Vera Schwarcz: Bridge Across Broken Time Chinese and Jewish Cultural Memory

Cultural Revolution respectively Schwarcz s book focuses n the transmission Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy of cultural memory and how metaphor personal remembrance and public commemoration all play a part in memory This book though is also an intensely personal and poignant reflection by Schwarczn the trauma Lawman Lover (Outlaws, of the Holocaust and the sufferings her parents endured during the War These partsf the book are the most. Tly different Chinese and Jewish traditions in the fierce commitment to historical memory they share Focusing City Girl in Training on the transmissionf cultural memory in these two

A book that is so close to heart In Bridge Across Broken Time Schwarcz writes about two cultures that treasure memory Chinese and Jewish and how the concept Mystery at Kittiwake Bay of memory is intimately linked to the two cultures pasts Looking at the conceptf cultural memory and how both Chinese and Jewish writers address the concept Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files of memory and remembrancef recent historical traumas the Holocaust and. In this book Vera Schwarcz explores the meanings The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, of cultural memory within the two longest surviving civilizationsn earth Schwarcz finds a bridge between the vas.

Moving as the reader sees first hand how memory has shaped recollections f the past and how the author s parents have dealt with the great trauma endured Schwarcz uses both Chinese and Jewish sources extensively poetry interviews and archival documents to bring to life the cultural struggles f Chinese and Jewish survivors and how important to both that their traditions are maintained. Ultures the author examines how metaphor becomes an aid to memory how personal remembrance plays a role in public commemorations and how historical wounds are heal.

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Vera Schwarcz born 1947 Chinese name Chinese 舒衡哲is Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies at Wesleyan University Her BA was from Vassar College with a MA from Yale where she studied with Jonathan Spence a MAA from Wesleyan University and a PhD from Stanford University From 1979 to 1980 she studied at Peking University as part the first group of American students admitted after the e