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A real boy since his adoptive parents are inadeuate This is the implication the author conveys and I hated it Growing up without a dogsiblings is not the worst thing in the worldThe rest of the story is the fallout from the heroine living away and the hero having his OC integrated in the family Notable events SpoilersThe OC and daughter number one join forces to get the Hh together sending loving emails and flowers Heroine discovers she s pregnant from that anniversary weekend and doesn t tell hero She wants an ultrasound first to determine the sex If it s not a boy she ll get an abortionThe hero is up for an architecture award and doesn t win Heroine feels sorry for him and strokes his ego with tales of what a great guy he is and goes to bed with him The whiplash from angryhurt heroine to hot and loving was too much and hero still didn t apologize for cheating He just was sad heroine was hurt as in mistakes were madeThe Hh have a barbeue to introduce OC to everyone in the family all the characters from the series Hero wants the heroine to feel left out so she ll come home One of the twins almost drowns and OC hurts himself to save her Heroine then is nice to OCThis brush with death makes Hh decide to reconcile and renew their vows The ultrasound can t tell the sex Heroine decides to have an abortion without telling heroHero finds out she s pregnant and threatens to divorce her if she has an abortion Renewal of vows is offKids don t now about the pregnancy and Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, keep the renewal of vows ceremony onHeroine goes to planned parenthood for the procedure but can t do itShe returns to tell the hero she s having the baby Hero has decided he loves her even if she aborted the babyAt the renewal ceremony heroine tells theids they re having a baby brother She had another ultrasound at planned parenthood Oh and she ll have a housekeeper So yeah so problematic The Hh s self righteousness The slam at adoption How marriage counselling isn t an option The trivializing of abortion that follows the narrative women only get them for frivolousshallow reasons like wrong sex of the child The hero s non apology Still I loved the ids and I take comfort in the fact they only have to live with these drama ueens for 18 years and then can forge their own lives This was a very well written story but it will probably push a few buttons Be warned. And of thirteen years But recently she's developed interests outside the home They each get what they want in unexpected way.

This book was okay I really didn t care for Max husbandfather I like the book It has a happy ending but I think that the women in these books need to demand for themselves Why oh why did I not heed St Margarets review I totally new I d hate loathe and detest this one after seeing her review but I still went thereThe only reason I give this 1 star is the A Family Practice kids and dogs The H and h are awful people In particular I hated the H he was a spineless pompous and hypocritical ass and a cheater mccheaterson The h I felt angry for as he just dumped on her for most of the book then at the end she too was a hypocrite She lectures him abouteeping his son a secret then walking away and forgetting while she hides her pregnancy for weeks then looks to terminate and puts it on him Their A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity kids are gonna need therapy Marriage in trouble storycheating story Set outside of SeattleWow I haven t read such an unlikable Hh in a long time They are a matched set of awfulTheirids are great though and I wish they had all run away to an enchanted land or had been adopted by Celebrity Bachelor kindly giants or something This author has anack for writing ids and their activitiesHh have been married for 14 years They were high school sweethearts and married at 18 They have four girls together ages 13 12 and 4 year old twins Hero is an architect who works from home Heroine has been a real estate agent for a year It s heroine s career and her postponement of having another child that is causing tension in their marriage Hero has always wanted a son and when they were dating they promised each other five childrenSo right away I m thinking hero is a dick a son really Are you royalty Who caresAnd then I m thinking heroine is an idiot your husband wants you to have a housekeeper and you re turning it down because it would mean you can t do it all mothering career and household management News flash you can t do it all Get over it So the opening of this story shows us the Hh bickering and the ids looking for that enchanted doorway in the back of the closet Not really but they now something is up Hero gets a letter from his 14 year old son who was adopted out at birth He wants to meet his biological father Hero is delighted he has a son to to ascend the throne take fishing He had a summer fling while he was working at a dude ranch in Wyoming the summer before he marri. Max Walker loves his daughters with a ferocity and depth that constantly surprises him But in the deepest corner of his hear.

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Ed heroine His parents had sent him there to break up his relationship with the heroine Heroine was sewing her wedding dress while hero was banging a hot redhead Hero new the redhead was pregnant at the end of the summer and he and his parents and the redhead s parents arranged for an adoption Hero never Rescuing the Texans Heart knew the sex of the child and never told the heroine about the redhead He explains that the sexual relationship with the redhead made him realize he loved the heroineHh are on their second honeymoonanniversary weekend where the hero conveniently forgot to bring condoms and heroine is not on birth control After unprotected sex the hero explains the summer at the dude ranch Heroine is not buying it She thought they had been each other s first and only Plus hero has a son something she hasn t been able to give him So this plays into her sense of inadeuacy She demands that the hero go with her to marriage counseling and apologize for cheatingHero refuses both He won t apologize for the existence of his son and he doesn t believe in talking to strangers about his feelings Heroine s grandmother conveniently twists her ankle so heroine moves in with gran to get away from the hero She comes in every morning to do laundry make breakfast and getids off to school And every afternoon to make dinner drive Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., kids around etc So fulfilling her obligations as mother but not wife Inow she s ridiculousHero flies to Wyoming to meet his son we ll call him OC other child who is absolutely adorable He s a redhead with glasses and the sweetest thing He is the only child of an older couple His mother was in a car accident when OC was a baby so she has been in a wheelchair his whole life He is very sensitive and helpful He s also a computer nerd author s words and not athletic or outdoorsy Hero invites him to spend the summer with his family without asking the heroine first uestion I thought you had to be 18 to reach out to your biological parents Or did the adoptive parents just give in Biological mom refused to meet him btw Hero then demands the heroine present a united front when OC shows up for the summer so that his parents will let him stay Heroine and the oldest daughter hate this Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch kid and are really mean to him OC is hurt but understands why He feels guilty for breaking up his dad s marriage But he wants to stay to learn to fish and be. T in a place not even his wifenows about he's always wanted a son Kelly Walker adores her children and she adores her husb.

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Joan Kilby is the award winning author of thirty contemporary romance novels Originally from Canada Joan studied to be a marine biologist and worked for many years in the field of environmental biology In mid life she returned to her first love writing and never looked back These days Joan lives in Melbourne Australia with her husband and three children She loves to cook and grows her own