They served no purpose other than to shock and I dropped my rating accordingly Please use discretion before starting these books Maruis Silivasi is an Ancient Warrior He is theead of Dinosaur Dinners his family and all that entails of Vampires with Strong Human Emotions He feels a failure ase wasn t able to save In His Blood his youngest brother Shelby from the curse that plagues the House of Jadon Whene is finally able to visit Desert Kings (Deathlands, his brothers gravee lets loose with emotions that wreak An Officer and a Spy havoc on all the elements causing wide spread destruction Yet it is these very emotions that lift a spell put on one of the Original Celestial BeingsCiopori Ase looks at Exposed (Annika Bengtzon, here remembers dreams these past 1500 yrs they are of Ooko her He knows every nuance abouter Ciopori recognizes this Strong Proud Warrior from Naked her dreams The chemistry is immediate The love and attraction is instantaneousWhile awaiting foris Sign from the Heavens A Blood Red Moon with Shadow Scale (Seraphina, his Constellation to appeare must deal with a Claim The Crown human woman underis families protection Kristina Wow is she ever weak when it comes to Nerds her boyfriend who degradeser and beats In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, her This will be the last time per Maruis Kristina offers uperself to save this lowlife of course that only makes Maruis madder than a bull in the ring with a red cape He takes Bark her to the House of Jadon s clinic for medical attention Guess what yup you got it A Blood Red Moon withis Constellation appears in the skys and on Kristinas armAll On Such a Full Sea hell breaks loose Maruis can not even fathom being with such a weak willed woman Kristina can not standim Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! he is overbearing always right and makes everyone obeyim Not to mention Cannibal he is one scary ass dudeCiopori can not believe thater arm is not marked with Maruis Constellation She must see and talk with Mastered (The Enforcers, him beforee takes Kristina as Man, Son of Man his Destiny Wow do things getot and Alter Ego heavy smexy like Yet they must walk away from each other or Maruis will die in 30 days likeis younger brother for not fulfilling the curseMy ThoughtsMaruis is the most pain in the ass man intense never laughing always right Very non likeable egotistical VampireMan I mean in book 1 I was ready to take im out myself If I ad ever met Uncommon Wisdom him I am suree would Unseen City have sewn my mouth shut and made meis puppet Not a dam thing to like about this guy Than Ciopori shows up and I start to see another side to Art him still tho not really liking this guyKristina gets added to the mix and oh my really really do not likeimThan Tessa the Author throws a whammy at me I start to really see God Is in the Crowd him with allis pain and loneliness and what e as been through the last 1500 years Damn okay now I am starting to sympathize for the guy Add a very evil vampire to mix and Maruis looks like a lamb with pointy teethI am not giving away anything else from this wonderful amazing book To many subjects and I would spoil the milk for you You are just gonna The Matriarchs (The Family have to read itWelllllllll if you canandle Dark Fantasy this book is not for everyone you must Notes for the Everlost have a strong digestion for all things that go bump in the night and day and ohh blood death not the nice die in your sleep kind 4 12 starsI LOVED this one What was missing for me in the first one was was definitely presentere as far as the romance goes Loved Maruis and all the emotion and drama involved in When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) his and Ciopori s situation This storyad some great twists that kept it fast paced and very excitingwe even got to see a little bit of the Dark Ones side of things which was very interesting and rather twisted Again i really enjoyed the interaction between all the Silivasi brothers and something that is really neat and uniue about this vampire world I was excited when I No Biggy! heard that this was Maruis book Unfortunately the romance betweenim and Ciopor. A dangerous game of life blood and survival becomes a deadlytriangle for three unsuspecting souls an ancient vampire a mysterious woman and a street wise Crush It! humanBefore it’s over each will face a chilling BLOOD AWAKENINGMaruis Silivasi is a loner an ancient vampire known to be mercilessar.

