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Script free of cost and the author accepted but the text still needs to be better organized and tightenedThe book is short I hoped it would be concise and to the point It isn t It goes off in different directions The author speaks of his own visit to Chernobyl in 2011 He wanted to take pictures He tells us how he didn t take clothes but did take tons of photo euipment He recounts what he saw at the site but then gets sidetracked He speaks about other tourist attractions he visited in Kiev and how enthralling it was to stop and test shoot a Kalashnikov Really now does that belong hereNumbers statistics and dimensions are heaped on the reader without proper explanation so they can be interpreted Michael Page narrates the audiobook Much of it is read too fast I had to listen six times to be able to write down where the author s Chernobyl photos are available on the net I did not find this site to be accessible I learned a bit but the book is poorly organized and technical information is too often unclear Frankly I didn t understand many of the technical terms that the author included but you don t have to in order to realize the magnitude of the disaster whuch took place I know that some reviewers complained about the author s spacing of the chapters with those about the disaster and ones about the personal trip taken by the author This didn t bother me too much although his immaturity did show in his attitude about the use of his camera He reminded me of a small boy with his first Brownie but I do give him credit for not ust sitting at home muttering Isn t that too bad He wanted to know and to help others to understand so he went to see for himselfChernobyl and Fukushima show what can happen with poor designs the possibility of weather related catastrophes and human errors The truth is that all the money that is spent cannot guarantee 100% safety Nuclear energy certainly does have its benefits but it also represents the possibility of the unthinkable As Robert Oppenheimer once uoted Now I am become Death the destroyer of worlds Andrew Leatherbarrow s Chernobyl 012340 The Incredible True Story of the World s Worst Nuclear Disaster is an excellent starting point for readers new to the history of nuclear power When I m at home I am ust barely outside the fallout range for Arkansas Nuclear One ANO While I m at work I m in the reactor s back yard As a result I figured there was no better time to learn a thing or two about nuclear energy I was not disappointedChernobyl 012340 is the product of a spontaneous trip Leatherbarrow took to visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and Pripyat In this book he details his experience in Chernobyl explains nuclear energy in easy to grasp terms and discusses the incidents leading up to and after the disaster For those that know little to nothing about nuclear energy this book is a must readDespite our close proximity to ANO I cannot recall learning about nuclear energy As children our teachers explained what to do in case of an incident at the plant and nothing else As expected due to lack of education about reactors and their failsafes I grew up with an unnecessary fear of ANO For this reason I am grateful for Leatherbarrow s book What happened at Chernobyl is the product of failure to follow protocol it is also the result of improper training Because there are so many safety precautions the chance of incident is actually fairly small Also ANO is not an RBMK 1000 reactor like ChernobylIn addition to this fear I have a vested interest in Chernobyl It s haunting photos like all ghost towns leave me in awe There is no doubt in my mind that Leatherbarrow spent a long time conducting research Using various sources he has crafted a detailed narrative of what happened at Chernobyl His book also gives voice to some of the reactor s victimsNuclear energy is dangerous I will not deny that However it is also our cleanest resource While Chernobyl 012340 is only a glimpse into the world of nuclear power it is a truly eye opening account brimming with facts The first few chapters were what I needed for a writing project which caused some interesting feverish nuclear holocaust nightmares so I m glad I have it seems pretty popular generally also xD. собранные автором использовались создателями культового сериала Чернобыль что позволило им добиться особой достоверности.

