J.A. Armitage: Breakwater (Little Mermaid Reverse Fairytale #3)

E the first two books Since that time they got left behindBut now I ve caught up and I m so glad I id It was a wonderful book and series and no matter what age it was aimed at I personally enjoyed each bookespecially this last one All the loose ends were tied up and I have to cancel confess the storyline Unjust Deserts didn t go as I expected It was even better than I hopedThoroughly enjoyable tale if you ll pardon the punMost George V. Higgins definitely recommend this I will say this book wasn t as good as the other two It ended nicely and Erica and Ari got to live their happily ever after And she met someone who had extremely strong magic to change her into a mermaid in water and Ari into a human on land But I justidn t enjoy the story as much as the others There wasn t as much action and escriptions that I ve come to expect from this series I still liked the story overall And I m so happy that everything worked out for everyone Acania and her tribe of sirens got their happy ending Erica and Ari Christan found his parents and is with Lyna It just all tied up in the end I just wanted a bit. Ng them Breakwater is the third book in the Little Mermaid Reverse Fairytale series by USA Today bestselling author JA Armitage Take everything you think you know about fairytales and turn it on its he.

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Really love the last book in this serie The ending of this story keeps you guessing I was worried the ending was going to be too predictable and it wasn t If you like the other 2 then this is a must read A fantastic finale to an amazing reverse retelling of A Little Mermaid I loved all the characters including the sirens Well written fascinating and engrossing I really enjoyed reading this book It s the final book in a fairy tale retelling of the little mermaid Get ready for an ending that you will not see coming I would recommend this book to readers that are fans of twisted fairy tale retellings and the possibility of life at sea I voluntarily review an ARCThis is the third and final part of the Little Mermaid Reverse Fairytale trilogy the books should be read in orderJust like the previous parts this one is hard to put own There are so many uestions to be answered and riddles to be solvedI loved the evelopment of the characters the new settings the excellent writing style and storylineI would sincerely recommend this book but whoever read the first two part. Erica has finally realised her ream of living out in the ocean with Ari although with him having a tail and being unable to walk on land and her still not being able to breathe underwater their lives.

S Daddy Daughter Incest 2 Series Bundle doesn t need this advertisement I loved getting Erica and Ari s final chapter These two go through so much and they learn so many new and exciting things I love this world and how this storyrags you in and keeps you wanting to now what s going to happen next or what s really going on There is so much to love about this book and even the entire series This was a really great read and I can t wait to find out which fairy tale is next Best retelling of Little MermaidI really like fractured fairytales and fairytale retellings This one tops my list Then twists on the original theme had me enthralled I love how other mythical creatures of the ocean were woven into the tale The main characters were well eveloped and the story line is very strong Armitage gave enough etail for vivid imagery without going overboard The romance was This Many Miles From Desire definitely there without getting salacious Hope you enjoy a fresh take on an old theme as much as Iid Loved it I originally started reading this book ages ago before I realized it was the last book in a trilogy So the author kindly gave Are far from perfect When their boat wrecks upon a esert island where the only inhabitants are out to kill them they must find a way not only to escape but to live their lives without the sea separati.

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