F.E. Campbell: Cathy By F.E. Campbell

The usual plot less porn in which characters act inconsistently and the the conflicts remain unresolved I put it away after the third plot change Nancy is a girl who is kidnapped by Cedric who is somehow a guy who is kind in my opinion not a typical kidnapper and is forced to become his slave which later with a little Stockholm syndrome she likes him and he proposes and she agrees Cathy must learn that slaves are made not born Her uality of slavery is etermined by the skill of her master the male.

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E girl who was a reporter who broke in into Cedric s house and was about to expose him of his Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 27 deeds but was stopped by him and later was influenced by Cathy and Cedric to like it what he wasoing with a little cooperation and acting from Cathy and Cedric She went back to her place later as Cedric idn t want another slave so oes Cathy who id not want a slave for herself hide spoile. Ometimes teaching of outmost tenderness As the story unfolds it becomes the strangest kidnapping in fiction FE Campbel.

Dk how the story ends afterwords because of the reasons below1st of all I have to clarify that I love the beginning half of the storyAnd I loved the whole kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome with a mix of BDSMUntil the part where Nancy was caught and Cathy and Nancy were punished I still liked this storyThe Part I Disliked view spoilerIt all began at the part where Nancy view spoiler th. Who holds the whip that scores her skin to punctuate commant It is a painfull learning sometimes a tution of terror