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I had never heard of this GermanJewish artist before picking up this book but I have since looked her up and find her paintings fascinating This is written in the prose style a style I fell in love with after eading Brown Girl Dreaming and it tells the story of this young woman and her family She was born in Berlin but her family thinks they are getting her to safety by sending her to France which of course was safe only for a whileThe author inserts himself in the story telling the 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life reader how and why he became fascinated with Charlotte and also the places he visited trying toeconstruct some of her life That he admired her greatly one can tell by his writing which is full of intelligent observations and fascination with what she managed to create in such a short time Charlotte s family was a family marred by suicides and Charlotte herself was A verse novel of two obsessions The first is Foenkinos s subject Charlotte Salomon a Jewish painter who died pregnant in Auschwitz having spent the last couple of years of her life in elative solitude obsessively maniacally painting images of her and her family s life I just eread a collection Charlotte A Diary in Pictures including 80 of such paintings When I first ead it I became obsessed about her obsession but could not find her other collection until ecently Life or Theatre a collection which in part focuses on her family history of suicide seven of eight women I bought a biography of Salomon ecently but had trouble getting into it The tone wasn t ight for my experience of the subject It lacked the passion and obsession of her life as I experienced itThe second obsession is of a novelist Foenkinos who had experienced Salomon s work and couldn t stop thinking of her For years he couldn t find the form to encapsulate his experience of her life but finally hit on the verse novel form where he himself features as a novelist trying to give tribute to her life and work I can t speak to the translation but I have ead glowing eviews of the original and I found that some of the verse in English unfortunately came off flatter than I had expected The novel as biography is fascinating because her life is fascinating but the biographical endering of her life is sometimes ather straightforward But the form in general was original and useful in capturing what many of us experience in encountering her life and work Her story is sort of uietly sadly mesmerizing And why is there so much joy in her work That s an inspi. Ce oman etrace la vie de Charlotte Salomon artiste peintre morte à vingt six ans alors u'elle était enceinte Après une enfance à Berlin maruée par une tragédie familiale Charlotte est exclue progressivement par les nazis de toutes les sphères de

Ring part of her story and of course its endorsement its celebration of art in the performance of a life When Salomon knew the Nazis were closing on her she bundled her life work than a thousand paintings and put it in the safekeeping of a friend who kept it until after the war If this is the first you have heard of Salomon I encourage you to ead her work and this novel You may yourself be obsessed as Foenkinos and I have been What can I say about this book At first I thought it didn t download correctly and parts are missing No was everything there I didn t know about Charlotte Salomon but I am going to buy her book now The style of writing adds an extra to this highly emotion loaded book In the end i was starring at my kindle with tears in my eyes This book is another example that simplicity and clarity of writing produce emotion that long complicated filled with adjectives novels Asta e toata viata mea This is my whole life Das ist mein ganzes Leben In my high school we were expected to write matriculation projects This meant a year of esearching coming up with a thesis and writing a paper As an art student trying to pick a topic I was overwhelmed There are so many fantastic artists out there and I was terrified that I d pick an artist and then grow tired of them Until I saw Charlotte Salomon s work and then I knew ight when I saw her work I absolutely knew that I could study it forever and ever and never grow tired Charlotte Salomon is one of my greatest inspirations She is so brilliant so different than everyone else so tragic and yet so powerful You study a lot about the Holocaust and know the number six million but I don t think I ever understood the immensity of the tragedy until I learned about Charlotte s life and how she was so so close to killing herself for so long and once she finally overcame it all she gets killed by Nazis pregnant and after finally calling herself an artist and making peace with life It s so so unfair so horribly cruel so messed up and even now it fills me up with fury Charlotte Salomon should be considered among the great artists worthy of comparing to Picasso or at least Egon Schiele and yet the Holocaust obbed her of the ability to be anything but a Holocaust artist to each the level of works that she should have been able to createI could ant about this forever and already did for 90 pages in my matriculation paper but I should probably get to the book Foenkinos cares about Charlotte in the same passionate way th. A société allemande Elle vit une passion amoureuse fondatrice avant de devoir tout uitter pour se éfugier en France Exilée elle entreprend la composition d'une œuvre picturale autobiographiue d'une modernité fascinante Se sachant en danger elle conf.

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At I do He definitely does justice to Charlotte he truly expresses her and I felt like she would approve of his wordsThe format works so well The writing is clear and every once in a while there are some eally poetic lines which hit hard I loved how he weaves his own journey into Charlotte s one We e here with him following her path but we e also ight there with her going through it all In many ways it s similar to what Charlotte did as the narrator of Life or Theater I would love to see the sources Foenkinos uses for some of the things he writes He claims that it comes from Life or Theater but I have to say from what I know Charlotte doesn t write anything about her time in the French camp How does he know that Hannah Arendt was there Beyond that I d love to know what s his evidence for the sexual abuse from her grandfather that is not something that shows up in her art as far as I ve seen And I ealize that some of these things might be exaggerated that one of the best elements of Charlotte s work is that so much of it is still a mystery Is it life or is it theater We don t know we never know and maybe she had a elationship with her stepmother s singing teacher and maybe she didn t Everything could have happened to Charlotte just as everything can happen when you e on a stage I have to get back to studying but this book eminded me what it felt like to be deeply passionate about art to spend hours analyzing her work the last painting in Life or Theater is simply brilliant and I wrote over 5 pages about it alone to sob in the library because damn Charlotte Salomon simply can t catch a break to drag my friend to Berlin so that I could see where Charlotte lived What I m Taking With Me So the letter about how she murdered her grandfather was published after I had already written my paper but one of these days I have to find the time to properly understand what happened there The moment where Charlotte ealizes that everyone in her family has committed suicide and that everyone assume that she ll also commit suicide and then she just takes everything and shoves it into her art It s truly amazing The color use The composition The vibrancy of her work the humor the anger the pain how she manages to tell a story to mock everyone to show the absurdity of this life while still being earnest and genuine I still love this body of work as much as I did years ago What an oddly brilliant novel biography memoir in uasi verse I ll now have to look up Life or Theatre. Ie ses dessins à son médecin en lui disant «C'est toute ma vie» Portrait saisissant d'une femme exceptionnelle évocation d'un destin tragiue Charlotte est aussi le écit d'une uête Celle d'un écrivain hanté par une artiste et ui part à sa echerc.

David Foenkinos born 28 October 1974 is a French author and screenwriter He studied literature and music in Paris His novel La délicatesse is a bestseller in FranceA film based on the book was released in December 2011 with Audrey Tautou as the main character