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I should know better than to pick up a new Jess Lourey book thinking I l just peek at the first few pages and get then back to the book I was reading Six hours ContamiNation later it s three in the morning and I m racing through theast few chapters unable to sleep until I know how it all ends Set in an idyllic small town rooted in family history and horrific secrets Bloodline is Pleasantville meets Rosemary s Baby A deeply unsettling darkly unnerving and utterly compelling novel this book chilled me to the core and I Taxi ins Glück loved every bit of it Have you ever been asked if you have a smokeThankfully I don t smoke but this book has me uestioning than just smoke fog mirrors but also Bloodlines and ironically I would uestion than just one part of that scenario but that s just meIl carry on with this fact not everything is perfect though it appears as such from afarAfter all it s the ate 60 s and as a journalist Joan is not on Bloodline was my first Jess Lourey novel and I found it to be a frighteningly engaging read which I highly recommend Set in the ate 1960s our main character is Joan an independent college educated journalist working for the Minneapolis Star as an entry Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas level reporter Weearn about her unusual upbringing by her dedicated mother in which they were always moving from place to place Were they running from something in her mom s past Joan never finds out from her mom who has recently died after a short bout with cancer After her mother s death Joan has found strength and solace in the comfort of her new boyfriend Deck A few months after meeting Deck Joan is unexpectedly pregnant has been passed over for a promotion at work and was the victim of a violent mugging At Deck s suggestion pleading Joan agrees to move back to Deck s very small hometown Lilydale MN pop 1500 Lilydale has a respected reputation of being uaint safe and as friendly as apple pie There Joan and Deck This book reminded me a The Magic Rolling Pin lot of Rosemary s Baby and The Stepford Wives There were too many similarities for me to overlook including the main character getting a haircut justike Mia Farrow This would appeal to readers who haven t read the aforementioned books or seen the movies I did enjoy the ending which was definitely creepy and satisfyingThank you Netgalley Thomas Mercer for an e galley I picked up Bloodline owing to the fantastic reviews it received so far The creepy cover also played a part in that decision Bloodline by Jess Lourey starts with a dark creepy chapter that hooks you right in While reading I found myself wondering if this book would go in the direction that many books before have gone It didn t and I m so so glad about that I m tired of reading about naive pregnant women racing towards something that is disconcerting Jess Lourey successfully builds a chilling creepy atmosphere throughout the book you will want to keep to turning those pages until the very end I Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, loved the character of Joan She s smart ambitious but no match for. Perfect town Perfect homes Perfect families It’s enough to drive some women madIn a tale inspired by real events pregnant journalist Joan Harken is cautiously excited to follow her fiancé back to his Minnesota hometown After spending a childhood on the move and chasing the screams and swirls of news rich cityif.