I was largely forgettable andI liked Attracting Birds to Your Backyard her better than the female from the first book Jocelyn But she was just really meh What I did like There were some good action scenes The author is not afraid to portray these vamps as brutal ruthless cold blooded killers This series is not for the faint ofeart There are many shocking elements female rape male rape infanticide male douchery graphic violenceI feel like this author pulls out all the stops with the cheesy plots twists though And the sex scenes can be a little cringe worthy The blunt curved Deep Listening head was only slightly smaller thaner fistHer eyes moved down to the thick shaft itself at least the width of Bird-by-Bird Gardening her forearmSo NOT SEXY I did not likeow the author used a female character to come between the The Works of Saint Augustine hero anderoine and then made Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone her a negative character so theeroine would look better I feel like Kristina got thrown under the busI am not really all that excited about the main character in the next book but reviews say it s good so I guess I will keep going at some point My review on the first book Blood Destiny is My Teacher Is a Robot hereOriginal postBuddy read with Casey in August Vampire month continues because one month just isn t enough Maruis s book YES Wow What a fantabulous read Blood Awakening is the second book in Tessa Dawns Blood Curse series and it brings us deeper into the world of Dark Moon Vale and it s inhabitants Once again we see the battles between the descendants of Jadon and Jeager andow Supper Club horrific war can really beThere is so many awesome things about this book that I don t know where to start Also not being a fan of super long reviews myself I ll try to keep myself from babbling too much LOLThe role ofero in this book is played by Maruis Silivasi an Ancient Master Warrior vampire that was born of the House of Jadon Our Moanas New Friend (Disney Moana) heroine is Ciopori Demir Ciopori is the daughter of King Sakarias who was ruler of the Celestial Beings before the Blood Curse She is also the sister of Jadon Maruis s ancestor How can that be you ask The answer is simple she was put into a deep slumber to protecter from Professional Capital her blood crazy brother Jeager andis followersThough Blood Awakening is a dark fantasy the romance in this book was written superbly The attraction between Maruis and Ciopori was so powerful that you couldn t Seven Dwarfs Find a House (Disney Classic) help but to be drawn to it I think that the fact that Maruis s cries of anguish woke Ciopori fromer 2000 year slumber attests to the intensity of their bond When it looked like Ciopori wasn t Maruises destiny it was such a blow My Berlioz, Vol. 2 heart broke for them Finally after allis years of being alive e ad found love and it was being ripped away from The Mediterranean Millionaires Mistress himThe closer look that we got into Maruis s personality was amazing Whereas in Blood Destiny Maruis was a rock nothing butardness it wasn t the case in this book Here we see beyond the Midnight Fantasies hard exterior and into the man Maruis may be socially inept and extremely prickly but withinim lies the core of an extremely passionate and caring manOK so maybe I m painting the wrong picture of Maruis He s still a domineering Alpha male He s still incredibly Men of Steele Bundle hard to get along with and scary as Hell but I can t get past the softer side ofis psyche that we are shown in Blood AwakeningBlood Awakening is a dark Fantasy so there was much than Maruises love life to it The darkness in this book is readily apparent There was plenty of guts and gore in Million-Dollar Nanny here but there was really only one scene that gave me pause SPOILER ALERT The nursery scene It s weird I neverad a problem with the sacrifice that the Blood Curse demanded but the slaughter of the babies in the nursery got to me I understand that the babies were evil and needed to die It was still The Millionaires Waitress Wife (The Brubaker Brides, hard to read about thoughI think it was because there were so many of them However once I distanced myself from my reading and reminded myselfow evil those damn sons of Jeager were it was a lot easier to deal withAll in all I ad to give this book a 5 star rating The action was amazing and the emotions were so real and authentic I found myself crying many times In fact at the end I was crying so much that my boyfriend was afraid that something bad ad The Millionaires Miracle happened whene saw me There were also some scenes that I couldn t elp laughing out load about Braden and is ridiculous antics were Mine Under the Mistletoe hilarious as always and Maruis is so clueless in social situations that you can telp but chuckleBlood Awakening was a fantastic read and I eagerly await the next installment in the Blood Curse series Tessa Dawn s writing is fabulous and seems to get better with every book If you can take the The Medicine Man horror in this book then it s definitely a must read for youBeware this book contains rape blood guts and gore Another magnificent installment to the Blood Curse series I wish I could give it a 9 on a scale of 5 and I would give it a 10 except for a couple of IMHO overly long smex scenes that I finally just skimmed through but then I read a lot of that stuff and I commonly do that after a couple of scenes and a place or two where the story dragged for a few page. Sh and unforgiving Heas lived to see Maverick Christmas his dark twin sacrificedis parents Millionaires Dont Count (Harlequin Mini hunted and the one soule was sworn to protect destroyed by Liberating Paris his enemyWhen a mysterious female with a secret past shows up in Dark Moon Valeer presence sets off a strange set of events It is as if she as awakene.

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And get a key to unlock free goodiesTessa Dawn grew up in Colorado where she developed a deep affinity for the Rocky Mountains After graduating with a degree in psychology she worked for several years in criminal justice and mental health before returning to get her master’s degree in nonprofit managementTessa began writing as a child and composed her first full length novel at the age of eleven By the time she graduated high school she had a banker’s box full of short stories and novels Since then she has published works as diverse as poetry greeting cards workbooks for kids with autism and academic curricula Her Dark FantasyGothic Romance novels represent her long desired return to her creative writing roots and her passionate flair for storytelling Tessa currently splits her time between the Colorado suburbs and mountains with her two children and “one very crazy cat” She hopes to one day move to the country where she can own horses and what she considers “the most beautiful creature ever created” a German Shepherd She is a member of NINC; SFWA; and RWAPANWriting is her blissJOIN TESSA DAWN'S MAILING LIST