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S this huge heart and protective instinct God bless him Caressa was a child prodigy on the cello She s always lived in an adult world but it is now as she approaches her 21st birthday and the completion of a tour that will define her career that she is finally growing up and into her own To do that she has to face her own demons Kyle somehow always gets himself tangled in disfunctional relationships But Caressa is not Jeremy or Nell He s got clarity and inner strength he didn t have before and he sees something amazing in Caressa something that makes her ndearing The Unseen Wonder even as she pouts like a brat and struggles to define herself Not that I didn t want to smack him upsidethehead a couple of times If you read CO you remember Jeremy throwing the books in the fire Well Kyle can be just as much of an ass in my opinion And I still love him to death He has demons of his own and it takes conciousffort ach day to not slide down that slippery slopeJeremy does make appearances in the book as does Nell It is great to see how they are doing and how much the two of them have changed They are like cameo appearances Goodness that was rambly OK friends pick this one up You will love it I promise Only the most conservative of us will flinch Those who like the door to shut and the sex to be implied But I am thinking most of my friends list is going to just adore this one It is a great story with complex rich interesting characters perfect pacing and serious chemistr. E Gallo koja svira čelo otkad zna za sebe i teži savršenstvu Iako odrasla Caressa je u dubini duše dijete koje nije stiglo odrasti i istražiti ljubav i demone koje je tjeraju.

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T before a concert I could also understand the frustration of her aunt and Kyle concerning Caressa s moods I can t say Zu schnell enough good things about this book I loved it from the beginning to thend The story had a very nice HEA and then it had an Epilogue If it is possible the Epilogue made the HEA Sleepless (Bird of Stone, even better I only wish Annabel had called it a Coda in keeping with the other musical terms used throughout the book One of the bestrotic romances I have read I just loved it I really will take the time soon to write a detailed review but I wanted to make sure until then those perusing knew what a great story this isIt is an xtra full length novel at almost 70K words about Kyle from Comfort Object Remember Kyle Jeremy s assistant who found Nell and had the privelege of sharing Nell when Jeremy commanded Kyle the poor Texas boy who was infatuated with the girl he found for Jeremy Who took a bullet for her That poor boy finally got his own tale And it is yummyThis is defintely on my good first BDSM recommended book shelf There aren t any sex clubs in this story or public displays or ven sharing It isn t about humiliation or anything xtreme This is a very private xperience and frankly Kyle never comes right out and uses the terms lifestyle or BDSM with Caressa The Dominance and submission aspect are just part of the way they xpress their lovelustneeds Caressa is a 20 year old mess who really needs some control in her life Kyle gives her that Kyle ha. O drogi i niskim strastima izvlači ga bivši poslodavac koji mu dogovara novi posao u agenciji za potrebe bogatih i slavnih Kyle postaje osobni asistent ugledne čelistice Caress.

I definitely liked this book better than the first one so because I like Kyle leventy billion times than Jeremy This book is mostly sex sex sexwith a little bit of story thrown in If nothing Yummy Supper else Annabel Joseph sure can write some BDSM After reading a lot of this style of book I m thinking the sadism aspect of BDSM I just don t get or find all that schmexy I do love me a dominant man though And Kyle really was kind of swoony I mean he fixed her hair for her What man does that Caressa s Knees is a tale ofxuisite music and xorcising personal demons Nice character trajectories for both Caressa and Kyle make for a rich xperience Both protagonists are battling back the darkness One is further along and dragging the other but it is still a challenge Painful to watch at times and though some will see it as weak or whiny I find that assessment shallow The torment is real perhaps not xpressed in ways some will understand or recognize but still valid This was my first book by Annabel Joseph As I was reading the synopsis it called to me I was a music major in college and I always love reading books that have a strong musical content This one did not disappointI adore the way Caressa compared her relationship with Kyle in musical terms While that might be frustrating for someone who isn t familiar with the terms it really worked for me The story is filled with both tender and frustrating moments I could sympathize with Caressa and the stress she fel. Kyle Winchell je znao da osjećaje ne treba miješati s poslom ali intimna drama bila je jača od njega i prisiljen je napustiti posao osobnog asistenta megazvijezde Iz ovisnosti.

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