On April 26 1986 the fourth reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant officially named the Vladmir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Plant exploded during a test releasing huge amounts of radiation and contamination into a large section of Ukraine The USSR fought to control the contamination while striving to prevent the accident becoming an embarrassment to the communist nation I was a senior in high school at the time I remember the initial news stories stated that an unknown nuclear event of some type had been traced to the soviet union by European nuclear scientists based on increased radiation picked up by monitoring euipment It took days for the USSR to admit there had been an accident As details slowly came out it became a frightening tale of emergency workers dying of radiation and thousands of people permanently evacuated from their homes I have always been curious to know about the causes and aftermath of the accident I ve seen many many photos of the abandoned city of Pripyat and watched documentaries about the accident and clean up efforts effects on wildlife in the exclusion zone around the accident site and the long term effects on the estimated 21 million people who still live in areas contaminated by the accident I enjoyed the recent 4 part HBO miniseries on Chernobyl and wanted to read That s how I came across this book by Andrew LeatherbarrowLeatherbarrow was also interested in the accident its causes and effects but found most books and information to be too technical for those outside the nuclear field to fully understand He spent years researching and wrote about what he learned publishing it online for free download He carefully edited his work based on reader inputand later published his findings in book form He presents an interesting and factual account not only of the Chernobyl accident but also gives facts about the history of nuclear energy other accidents that have occurred and the safety of nuclear power versus other forms of energy production He talks in depth about a tour he took to the site in 2011 I listened to this book on audio Narrated by Michael Page the audio is about 65 hours long Page reads at a nice pace and brings the narrative to life I enjoyed this entire book I found the author s research and presentation of the facts to be sound and very interesting I also enjoyed his personal account about his trip to Ukraine to tour the exclusion zone After listening to this account I want to watch the miniseries again because I think I have a greater understanding of the events now I learned a lot from this book not only about the accident but about nuclear power in general Very informative and enjoyable I highly recommend it to anyone interested in knowing about Chernobyl 25 stars Chernobyl is a fascinating topic but honestly ust watch the HBO series There s a ton of interesting information here and mostly well presented but it doesn t add anything particularly special And I genuinely wanted to like the sections about the author s trip to Ukraine but they left me wanting Which makes me feel like an asshole saying I was bored by reading about such an impactful time in someone s life But I still can t lie about liking something I certainly didn t hate it If you re newer to the subject maybe you ll like this Love it very detailed about what really happened to the Chernobyl disaster where occured in Ukraine in 1986 It gives a feeling how horrible was the night where all started falling apart till the people suffered later on due to radioactivity exposure conseuences Must read if It s very much a case of the game of two halves one being the reasonable account of the 1986 accident at the VI Lenin nuclear power plant it s causes mainly to do with design flaws in the reactor and wholly inadeuate safety provisions within the reactor containment building although poor training and institutional inertia and good old Soviet blindness also play a part and the dreadfully flawed containment programme which would have got the book for starsUnfortunately the second half is a horribly self indulgent account of a short trip by the author to Chernobyl and Pripyat which could have been fascinating were he not fixated on how close the environment is to. Эндрю Ливербарроу по кусочкам восстанавливает печально известные события 26 апреля 1986 года прославившие Чернобыль на весь м.

Computer games out how important it is for him to play Minecraft at the disaster site our how often he misses out on real life by watching it through a viewfinder This would be manageable if the story of the disaster was told before moving on to the travelogue but the mixing of a chapter on the historical disaster with a chapter on tourism in the Ukraine arred split the narrative fatally and would have netted two starsSo I ve gone for the average of three stars enjoy the introduction to nuclear power and the tale of the worst nuclear disaster in history and get through the rest as best you can I have a lovehate relationship with books like this I love them because I have a burning desire to understand how something as devastating as this could ever happened in a so called educated society But at the same time books like this drive me nuts because they often serve to put a firm underline on how incredibly stupid those people who hold the safety and fate of the world in their hands truly areThe numbers that are detailed in this book the facts and the mind blowingly stupid and uninformed decisions that were made are awe inspiring This is an important book And unfortunately though it makes some very important points about what not to do in a crisis situation of this magnitude nothing will be learned from it We ll all shake our heads and stupidly assume that in the 30 years since this happened we now know betterWhen we all know we don t Interesting account of the disaster at Chernobyl The author has never been published before but had an almost obsessive interest in the topic Enough to push him to visit the Exclusion Zone and surrounding areas with other tourists and take thousands of photographs This is a nice addition to the other books on Chernobyl Plenty of footnotes are provided as is a website to the photos not included in the book Chernobyl 012340 The Incredible True Story of the World s Worst Nuclear Disaster by Andrew Leatherbarrow was not what I was expecting I am being generous when I give it two stars No two stars is a fair rating it IS OKThe book gives a very short history of pioneering research of atoms and radiation The difficulties involved in finding safe and clean global energy sources other than nuclear energy is stressed the author stating that he personally favors nuclear energy but only when rigorous safety routines are in place Nuclear accidents other than the Chernobyl meltdown on April 26 1986 are briefly spoken of for example an earlier accident at Chernobyl on September 9 1982 which lead to a partial meltdown the Japanese accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in kuma Fukushima Prefecture caused by the tsunami following the T hoku earthuake of March 11 2011 and the partial meltdown of reactor number two at Three Mile Island near Harrisburg Pennsylvania in the US on March 25 1979 Symptoms of acute radiation syndrome are covered The events at Chernobyl that led to the disaster in 1986 are discussed how it came to be that a test had to be run and then was delayed until late in the evening when untrained personnel were on duty Decontamination after the disaster and the lack of appropriate euipment to carry this out safely is discussed There is a chapter on the building of the sarcophagus the temporary shelter constructed to confine the radioactive material in reactor four There are chapters on Pripyat the village where those who worked at Chernobyl lived Why the accident occurred and its conseuences are discussed too There were design flaws in the reactors and security routines were inadeuate This could not be publicly proclaimed so blame was shifted to operatorsThe book does provide information but the information is not well organized Secondly technical information is not made clear to a layperson I read this to better understand what happened at the meltdown and this I still do not understand The author explicitly states his intention is to explain what happened in a simple manner since the books he had read on the topic were too complicated After completing the book I remain confusedThe author had not intended for the book to be published he wrote it originally for himself I think this shows An editor offered to look at the. ир Автор делится своими впечатлениями о Припяти и выводами к которым он пришел в ходе собственного расследования Материалы.

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