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Plicitly a number of times but never rips it off Not Without a Fight like so many other books have Instead this book gives the reader a totally new and different twist on the theme of Rosemary s Baby It s also explicitly feminist than Rosemary s Baby could be in its time which IoveThe heroine of the book Joan Harken is a pregnant career woman a newspaper writer in a changing time for women After a ife altering incident in the city she decides to move back to her boyfriend s idyllic small town where his dad is the mayor Once she gets there very strange things start happening and soon it s Twin Peaks meets Rosemary s Baby With a side of the Stepford Wives So clearly I was hookedThe book starts with a bang and is suspenseful all the way through This writer has a very natural and thrilling writing style and even as the plot gets and wild the story remains totally real and scary This book is part horror and part traditional mysteryI don t want to give away too much of the plot but this was a great read and it has some great commentary to make about society and gender roles too 45 stars rounded upThanks to NetGalley Jess Lourey and Thomas and Mercer for the advance copy of this great read in exchange for my honest review Joan Harken never imagined iving in a small town Raised by a single mother they were a close knit team of two who moved often from one city to the next Joan considers herself an independent woman with career goals even though the book takes place in the sixties All that changes when two events shake Joan s foundation to the core When her boyfriend Deck suggests that they The Unseen Wonder leave the city for a simpler saferife in his hometown not only does Joan say yes she embraces the move After all Joan is pregnant and would The Management Bible like her baby to grow up in a stable community There is even aocal paper and Joan feels certain that she can get a job there and not abandon her dream of being a journalistDeck swears that Lilydale is the perfect place to raise a family But from the moment they arrive Joan is uestioning her decision Everyone seems to know Joan s business Everyone seems to be watching her every move Everyone except Joan seems to know what she needs Even the opportunity to cover a major news story feels contrived If this is what small town Zu schnell life isike Joan isn t sure if she wants any part of it Unfortunately the decision may no Sleepless (Bird of Stone, longer be in Joan s handsCreepy creepy and creepier Is Joan just seeing things through her city eyes or is something seriously wrong with the people of Lilydale When Deck starts to become someone Joan barely recognizes its time for her to put her investigative skills to the test When the truth comes out be prepared for a dark and twisted conclusionI wasn t crazy about any of these characters Joan included but boy did I race read to find out what the heck was up in Lilydale I had my guesses but I certainly didn t figure this one out Ioved Unspeakable Things and Jess Lourey is now on my must read author rada. N thrall So does the sinister secret of a ittle boy who vanished decades ago And unless Joan is imagining things a frighteningly familiar figure from her past is on watch in the shadowsHer fiancé tells her she’s being paranoid He might be right Then again she might have moved to the deadliest small town on eart.

Lilydale s conniving townsfolk or is she The ending of this book was super creepy but put together very well I did not see the twist towards the end coming turning all my self made theories on their heads This book was inspired by real events so it made a compelling read for meThank you NetGalley Thomas Mercer Jess Lourey for an arc This was one of the creepiest and strangest thrillers I have read in a while I ike Jess Loury s writing a great deal This story is not typical of most thrillers which is good It is ike a cross between Rosemary s Baby and the movie Get Out It does strain the imagination a bit but overall it was hard to put down and the ending was satisfying Loury again uses an old Minnesota crime for the basis of her story Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this free ARC in exchange for an honest review 1968 a small tight knit town a pregnant journalist and ots of deep dark secrets I am a Jess Lourey fan but this novel took her writing to the next Invisible (The Curse of Avalon level Based on a true story Bloodline is an incredibly well written thriller that skillfullyeads readers through a seemingly normal couple s move from big city to small town Yummy Supper life When Joan and Deck move to small town Lilydale after Joan got mugged in Minneapolis adjusting to small townife was just that an adjustment But what Joan didn t know at first was that this very tight community had secrets that somehow included herLourey skillfully builds characters with descriptions that made me giggle a ittle bit at times and that is part of the beauty of this novel The residents of Lilydale are colorful in ways than one and as Joan meets and gets to know each resident she discovers another piece of the puzzle that Lilydale has to share The main character Joan is an amazingly strong female who is able to rise above what Lilydale expects of her She is smart and savvy knows how to play the game when she needs to and not compromise herself in the process And she has a cat Slow Henry was also obviously one of my favorite characters in the bookI have come to expect excellence from Jess Lourey and this was no exception I stayed up ate and got up early to finish Bloodline and did not have the dark twists of this story figured out at all Kudos to Lourey for weaving yet another spellbinding story for her Deep Listening long time fans and new fans to read Do Not Miss This One I count it as the best book I have read in 2020 so farSpecial thanks to NetGalley Thomas Mercer Jess Lourey for the ARC Review to come closer to pub day but wow amazing This is an awesome book First it takes place in theate 60s but the writing style is totally contemporary and accessible yet also very accurate to the time It s a major pet peeve of mine when a period book tries too hard to emulate the speech of the era and ends up sounding stilted Second Rosemary s Baby is one of my favorite books of all time This book set in the same era does a ovely job of tipping its hat to Rosemary s Baby even ex. E she’s eager to settle down Lilydale’s motto “Come Home Forever” couldn’t be invitingAnd yet something is off in the picture perfect villageThe friendliness borders on intrusive Joan can’t shake the feeling that every move she makes is being tracked An archaic organization still seems to hold the town

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